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  1. the other POV of this Clipped
  2. and Interesting night tonight with The Moretti Famiglia https://clips.twitch.tv/CautiousAssiduousDoveTheTarFu
  3. BIg Shout out to all the Moretii Familia Amazing TOP NOTCH RP From you all Thank you so much for everything! @SoalXtractor @Dank Mems @TateRinefield @trent_rouls @Jman14102You All are great RP'ers Thank you so much!! @Roach FUCKING AMAZING PAIN RP and in general. Was a Great night from everyone that was there! @Jack the Ripper I am so glad it was you and @TateRinefield that got to Perma Johnny Robinson, I have had this char for a Loooooooooooong Time and it was a great run with him, Now on to the next Character time to focus on Joshua Robinson now <3 you all and again Thanks to you all even the ones I didn't mention!!
  4. Starting the Stream in 9 minutes B|

    and here is the Multi Stream For Roach's POV https://multistre.am/roach_tm/mr_kindred/layout4/

  5. @LycaYou did an amazing Job tonight, I really enjoyed your Frightened State of mind tonight was amazing!! @Jman14102 Thanks for the way you said "I Cant believe what I am about to say but here goes, Where did you get the belly buttons from Johnny?" @Jarvis Ben And I had a lot of great Rp tonight, You are getting to be more trustworthy in Johnny's Eyes!! @Roach Thanks for talking about your First Kill as Wes. I thoroughly Enjoyed it!! @Mischief Gurl you floored me with that look you gave as I was Drowning you and mouthing "Thank-You" for ending your Life Phenomenal RP From all of you guys/gals tonight!!!!
  6. Streaming On the DayZ Rp Servers in 1 hour 40 mins B|


  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I am not a Frequent Flyer of the Website Didn't realize i was in a report Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So I met up with a group of people didn't really get all their names all are obviously listed in the Report though We ran off came back to find a guy dead in the road and the "killer" had apparently killed his friend in a fist fight, after that we held the man hostage. This man had not given very good RP and had been non compliant on multiple occasions during the Hostile RP. A link to the video evidence will be provided below. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The Temp Ban Removed What could you have done better?: Been more aware that I was in a report and Replied sooner. Video Evidence: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/155870518 The innitiation starts at 1hr:10min 40secs
  8. Streaming On The Servers in 10 mins !!!! ^_^ 


  9. Streaming On The Servers Now !!!! ^_^ 


  10. Streaming On The Servers soon !!!! ^_^ 


  11. Streaming On The Servers Now !!!! ^_^ 


  12. Streaming All of @Roach Series Starting from Quinn  




  13. Streaming On The Servers Now ^_^ 




  14. Shout Out to @Alexis Thanks for The Somewhat Ghetto Interaction with your char Noura Dixon was a little nervracking but all in all decent interaction
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