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  1. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    I mean you are an admin. 10/10
  2. Boston


    1. Keira


      no no no no

    2. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      men can take care of things like this until it starts flying

  3. Kattica's Circus of Cute and Cuddly Creatures

    Calling in @Bunny to post pictures of her bunnies.
  4. Boston


    "Make sure everyone sees these fat racks." - @Cody Husky

    1. Cody Husky

      Cody Husky

      you know a nigga out here slingin and ttrappin

    2. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      I heard u can't trust guys who wear bow ties

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    SoE in a nutshell:









  5. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3179/
  6. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I take my right hand on a date. First videogame?
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    wb miss u bb

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      I came in a tad bit late to be your mod partner again :(

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  7. Boston

    mrw i hear bullets cracking over my head in dayz


    1. Raptor


      Is that a 60FPS gif

    2. Boston



  8. How do you eat your fries?

  9. Boston


  10. Paid Staff

    Not hard enough work to warrant getting a paycheck. Would rather see that a two dollar game is bought for someone every couple months or something small. urite
  11. Boston

    new character page idea


    1. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      if i see this character im getting up and walking away because im fucking scared

    2. Bubblegum


      Is that @Cody Husky

    3. Cody Husky
  12. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Non-consensual marriage.
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    1. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      u aint wrong fam

