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  1. This was from yesterday, but nevertheless, I have it as my wallpaper. Love playing with these guys! Can't wait for more!
  2. "So, here I am again. This is Terry Sanders, day two of updates. Not long after my first update, I made my way through Chernarus, not encountering anyone for quite a while until I arrived at Kabanino, where there were a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people in this one paticular town. I must admit, it was pretty insane seeing that many people in one place at one time. There were also quite a few groups floating around as well. I was informed at the time that it was the French Foreign Legion that occupied and "basically" controlled the town. But there were few that would talk to me, until I met a man named Mal. This man informed me and helped me all the way through Kabanino, where I hardly knew what was happening at the time. He showed me around, helped me find the well and I told him I appreciated it, but there was one more favour I had to ask of him. During this time, I asked him if I could join him, as I had no-one to watch my back and he was the only person that was actually helping me. After a bit of consideration, he told me it was fine with him, but I had to meet the other people of the group first off. So there we were, a group of four to five people standing and looking at me, judging me as I told them my story, god I had not been that nervous in a very long time. All of them seemed cool with me tagging along with them, that's when I met, who I had assumed, was the leader of their group, Nik. Now, at first I was fairly nervous, after all it was potentially him that would choose whether or not I could go with them, but after we talked for a while, he said I seemed like a good guy, so he agreed to me tagging along with them. I was ecstatic, I talked to everyone else in the group and they all seemed very chilled out. So, after we left Kabanino, we met up with a man who I not seen before and I had not guessed was in our group. His name was Seymour, and he was one tough son-of-a-gun, and from the moment I met him, I knew I had to get on his good side. This happened fairly fast as I helped him with some "things" we had to do to a slave trader. Let me say it was not pretty, but it had to be done. We made our way up to the leftovers of a small castle and rested up, and this is where I've been recording this from. These guys are pretty good people, and so far, I have had no reason to not trust them. This is Terry Sander, signing off from day two." *Again, leave any comments/suggestions or feedback in the comments!
  3. I don't think they can recharge or be bought again. I think the vehicle automatically comes with 2-3 smoke flares and that's it once you use them up.
  4. Day One - 12:00pm "This is Terry Sanders, if you find this recording, I have probably met my demise in this god-forsaken wasteland. I have found this handheld recorder to.. well... record all my travels and encounters. Today, I found myself in Elektrozavodsk, a major city on the coast of Chernarus. My experience here was pretty much uneventful, there were hardly any supplies around and the place looked deserted. But... As I was searching a two story house for supplies, a woman by the name of... Lanka... had ran in behind me and scared me half to death, fortunately she was a friendly person in search for supplies as well. I told her that Elektro was deserted with next to nothing here, I gave her a spare canteen and was on my way fairly quickly. I started running east toward Kamyshovo, hoping there were more supplies there, and by god was I right. There was so much food that I couldn't carry all of it, but that wasn't the strangest part. I found a backpack, one that I had desperately needed, but it had a note in it. As I read the note, it had been left by a person named Webber, stating that he had wanted to start over and be friendlier whilst in Kamyshovo, this had made me uneasy. I scouted out the Police Station where he had stated he was living, and had entered with caution but had found no signs of life or activity. As I left and searched more houses, I had found more and more notes by this Webber person, but they became more and more threatening with each one that I found. I left that town as soon as I possibly could. This Webber person seems uneasy and perhaps dangerous. I had better watch my back from here on out. This is Terry, signing off for the first time today." *Feel free to leave comments/suggestions and feedback!
  5. I like a good Campire RP every now and again, but my favourite experiences are when robberies/kidnappings are happening (whether I am part of it or spectating). The whole hostile RP sense gives me a rush and helps me think, "What would I do if this was a real life situation".
  6. Jason Rider is dead, shot by bandits in Dolina. Sacrificed himself to save his friend, Jake Sternberg, during the Dolina hostage situation. Jason thought that while there was commotion, he could escape into the woods with Jake, but that is not how this world works. Jason knew his time had come, he was scared at first, but finally accepted the fact it was his time. He went down how he wanted to, shooting and fighting for what is right. As he lay there dying, blood spilling out of his mouth, remembering all the times he had with his friends, he announced his last words... "Time to turn a new page"...
  7. I was a part of this as well, we were being robbed by multiple targets. I was killed for a real reason, not just RDM but i can see that this happened due to the bandits shooting and hostile RPing. 2-3 were wearing red military berets and no armbands, could be possible random bandit group, for that i am not sure.
  8. How's it going guys? I have been playing on DayZ RP for a while now and just have seem to forget to introduce myself. I am (as you can probably tell) and have been jumping around the community for a while now, undoubtedly some of you people probably have met me already, I have played WoW and RP's for a while and now a part of the Hanged Men, which I enjoyed our first RP today. I am happy to be a part of the community and can't wait to meet the good guys, as well as the "not-so-good" ones. Good luck out there boys and thanks for reading!
  9. Sounds good, needed these changes to help along with the RP
  10. This group sounds really well planned and executed lore-wise #hype #goodluck
  11. "I always thought... helping people is the best thing to do in a world like this, but i'm sick of it Hoshi! I'm done with being good! All my standards are out the window, from now on... It's survival." *Earlier that day* The stranger started screaming as Jason and Hoshi walked up to him. "How Dare You! Interrupt our conversation and try to talk to us, you think that is funny!? I was having a very pleasent conversation with myself until you showed your faces!" The man pulls up his gun and points it at Hoshi, his finger and mouth twitching as his face turns from blank to one of sickness and hatred, Jason pulls Hoshi away slowly with his gun raised, finger on the trigger. "Look man, we don't want any trouble. My friend here is sick and she needs something to help her, we came to you because we thought you could help! Don't do anything you will regret." The man's face turns from hate to a grin in the matter a second, bringing Jason to not trust this man even further than before. "Me? I'm never alone, I'm always here with myself and that's who keeps me sane! Myself!" His eyes widen as he looks at Jason, as he turns back to Hoshi, he begins to slowly laugh. "As for your friend being sick.. Turns out I can help with that!" He starts cackling uncontrollably as his finger shifts to his trigger, Jason pushes Hoshi out the way as the sick man fires his rifle, hitting Jason in the left arm. Hoshi screams as she sees Jason go down, but she can see that he is not out yet. "Arggh! You asked for it!" Jason yells as he fires his AK Assault Rifle into the man, not stopping until the man fell to ground. Jason felt re-assured when he could see he stopped moving. His eyes turned back to Hoshi, who was running up to him with a panicked look on her face. "Jason, I knew we shouldn't have left without Pat and Chris! Damn it Jason!" Jason slowly slips to unconsciousness as the last thing he sees is Hoshi, with her mad look on her face. In the state of unconsciousness, he remembers the first time he made Hoshi smile. She never really was the type of girl to laugh, all serious and what-not. This time was special though, she is what keeps him back from slipping over the edge, like so many people have before him... ----------- So what do you guys think? Leave feedback and any questions in the comments below, if enough of you like it, i'll continue posting.
  12. Very nice piece of lore! The feels are real.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/cooperinabox 10/10 for a great guy
  14. How do you feel about it? You know.. Gitten rekt
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