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  1. I guess I like to play a more neutral character, my actions are based on my sorroundings. If I'm hungry I'll play more like a bandit and try to get my food through force, but if I'm healthy and well geared I'll play more like a hero and give stuff to people in need
  2. Wow, thanks guys. I didn't think I'd get this many replies
  3. It isn't a mod. There's no bandits, there's no heroes... You can be both or neutral or everyone you just create... I know, I just enjoy sticking with one play style till the characters life is over
  4. I'm torn between the two. I like holding people up and keeping them hostage, but I also like making new friends and growing my group. Which should I play as? And what role do you play? Reply with your response
  5. Thanks for the help, I'll try to create a meaningful post later today
  6. It said that my account would get deleted if I didnt post. I don't think post in the introduction and farewells count, right?
  7. Hi, I'm a new person to the Dayzrp servers, I am still waiting on my application and am anxiously waiting until I see if I got in. I can't wait to role play it up with some of you other players see you out there!
  8. Thanks man! Hope my application gets accepted!
  9. I'm new to the community and my application is still pending, my other account was deleted because i did not see that you had to post on the forums within 1 month hope I get accepted see you all in the magical land of DayZ.