      i feel that

  13. o7 Staff

    Evening all, As of 4:10 PM EST, I was made aware that I was being removed from staff because of a breach of terms of service. I cannot specify what I did, however, I'm sure it will come to light because of hearsay. I want to use this thread to offer feedback to the remaining staff members, regardless of whether or not they want to take it. If you have 'No Opinion' next to your name, then it is likely that we did not work often enough together for me to form an opinion on you. @Rolle - I respect your decision to remove me. To make an exception for me would mean making an exception for all, however, the staff team is not the only thing that needs to be checked in on from time to time. This community, needless to say, is dying. We went from four servers with active PR and a staff team filled with active and ready to work people, to now one server that rarely maxes out on weekends and a bunch of OOC Salt on the forums. I know for a fact that my opinion immediately counts for less now that I'm not under any sort of rank or badge, but regardless, I'd love to see this place flourish again, and I'd love to see the feared leader of the forums actually become a part of it again. Make DayZRP Great Again was the start, but it was never finished. @JimRP - In your own time, get back to doing PR for this place. Between you and the fellow above, DayZRP can be revived, despite what the majority think. @Aiko - I enjoyed working with you in Staff, you really saved my activity a few times. I don't have much to say, besides leave out the 'Desu Aiko' bit out of any posts. Please. @Ender - You were great to work with in staff, but there were a few times where things were taken too seriously, and you lost your cool as a result. I can't say I blame you, even I did at some points, but just be mindful. @Lyca - Good admin, but sensitive to some things. I've told you this before, don't take things so seriously on here. It's a videogame and pixels on a screen, nothing that people say or do can affect you, whether it be now or ten years from now. Lastly, regardless of whether you see it or not, there are ways that you have changed that came with that admin badge. I know you're going to say "But you can always come to me with XYZ", but it's not exactly like that. You are too enveloped in staff work to spend even the slightest amount of time with any of your old friends, and it does bring a frown to several people's faces. Calling in @Zero for his POV. If you want to discuss this more in person, feel free to poke me or get me on Steam. If it wasn't obvious already, I and several others miss you. Besides that, whenever things have gone down, you've stuck by the team, and you're a loyal staff member. Keep it up. @Oliv - Good guy, decent admin. However, you're too lenient regarding forum ethic. It seems as though not just yourself, but several other members of the Admin Team have been very forgiving and tolerant of community members' rulebreaks. I suggest you all step up and do something, because currently, warning points are a joke to the majority of people here, to a point where I will be sitting in a TeamSpeak channel of randoms and hear "Hey, I'm going to go get some points real quick, they don't really matter anyway". I advise aggravating points if people refuse to take them seriously. @Ark - No opinion. @Chewy - No opinion. @Eagle - No opinion. @Jade - No opinion. @Nihoolious - Give this boy the red, he deserves it. Don't think I saw any report he didn't work hard on. @Para - We disagreed on several things in staff, but this is feedback, not me annotating your opinion. It should be noted that from this, I know you have a dislike for me, and it was very evident when we would speak in TS. Aside from that, you strongly believe that you are correct in your opinion and are willing to fight for it, which is good. The only thing I would advise is to take things a little less seriously, at the end of the day, this is videogame and nothing more. @Spartan - Only competitor with Nihoolious for the red badge. Hard worker, good work ethic, one of the best GMs. Also sound and good to have a laugh with. I'll be sure to go to you if I have any ridiculous questions, like in the old days. @Hebi Kotei - Although I appreciate your consistency and persistence regarding the feedback of other members, your feedback proved to me that rather than going for helping a member to improve on their work, it was instead to target them and to prove the point that you were right. I didn't appreciate this in staff, and I'm sure others who received similar feedback from you won't either. I would advise aiming to actually help people on your team, rather than try to impress the admins with how intelligently you can fire at other people. Then again, given your arrogance, you probably won't take this advice. Like I said before, up to you. @Lord Strawberry - No opinion. @Loscham - No opinion. @Samaritan - No opinion. @Shane - No opinion. @Major - Best LM this server has ever seen, and one of the most intelligent people I think I've ever seen on here. I was considering applying for LoreMaster if I ever resigned from my position of Moderator/GM, but it's a bit late for that now. Keep up the good work, we need it. @Method - One of my closest friends in the community. You're a good guy, and one of the few who has stuck by me for the longest time. My only feedback, is that if you believe in your opinion, no matter how many disagree with you, you stick by that opinion and don't back down. I saw that a few times from you, even though you were right in a form or fashion. Also, give this fellow a green badge already, he's stuck by you guys forever, despite your refusal to promote him. Give him something to go off of. @Skinner - Great CH, soon to be moderator. I've seen you in the helpdesk the most, alongside @Zilly. Keep it up. @Zilly - See @Skinner's feedback. Also, another one of my closest friends, if you need anything, you know where to find me. My best guess is that my advice on this thread will not be taken seriously, as it was not in staff. There were a few things that the community wanted that I pushed for internally that were shot down pretty hard, and only one of which actually came to fruition. Regardless, you know my opinion. Several people are going to be very happy to see that this happened, several others are going to be very disappointed. Regardless, I want everyone to know, staff or not, that I confessed to what I did when it came to my attention that another community member was at stake for something that I did, leading to my overall confession of my mistake. I stand by my decisions. If you didn't like me as a staff or a community member, here's this for you: If you did like me as a staff or community member, here's this:
  14. December- Febuary is Winter.

    Agreed, more immersive IMO.
  15. Boston


    My boy @Brett knows the struggle.

    1. Brett


      Didn't even need help by the time I was moved into a help room. GG.

    2. Iso


      Just can't get the staff these days

  16. I'm done.

    And so the quality of the staff team continues to dwindle. Like I said in the staff feedback section, the best LM this community has ever seen. Shame to see you go. Good luck, and you know how to get me if you need a talk or want to do something. And at some point, we are going to dinner. Cunt. <3 Also, nice truck.
  17. Black Fang Defiance (Public Frequency)

    *He would hold down the PTT.* "Just saw my boy alive and well a few hours ago, only a few scars." "Maybe you're confusing Josh for one of those kids you tried kidnapping by the Kabanino Church." *He would release the PTT.*
  18. Boston



    1. Rory


      Lucky you don't have to perma atm

    2. Boston


      shoutout to my fellow roleplayer @Ark


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    4. Ark


      The coast and me are best friends.

    5. Rolle


      Oh, people started dying again? Good, I can then implement the automatic permadeath :D

    6. Ark


      Don't you do it Rolle he is to young to die!

  19. Boston


    1. Keira


      That was my day today