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  1. Eli's Corner

    0.60 brought me back. More stories to come soon...
  2. Green Mountain Trading Post (Open Broadcast)

    Eli shifts his gaze from his scope towards the tower at Green mountain through the fog. "Rookies" he murmurs as he looks through his scope towards the police station below. Then he recalls his first week of hell after the outbreak and his icy heart warms a little, just enough humanity to pull his radio out. ...#static#..##...strangers on the mountain...#hiss#...#...if you value life, leave...##.#..leave now# ...
  3. Stuck in rocks

    Josh I owe ya a pipsi if ever we meet in game...FIXED
  4. Stuck in rocks

    Character Name: Eli Jacobs Server: S1 EU I am stuck in rocks. Tried waiting for server reset as it sometimes moves you. Unfornutatley I'm stuffed on food/drink so waiting for starvation would take forever. Is there a way to either move or delete my character? (preferably move as Id rather not have to restart a back-story for a new char as that's how I roll) Thanks, Mark
  5. Got business in Kumyrna first...
  6. Eli's Corner

    * Reserved Electro, A week before Day Zero
  7. Had a nice bit of RP with Anth today. Nice chap...
  8. Chernarus... It's Ours....

    Eli spots the disused radio on the table next to a can of peaches. Gently removing the batteries from his torch and placing them in his latest toy, Eli scans through the channels and listens in amused. "Fucking divas" Eli's laugh quickly turns to annoyance when he realises there is just enough room in his backpack for one more item. "Fucking divas" Eli chuckles again as he walks back outside leaving the radio where it is. "Mmmmm peaches..."
  9. 0.58 changes - restarts, crosshair

    No cross-hair = more realism = win
  10. Character reset and persistence off have been a real turn off for my dayzsa fix. Cannot wait for 0.58 ! Hope I have more time to play
  11. New forum version and theme

    New forum better on mobile...GJ
  12. What do you listen to ?

    In Mother Russia...my favourite music is whatever Putin wants it to be. Otherwise its Turin Brakes, Gomez, Black Keys, Kings of Leon etc.
  13. R.I.P the weapon Ive come to master, yet only fired at zeds these latest weeks.
  14. DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Great to know. S3 not accepting usual password. Even though online and S1 full.
  15. Ban ReasonL Alt Account-magw33d What is this?

    Apologies... Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Ban reason: Alt account -magw33d Why the verdict is not fair: I only have one forum and steam account so unsure why this would be the case. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I failed first white-list application but was successful on second. Same GUID etc (As I only have 1) Only difference was I sent 2nd application from laptop, however IP would be my router which is the same anyway. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban lifted. What could you have done better?: Followed all guides. Dont think I could have done anything different Parked myself in afk TS channel under "Eli" will be there for a few hours.