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  1. WaveSayHi

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open]

    Already had the pleasure of running into you guys, good luck!
  2. WaveSayHi

    Skin Mask Questions

    Keep it and make it so wearing one gives automatic kill rights to anyone who interacts with someone wearing one, and make it against the rules to force someone to wear one as a means of baiting prevention.
  3. Jared Nelson was a young, innocent, sweet boy with a curiosity for bugs and insects; things that crawled and stuff that moved. He had a natural affinity for talking to people, he was always more liked than not, especially by the other children in his classes, quite dastardly so even. More often than not, he had little to no interest for these girls or boys, whether as friends or playmates, for he did not need friends or playmates, thank you very much. The only thing that Jared needed was his bugs. For, not only was he always able to depend on his small yet fragile acquaintances, they listened oh-so attentively. Oh, yes they did; for with their many eyes to see, their many ears to hear, and their many hands to touch they could experience all of the things and sensations that young Jared would. They could see the warm summer days turn to cold winter nights, they could feel the underside of tables only Jared would normally be able to reach, and they could hear the bubbly and fun voice of a young boy getting his favourite toy for Christmas. Things weren't always fun though. Sometimes, much like Jared himself, the bugs would see things that they didn't really want to see. Unfortunately, given the gift of perception, they celebrated in their monumental freedom, and ignorance. What a gift they have been given, so wonderful and happy, why would anyone choose to turn it off? Well, sometimes the bugs just didn't want to see things. Sometimes, they weren't able to hide. The bugs would always have their many eyes to see, their many ears to hear, and their many hands to touch. They would hear all of the wonderful sounds of the world; Mommy arguing with Daddy, babies screaming, doors slamming. They would see the most quizzical of things, Daddy hitting Mommy, red paint on the walls, glass breaking. They would feel the things they didn't want to feel. The dull thud of a body hitting the wooden floor, the crash of glass against a skull, the deafening silence after. Curious things, insects. Critters. Bugs. Stuff that moved, things that crawled. The bugs would always be there for Jared, oh yes they would. They saw all of the things that Jared saw, heard all of the things that Jared heard, and above all, they felt all of the things that Jared felt. Whether they wanted to, or not. Jared took them everywhere he went. From his small apartment with the policemen, to the large building he lived in, and with the nice Chernarussian family who took him home on his 9th birthday. They saw him change into who he became, they felt the lies he formed cut through the air like bullets, and they heard the voices that only Jared could hear. The insects were always there for him. Now, he could be there for them.
  4. +1 shit would be fire, hope we have more items coming in game soon that allow stuff like this
  5. Django was a survivalist, a hunter. He did what he had to do to survive and protect the things he cared about, and at first glance one would assume these were all noble things. That is, until you look at it from the perspective of the end of a barrel. He was born from a decent background, often hanging around the streets of his native city, Detroit, or hunting and gathering supplies for the neighbourhood of Myshkino. He spent the majority of his life in the US, and often visited his father in Myshkino where he learned many valuable life skills for the end of the world, such as how to hunt, survive, and even kill. Luckily, or unluckily, he happened to be there visiting his father during the outbreak. After the end of the world, he was often found with his newfound partner, Kiara, or alone drifting from place to place looking for work with the need to be apart of something bigger them himself. He would do anything to further his agenda, and he was along way from the innocent kid he used to be at the start of all this.
  6. WaveSayHi

    All NATO Personnel [222.2 Hz]

    *At the end of the half hour, you hear the radio click, soft foresty sounds and a wolf can be heard.* November Alpha Tango Oscar. India Sierra. Delta Echo Alpha Delta. *The Radio doesnt click off naturally; you can tell the transmission is ended by the battery being taken out.*
  7. WaveSayHi

    To the NATO fellas

    Uh, sorry? who is this? I have no idea what youre talking about. I have no relationship to any kind of NATO group. I don't want any trouble with any of the russians, neither does Anne. We have no involvement with these NATO guys, if they want any information on them im happy to give up any i have and scout for more. These NATO guys nearly got us killed. I owe my life to all of you. I dont think anyone wants to hurt the wrong people.
  8. WaveSayHi

