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    Final Radio Chatter dedicated to you all.

    Thank you all so much for the RP that we've shared over the past *however long we've been RPing*... I really appreciate it. Dalton was the best character I ever had, and I don't think I could've had him developed any better without any of you folk, friendly, hostile, neutral or otherwise. :)

    - Boston

    1. Hollows


      I'm not posting in that thread for... Reasons known to what happened yesterday. Lol.

    2. Brady



      fuck u I was a great leader

    3. Aeryes


      xD Much love for Dalton. With the wipe we will have new RP fun together :)

    4. Lemons


      I see how it is 

    5. Zilly


      Its not the end, dude! Its a new beginning! 

      There,its your daily serving of cheese.