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  1. Damn. I never really had the money to buy these games when I was growing up. Now that I'm living on my own and can afford to buy games whenever I want I feel like it's too late for me to jump into some of these awesome series. Same thing happened with Witcher 3. The game is awesome but I just feel out of place when I play it because I've missed 2 full games of story.
  2. Haha yeah that threw me for a loop at first. Just waiting for a server spot to open up on S1
  3. Woooow I'm an idiot. I guess I figured it out. Apparently if you have never started up the base Arma2 game it doesn't work. You have to start up Arma2 and let Steam do it's little initial install thing. At least doing that fixed it for me. This can be solved.
  4. Well hopefully it will fix with the next reset then haha.
  5. Sorry if this is a rather newb question. I just started primarily PC gaming a few months ago so all these mods and what not are still fancy stuff for me. I followed the download and install instructions 100% but I am getting an error message when I try to play. So after I ran the .exe file for the DayZRP mod and it self installed I started up the game and enabled the DayZRP mod in the expansions tab. Restarted the game. It loaded up and after the Bohemia logo fades to black the game crashes and gives me this error. - Cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp' - Did my download mess up or something? Again sorry if this is a rather newb question as I have no real experience with computers. Just really wanna experience what all this #hype is about.
  6. Installing Arma2 right now. #TheHypeIsReal
  7. So as someone who has never played the Mod what all will I need to get it up and running. Basically do I need every Arma2 download or just the base game and operation arrowhead?
  8. My preferred outfit for my guy would be Dark Blue Jeans, Grey Shoes, Grey Hoodie, and a Grey Beanie Hat. I also try to get a hold of a medical mask if I can find one (in case the virus is airborne). As for equipment I really just need some pen and paper to write fliers for the movement. My guy was also going to college for culinary and likes to cook for the group so cooking gear is a must find. Weapon wise I prefer a pistol to defend myself and a rifle to hunt food with. Although he is not very experienced with the rifle so he doesn't have the best shot.
  9. Awesome we got approved. I know you guys did a lot of hard work planning and creating the group glad to see it is now official. Makes me wanna jump in game right now and get the movement going.
  10. This. Would love to ride a kick ass cruiser through the Wasteland.
  11. Looks very good and congrats on getting accepted. The RP between this group and Wasteland should be pretty good. I really like the idea of classes and hope you guys make that work. Maybe I missed it in the reading but did you guys consider a designated class for the shotgun? You know someone who would be the first one through the door for very tight encounters. If the group really takes off and starts to get a lot of members maybe even have rifleman who are trained as spotters. Could tag along with a sniper and provide another set of eyes through a pair of binoculars as well as protection from unwanted foes.
  12. For me I would only report someone if they commit blatant KOS or if they are acting as if they are not even on a RP server. So basically if they are just walking around spewing OOC stuff. If someone accidentally slips up and says something like, "Damn this lag" once, that is no reason to report them. Although a lot of people would file a report over that. Basically for me it has to be blatant and clearly intentional. No need to get someone banned over a small slip up. Something I see a lot that really pisses me off is people who bait others into getting reported. I have seen the following scenario multiple times already. Guy 1 : "Damn this lag is killing me" Guy 2 : "Ummm excuse me sir I'm not sure I understand. What is lag?" Guy 1 : "You know my internet is acting like shit." Guy 2 : "Umm I don't know man. You are kinda strange." Guy 2 then logs off to go file a report for excessive OOC. I was actually in a chat with someone a while back who was thinking of reporting after the above exchange and I convinced him to let it go. Most people are actually just trying to RP it out but I would put money on it that some people hear the first slip up and then see if they can get him to continue the OOC so they can file a report. Honestly there are people who have that attitude and it's kinda disturbing. Did his slip up really break your RP so bad that you needed to make an effort to get him banned?
  13. Not really sure yet. I guess it mostly depends on where my group will be playing more. Also gonna be checking out that ARK: Survival Evolved game plus I really need to work on Witcher 3. Needless to say I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy while SA is in shambles.
  14. Chip

    How often are you robbed?

    Only been robbed twice in the almost two months I've been here now. First one was the second day I played on this server and it was your typical drop your stuff 10 sec robbery. Even worse his reason for robbing was that he was getting very thirsty and had nothing to drink even though there was a well not 200 yards away. The second time I got robbed was right after a server reset. Got robbed because the night before (aka before the reset) I got smashed drunk and was saying all kinds of rude things to these two guys who I had been RPing with for almost 2hrs. In other words the guy put words in my mouth for a reason to rob (even though you really don't need a reason). That one ended with me dead due to the brass knuckles glitch. Feel like only being robbed once a month is pretty good considering the fact that until I joined Wasteland about two weeks ago I was always playing as a solo character.
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