    Services Available [75.5 Hz]

    Uh, hey! It's Flamingo, from earlier? I just want to follow up from our discussion earlier, about meeting? I need to know when our mutual friends will be around, so we can setup a meet and transfer of the package. Let me know when it'll be possible and we can figure a time out. Thanks! *He clicks off the radio, only to return a moment later* Alternatively, i can give you a time for them to be on, but i feel like that'd be a bit harder to do. I guess it doesnt really matter then, huh? It's always weird figuring out a way to end these right? Haha.. yeah.. whelp! see you soon! Hopefully, anyways. Or not. Up to you... uh.. Yeah. *radio clicks off*
  9. yeah lmao thank you man i enjoyed it too, cant wait to take it farther lmao yeah it was great, was pretty uncomfortable there but that was definitely the goal so hats off to you guys. Anne is @SteffyWolf and i forgot james'
  10. Yeah, i have nothing to do with this instance in particular. Prior to this engagement, I got kidnapped, then force fed guts and alcohol, also injected with Morphine which my character assumed was poison, so he took advantage of the captors looking away and tried to break free, and ended up dying anyways. Wasn't super involved or fun RP, even from the perspective of the victim, but no rules were broken in regards to my engagement as far as i am aware.
  11. WaveSayHi

    car 1

    did you happen to find this on the road to severograd?
  12. Damien White was raised alongside his younger brother, Jason. His father was a war vet, an avid hunter and survivalist, living in the town of Myshkino most of his life until he moved to Detroit for his close and only friend. He instilled many life lessons and militaristic beliefs, such as the importance of order into his sons. His mother was a school counselor, and when he was young, his parents seperated; his mother staying in Detroit, while his father went back to Chernarus. Damien, with his brother, would frequently hunt and provide for the other members of the Myshkino community, primarily living with their mother but frequently visiting their father. After the outbreak, he survived with his brother for a few months until he too succumbed to the outbreak. Drifting, Damien is on the hunt for a bigger purpose and to help as many people as he can; but not at the cost of his own life.
  13. WaveSayHi

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    You MAY NOT share kill rights with other players unless both of you are in the same official, approved group. If you are not in an official group - you are now on your own. I agree with everything BUT this. If i travel with someone for hours and hours, or meet up with a very old friend of mine, or its my roleplay brother, and someone kills, robs, or otherwise harms them in anyway, it's really unrealistic for my character not to want to do something about it. I'm interested to hear any counter-arguments though.
  14. Simmons sighs as he unclasps the old radio from his belt. "I didn't think it'd have to come to this," he mutters under his breath. He clicks the small, damaged button and pauses before he speaks. "Hello.. to anyone and anything listening." He takes his finger off the button, pausing and thinking. Peering into the distance from his nook at the top of the police station in Kamyshovo. He looks back down at the radio. "My name is Simmons. I'm the leader of a.. group. We all know how dangerous the world can be, and i've.. come to the conclusion that in order to not only survive, but live, I - we, need people. We're known as The Red Hand, and i'm not gonna pretend that we're gonna be the next Pagan Revenants or New Moon, but we need good people.. scratch that - strong people." He releases the button, looking down and thinking hard - choosing his next words very carefully. "There isn't good anymore. We all know that. There's only survival. But i'm thinking if you're alone, afraid, scared or just damn lonely, whatever the hell you may be that puts you in the position youre currently in, alone.. we got your back, if you got ours." He gives a slight half smile - something he hasn't done in years. "Frequency's 95.5, if you're interested, don't hesitate. You can only wait so long to find us first, before we eventually find you." The walkie clicks off, as Simmons lets it fall into the small horde of infected at the door of the station, clawing at the walls in an attempt to rip him apart. He looks up, lets out a sigh, and walks down the stairs with his revolver in hand.
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