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  1. Muntz

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Well, this is fucken sexy.
  2. Muntz

    How Yanko Dies

    A small notebook is stashed within Yanko's clothing. Inside, a myriad of scrawls, sketches, and notes adorn the crumpled pages. Among the disarray, one page seems to have been written with more care. It is on this page that the following can be read. —Translated from Czech— //OP updated
  3. Muntz

    The military RP is atrocious

    I think these three posts sum it up nicely. Especially the point about humiliating them in-game in an out of character manner. While that might not be your intention, it can be quite horrible for the other person. Also, if you are mainly noticing their errors because of questions that you are asking, consider not asking those questions. I'm not saying that their lack of knowledge won't shine through in other situations, but it at least reduces the impact. It also allows them to continue having fun, along with everyone else around. Furthermore, sometimes it isn't even a lack of effort or research. A lot of people, myself included, have never heard of a 'MOS' and wouldn't have a clue that it might be an important thing to know. It might be obvious to you, someone who is in the military, but for the rest of us—we don't know what we don't know. It's easy to take your personal knowledge for granted. If you have an issue with someone's lack of knowledge, PM them some tips or link them to a guide or two.
  4. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    So uhh, anyone up for a mid-high level ranked game or two? ??
  5. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    - user was warned for this post -
  6. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    - user was warned for this post -
  7. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    Today. Here, start by doing every exercise both Rock and Drago do in this video. Then hmu on steam later tonight and we can boogie.
  8. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    Oh, you liddle cutie. We'll get you there one day. Just need 2-4 hundred more hours. Nah
  9. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    - user was warned for this post -
  10. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    I don't know what you're talking about. I have no memory of this.
  11. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    US who wanna smash don't count, Callie.
  12. Muntz

    Any other Rocket League nerds out here?

    I'm a mechanically trash D2/C1 on 3v3 and D2/D3 on Doubles. I'm always on the lookout for ranked partners. So if you're EU and wanna smash, lmk.
  13. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • Muntz

    Now that is a logo I have not seen in a long...long...long time.

    1. Muntz



      Wait, you talking about my avatar, or my background?

    2. StagsviewRB


      Avatar ?

      I recognise the background also.... But the avatar is more...... Secret ano?

    3. Muntz


      Ah yes. The avatar.  All reference has been removed from the forums by unknown methods.

  14. Muntz

    How Yanko Dies

    I appreciate you
  15. Muntz

    How Yanko Dies

    //3rd entry. Will update OP also. Additions to be separated by a line. The two leave their shelter. Raising their pace to a slow jog, they move towards the gunshots, which increase in frequency as the seconds pass. Yanko’s heart pounds as they grow closer, as loud as the ever more frequent and desperate gunshots. He pulls his recently acquired knife from his jacket. The source of the gunshots still ahead in an abandoned military compound, the pair are brought to a halt by the sudden appearance of a masked man. Dressed in grey jeans and green jacket, a military vest adorns his torso. His face is obscured by a grey bandana tied behind his head and a garish orange Boonie hat. He stands calmly as the two companions come to a stop in front of him. Yanko notices that, strangely, the man is holding only a roll of duct tape. “Is that one of yours doing all that shooting, then?” Patrick asks as he pants. “It wasn’t” the man with the orange hat replies. His nasal voice muffled by the bandana. Already running towards the compound gates, Patrick shouts over his shoulder. “Well, we’ll be off! They might need some help!” Yanko and the man in the orange hat regard one another. Glancing at the duct tape in the stranger’s hand, he raises an eyebrow. The man quickly pockets the roll before shrugging and taking off at a quick jog after Patrick. Pausing briefly to marvel at his strange Irish companion, Yanko trots after the two of them. This man who seemingly feels no hesitation at throwing himself in harm’s way for others. Who will turn his back on an unknown masked man, and who will, in an instant, cave in a zombie’s head with a pot. “I see them! They’re getting fookin’ beaten up, like” Pat grunts as he wrangles the compound gate open. The gunshots have abated. Replacing them are the shrieks and screams of zombies accompanied by the brutal slap of blows landing on flesh. Hauntingly, a woman’s laugh rings louder than all, casting a veil of surreality over the entire situation. As the trio squeeze through the gate, they spot a survivor. Clad in outdoor pants and a large jacket, the man carries a bloody axe as he runs with a limp barely twenty metres from them. Spotting the three approaching men, he barely pauses to scream, “Why wife is in there! My wife is in there!” He indicates the barrack building behind him. Patrick heads towards the building as the man continues his course. “Well, where are you going then?” Patrick yells to the retreating man. Yanko follows keeps pace with Patrick, but is hindered by a zombie slamming into his side. The screech of the woman, her hair still tightly bound in a bun, makes his ears ring. He manages to slam his knife into her thigh slicing through muscle and tendon. The blow drives the woman to the ground as Yanko steps past her to meet another onrushing infected. He knifes it in the throat twice before it drops, its filthy hands going limp as it slides off him to the ground. Yanko quickly looks around, he can see through a window that Patrick has entered the building that the man indicated, using his own knife to cut through the swathes of zombies within from behind. At first, he cannot see the man in the orange hat but soon spots him back outside the gate, unwilling to join the fray. The man sees Yanko notice him, and he disappears behind a wall. Something clamps around Yanko’s calf before a sharp pain drives him to his knees. He shuffles quickly around and stabs his knife into the face of the crawling zombie. It is the woman that first accosted him, apparently the knife to the thigh only dampened her movement, not her determination to kill. As the last of her unnatural life drains from her eyes, Yanko reaches for the bite on his leg. The fabric of his pants already slick with blood, he grits his teeth and gets to his feet. He begins to limp towards the building in which he last spotted his companion. Suddenly, There is a loud cracking bang behind him. Yanko spins as the door to another barrack is thrown open and another survivor bursts out, quickly followed by two infected. The woman, clearly overwhelmed by the assault, stumbles back from her assailants while gripping her own axe. But before Yanko can take close in on the fight and save her, the woman takes the haft of the axe in two hands, rushing one zombie and jamming the axe against its throat, the momentum of her mad rush slams them against a wall, breaking the infected neck with a crack that echoes around the compound. Spinning towards the seconds infected, she moves her grip to the end of the handle, pulling the axe head in an arc from the ground, up above her head, and down, crunching into the zombie’s forehead and driving it into the ground. The woman places her boot on ruins of the zombie’s head and uses it to brace as she pulls the axe free. The body’s death gurgle is drowned out by an exuberant cry bursting from the woman, “FUCK YOU!” Yanko feels Patrick move up beside him as the woman turns, seemingly noticing them for the first time.
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