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  1. Lily Reyes, since she arrived in Chernarus her life had been completely changed, her family has most likely been dead for years, or atleast have turned into one of the infected, and she's thousands of miles from where she once called home. Despite the terrible situation she's still has managed to push on, and continue her adventure of exploring the world, the only change now is her adventure now includes trying to survive waves of sick cannibalistic people. "How did she end up here?" Is a common question she asked herself, it all began on her 18th birthday, she had been going on for months about wanting to explore more of the world, the most she had travelled so far in her life was across statelines a few times, and she was eager to explore more. Well on her birthday she got her wish, her parents most likely after being annoyed of the constant begging & pleading from Lily buckled & paid for a plane ticket, from wherever she went she could backpack around the world for a few months, to a year, and then when she had enough, she'd come back. The only catch was once she had enough she'd return & continue her studies by going to university. "So she went to Chernarus?" Not quite, she couldn't decide on where to begin her adventure, and decided to do the most basic thing & throw a dart at a map of the world, after missing a few times she managed to get a location, and a few new dart-sized holes in her wall. She was going to start in Bali, Indonesia, and from there she'd experience what they had to offer there, and continue her journey north-west to Malaysia, and to Thailand. Except it didn't end up that way. On the day of her flight she was excited, and ready for the next step of her life. The only problem ended up being on her layover at the Miroslavl International Airport, once her flight had landed, and she had gotten off the plane the other passengers & her were detained by an army of stormtroopers, who she found out were CDF. After about a week of being in lockdown in the airport they were let free, the flights had long since going out, and she was stuck in an unknown environment. Since that terrible day that began it all she has continued her goal of exploring the world, and has since left Chernarus, and has continued her adventure north through the Russian border, and into Livonia.
  2. I don't think you have game details public, (I think its set to private by default now ? ) Go to Edit Profile -> My Privacy Settings, and then under My Profile make sure Game Details is set to Public, and the "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details." box is not ticked.
  3. I was right I did butcher your name!! I just kept going back, and forth trying to find where I came in at while avoiding the infected ? Thank you for the help
  4. First day playing again after a while of inactivity, and everyone I met was amazing. AJ, and Rorick (Prob butchered your name) thank you for helping me escape the NW airfield, I actually was lost there for a whiiile.
  5. Cierra-Lee Jensen, daughter of Forest, and Margaret Jensen. Her family was well off thanks to her father being a renown novelist, and her mother being a high-class lawyer. She was an only child, and spent most of her childhood sheltered in her luxury apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City. She spent most her time reading books, and hiding out in her father's library. In late July of 2017 during her summer break her parent's thought it'd be a great idea for her to get out of their apartment, and to explore the world. She, and her father ultimately decided on travelling to Bali, Indonesia due to it being quite the change of pace from their lives in New York. When the date of her flight arrived Cierra was a nervous wreck, and had to be forcefully put on the plane by her embarassed father. The flight itself wasn't very interesting, she spent most of it trying to distract herself with music she had downloaded prior, while trying to ignore how high up they were, and how far away they were from her whole life in her apartment. Her plane landed at the Miroslavl International Airport, and she practically sprinted out of that flying metal deathtrap. Not long after were the passengers taken into custody by an army of stormtroopers, who she later learned were called the CDF. They were detained for a week, stuck in the airport with the other annoyed, and worried passengers. Finally the guards departed, and abandoned them in the airport with no knowledge of the region, and very little rations.
  6. Yimo

    Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    Ya there's two, when they swapped from Elysium I had the same problem so had to change both.
  7. Yimo

    Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    In your wow folder go to WTF -> Config. and then in Config press CTRL+F, and search for SET realmList make sure that is "logon.lightshope.org"
  8. Yimo

    Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    Thank you, a few of my guildies hate it because of doing callouts in raid. "Underagegirl you have burning adrenaline!" etc
  9. Yimo

    Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    Ah dang, I've been playing on this server for a while, and I'm alliance. But hopefully I run into some of you horde dogs for some world pvp sometime. In case anyone plays alliance too my character is Underagegirl - 60 Hunter.
  10. *Jake sat against the trunk of a tree, casually flipping through the different radio channels in search of a voice, or some sign of life. He nearly dropped his radio as he heard the voice of the man come through his radio. He hastily pressed down on his PTT to respond to the transmission.* "Oh thank god another person" *He paused as he noticed the banging coming from the man's background* "Gregor, are you alright?" *He let go of the PTT, and silently prayed for the man's well being.*
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