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  1. Great story, not sure how it will go over with bandits, although I'm sure if you have your hands up and no weapons drawn you wouldn't seem hostile, a good role player would pick up on the scenario and question why you will not answer, brilliant good luck!
  2. As is real life, no forcing these things, the laws of nature will draw you into the right scenarios, you will find your place, and remember do not give up hope, you are not the only one alone friend.. I've began to lose track of the date, these nights seem longer...
  3. To the Agreed, being unable to carry a back pack makes the full suit a full commitment, really adds quality to the build and character you are playing at the time, you can always carry the suit in your bag, or keep a reliable tent/campsite for storage.
  4. Interesting read, well done managing to keep the reader's attention, I thought the font was a good touch, maybe a brighter, easier to read color, any other stories of yours and link?
  5. Very creative to say the least, my only question is... Why not peaches? They quench both thirst and hunger,although nothing could beat the flesh of your comrade
  6. Hey, Leo is a very likeable character in a root for the heel sort of way, you say you were working on a Yakuza themed backstory, has it been posted, I have a lengthy notebook of backstories I always have done for fun and enjoy comparing minds.