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  1. Sam was born in the heart of Edinburgh in Scotland. His parents owned a local pub and when Sam was old enough he started to work their too. He did this until he was in his late twenties when his parents both lost their lives in a car accident while driving home one night. Sam being the only child inherited the pub however it only brought him memories of his parents. In fact the whole city did, with that in mind Sam decided to move to Chernarus to be away from the ghosts of his parents. He used the money that he had got from selling the pub and set up his own pub in Chernarus. He became the local pub for Komarovo and got a steady income. That was until the outbreak occurred. He managed to hide out in his pub scavenging whatever he could from the local towns until he decided to stop fearing the dead and go out in search for survivors.
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    Cya Nerds

    o7 Joo <3
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    Calling all Scottish people...

    Im scottish (beans pls)
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    2016 Newcomer of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Charlie Reason: Great Roleplay, Helpful and great for information if you are as dumb as me Evidence: Staff Feedback, 'Whose roleplay did you enjoy today' thread
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    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

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    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

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    Hello.... Looking forward to this

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    Banana Duck's DayZRP video series :D *UPDATED*

    Nice to see you posting on this again
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    Alba 19 [Recruitment: Strict] {Active}

    It´s a trap!! This^
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    Diary of Scott McAdams

    Page 6 added
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    Is anyone out there? [Open Transmission]

    *Scott picks up his radio* A year? Really. *He pauses* Seems like you've been living under a rock *He coughs before saying* Lemme guess your name... Patrick Star *He bursts out laughing before the transmission ends*