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  1. You forgot about BHM But yeah welcome back SDS, one of my most memorable RP experiences was being kidnapped by you and taken to Dodge.
  2. We've spoken to Albortte, and came to a conclusion. It can be closed, but I have no idea of the Athan thing as he has gone to sleep. Edit : From what I remember Athan was saying 'there's a problem with the server I can't rejoin' So I doubt those deaths are him killing himself, but are more about the server thinking he killed himself sort of thing.
  3. Server and location: Desolation, East of North East AF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:00 - 23:30, 11/04/16 Your in game name: Guile Griddle Names of allies involved: Athan Flagapus, other BHM Members. Name of suspect/s: Albortte Oxcjamn NAPA Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After a role play session on the north east airfield, Athan initiated Albortte of NAPA. He complied and followed Athan for a while, we were heading East to Black Lake for RP. Athan was then shot and killed from an unknown shooter, and the hostage escaped. We was just want to make sure it wasn't a good Samaritan.
  4. Can't you just walk into the Helis? They're like, non collision.
  5. Uh.. Re-read what his post said, like it's a nice gesture but he isn't new as such. And yeah welcome back Mace.
  6. Beautiful +repperino. (Meant to quote alyd, didn't understand new forums, this is life now)
  7. 10/10 shop Vandy #1. Only issue is the people who camperino spawn.
  8. But those aren't cinematic pieces, they're actual game play so it sort of makes sense to show the chat/hotbar in that situation.
  9. It's so beautiful...... I just finished Toradora, would recommend it Also would recommend, if you enjoy feeling so much that you can't feel ever again.
  10. My question to all of you is what makes your characters different from one another? When I was captured by you yesterday the only way I could tell who was who was by your voices, other than that you seemed to all share the same personality. I mean surely you all have different types of mental illness, although it may be hard to portray some types of mental illness, would it not be better to have some diversity? If you do have different types would it not be better to show that in some way? Also I can kind of see why you might share the same beliefs, but surely a fairly large bunch of the inmates would have 1. Depending on there mental illness, made or found a leader to depend on due to (possible) hallucinations and the fact that they were locked up alone and 2. Not be willing to interact with others due to complications (obviously this would almost be impossible to RP as) but still, it just seems like such a strange ideology, all of these patients found the same needle in a very large stack of hay. Just my 2 pence.
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