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  1. Maui

    Kicked out of server

    Got it, Thanks for the help and the clarification ?
  2. Maui

    Kicked out of server

    Hello, Im trying to connect and play on the server again after being inactive for a long time. I have downloaded and launched game by the Dayzlauncher as described in the information tab. As soon as I get on the server I get kicked out receiving this notification; Attached Picture What am I missing? Ive done what im supposed to do on the information guide; "How to join" Regards, Maui
  3. Nice idea! I always wanted to try out Miscreated
  • Maui

    Will 0.60 become stable today?!

    Fingers crossed!
  • Maui

    2015 DayZRP Community Awards

    Nice, This should be interesting!
  • Maui

    Vote! Screenshot of the Week - Week 10 Nov 2015

    Easy vote for Franklin's photo!
  • Maui

    Finally made it, who wants to join me?

    Welcome, Glad you enjoy it! Hope to see you in-game someday!
  • Maui

    Hello Hello Hello

    Welcome, Enjoy your stay
  • Maui

    Chernarus EXTRA - Issue 1

    Brilliant, Just brilliant! Good work with this first issue!
  • Maui

    Things you want and don't want in Exile

    Tavianna map and also a server which can take more than 50 players would be great! Of course everything else is talking about such as base building, zombie hoards!
  • Maui


    I like it, people will fail so badly using this tho! Gonna be fun!
  • Maui

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Yes, Please!!!
  • Maui

    [All frequencies] Calling out for John!

    *Switches on the radio* Calling out for John or maybe it was Johnny, I apologize for my bad memory! *Deep breath* I lost track of you, Must have lost you in the woods near the big radio tower. I would like to reunite someday to avenge your friends death and your torture, It was a horrible thing to see from that far away with my sniper rifle. *Brings a tear from his eyes*. I saw 3 guys kidnapping people and then fled into the woods and I felt the urge to help. So if you are out there you can reach me on the radio, I will check it out every full hour*Sharpened voice* so we can together take revenge on those bastards! Your new friend, Mark. *Turns of the radio*
  • Maui

    S1 - Avoiding RP/No initiation

    I hear you but you have to see it from my point of view or the recorders point of view. No initiation that I could tell. And I would also to point out that when your buddy surrendered why did you guys kept speaking in TS? You were to busy speaking about me rather than RP'ing and not to mention Meta-gaming. I don't want to debate anymore into this, Let the admins do their work and make a fair assessment of this situation.
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