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  1. I've experimented with this in a couple of different communities to mixed reactions and I just wanted to get an idea of what people thought about it here. I like to play as someone who doesn't speak English very well. I can speak some English with a thick accent, but don't know tons of words and struggle to communicate. If I'm getting robbed or someone is being aggressive to me, my character generally understands their tone and "body language" of course, but carrying a conversation with someone doesn't come easily to him, especially if the person is speaking quickly or using big words. With every encounter I learn more and more English though. Most of the time that I have done this I have had no problems and ended up having really great RP with random people. A few people I have played with for hours, they taught me new words and I taught them words in my language so they can communicate with me more easily. Once the person knew a similar language and we communicated using those languages for a while. It usually turns out to be great RP and gets really interesting when we bump in to a completely new person because the person that I have befriended usually gets protective of their new non English speaking friend. Every once in a while I do run across someone who just doesn't get it. Once or twice the person that I ran in to ended up breaking character and asking me how I even got on that server if my English is so bad! What do you think?
  2. LOL I'm not an amazing actor or anything, but it's something I've done off and on from my teens. The experience has helped me in other RP communities, but I'm really looking forward to taking the RP further and exploring some really emotionally complicated characters.
  3. Hello, I've been writing and acting for years as well as doing RP off and on in various games for a while now and I'm really looking forward to new adventures on this server. This seems like a really fun community and I'm excited to be involved!