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  1. Hank Krieger

    Arma 3 Contractors

    I get a connected message and then auto kick, no errors or anything just a kick. All mods are verified and installed
  2. Hank Krieger

    Staff Feedback

    The problem is when we report a problem especially in some cases like Thumper bans are handed out or points.
  3. Hank Krieger

    Kos or killing a complying hostage ?

    I'm not sure anymore but judging by your responses are you here to help the community or kill it? At this point after all these conflicting stories it seems your report is just a salt report.
  4. Hank Krieger

    Kos or killing a complying hostage ?

    It seems more like you wanted to show your authority. In other words a e-peen contest if you ask me. Much more severe things have occured and were talked out and the reports dropped seems like the aggravated one is you and thats why the report stayed up. At the very least you could admit this whole situation pissed you off and be honest with the rest of the community.
  5. Hank Krieger

    Kos or killing a complying hostage ?

    I am sorry but I have to put a word in here. This case was doomed from the start. We have seen verdicts overturned because we cannot punish the PR manager. We have seen in this case a new player made a mistake against said PR member. The newcomer has already been paraded around the community from having his bean counter removed and having the ability to give him beans removed all together. I went into this report knowing nothing good would have come out of it. Jim if you really wanted to improve your image to the community you would have simply said hey new guy made a mistake and closed the report and laughed about it later as most of us would have done. However it seems since he got quite a bit of attention from his bean gathering you seemed to take it personal as an attack towards yourself. instead of using this situation to help your self image it seems you have done nothing but destroy it even further. I do not care that you think you are the reason this community is still here as you have stated in past threads. But this is getting ridiculous where we cannot even have a fair report against a new member of the community who just made a mistake.
  6. Hank Krieger

    Who stole Sirschmoopy's beans?!

    Don't you folks remember the key point to DayZRP? No fun Allowed?
  7. Hank Krieger

    • Hank Krieger
    • Sirschmoopy

    Dont let this get you down, keep being the good lad you are and you will have no worries.

    1. Sirschmoopy


      Cheers dude, honestly im super happy right now, the support is unreal.

  8. Hank Krieger

    Unnecessary Post Points Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/profile/1106-hank-krieger/warnings/6561/ Why the verdict is not fair: I find the verdict to this to not be fair as for 1 it was not used it a derogatory stance. For 2 it has obviously been thrown around the community for quite some time now with little to no attention. I understand Rolle has recently posted a status update for this matter but I feel if a policy is to be changed then it needs to be more obviously done, possibly through an announcement or at the very least a thread of some kind pointing this out. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This was harmless banter that was taking place on a person's status wall who obviously was just posting memes to have some fun. Nothing I posted I could see to be derogatory especially if anyone has read this particular thread linked below which contains it in my opinion in a much more derogatory manner as it is used by the same person 42 times and I see no staff posting in that thread to curb the much more offensive use of the word or blatant stereotyping. I do not find it satisfactory to be told it is ok to do it here but not there. If there is to be a standard it should be the same across the board. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of my points as well as some form of announcement informing all members not just those who follow Rolle or have heard the status update of the changes. What could you have done better?: Of course there are 2 answers I could give to this. The obvious would be to not post certain material on personal status updates. But as I have seen other worse things done by others that received nothing before or after the status update that can be seen in other ban appeals recently I saw no wrong it what I did based off the rule set that has been in play. I will also state after my points were received I did in fact report the post which I linked above for reasons I received my points. It was however overlooked therefore reinforcing my stance on why is there a double standard here like this?
  9. Hank Krieger

    2016 Clean Sheet of the Year nominations

    The only reason I posted what I did was because I had made the status update earlier pointing out the issues I saw. As for the self promotion goes I did not see a status update as promoting or I would not have done it. To me promoting would have been jumping to every ts channel and asking for votes or posting a thread to showcase myself. But if the staff feel my status update was a form or promoting myself I will happily accept the consequences and be dq'ed. Sorry I could not respond sooner as I had a work meeting to attend out of town. Tldr Didnt think status update was considered promoting, dq me please as I woild have prefered a clean contest.
  10. Hank Krieger

    2016 Clean Sheet of the Year nominations

    I would like to respond to this. In all fairness just because I dont make a post every few seconds does not make me irrelevant. I have been here since Mod Days and have been here every since. I have taken short breaks here and there. But please do not make assumptions simply based on my post count. There are plently of people here that know me and know I am an avid player on the RP server. So Id prefer not to be talked down as such. In response to all of this. I have no bad feelings toward any of the other nominees. I just assumed like everyone else that staff had done their homework on the nominees prior to appointing them as candidates. The main issue I had was the combat log report. In which several people have been called out on the offense and goven punishment but not so much the case here. I actually PMd a ban appeal to Jaime as he had done a verdict on that very offense about a week from when she was just given a verbal warning. All in all I still stand by the fact I have no salt for Lyca or Bran. Congrats to Lyca for the win.
  11. Hank Krieger

    Settlement Rule Addition

    I would like to see an addition to the settlement rules that allow participation of non-faction oriented players. As it sits now only factions can have any kind of hostile role play with these settlements. This to me shows a huge balancing issue as for now a settlement can look in TS and see that no other factions online and know that they are completely safe within their walls regardless of having a full server. What about the groups that have up to 19 members that can still pose a threat to these kinds of places? What of large dynamic groups that may be bandits as well? Within the current rule set these settlements are untouchable unless they have attacked you outside of their safe zones because lets face it that's what they are. My suggestion is to make an amendment to the rules which states it can be attacked by a dynamic group or official group but you must have at least 10 people running the operation. This would bring an actual fear to those who hold a settlement as they would have to actually defend their settlements against more threats than just the ones they know about through ooc knowledge. Let's face it 10 people outside of a compound can make for a very real threat even against 20 to 30 people. Now with that being said I'm sure it will be brought up how to we keep track of this sort of thing and how do we prevent the settlements from being grieved over and over again. We currently have a rule in place that a settlement may only be attacked once per faction per day,etc. We change the rule that a settlement may only be attacked once per day, unless they have attacked someone and are being retaliated against. To keep track of this there could be a sub forum added into the faction's thread to post when and who has done attacks. It will be up to the attackers to post when and who was part of the attack. Then when someone decides to attacked they must check the thread to see if it would be a legal attack. Yes I agree this still leaves some unbalance as far as settlement protection but it allows the settlement to be attacked by more than just a select few, as well as would keep the settlements on their toes. This would also allow for more expansive RP to take place as well as create or destroy alliances. Feel free to discuss and add to however you see fit as I would like to see a better set of rules that no longer allows the settlements to be basic safe zones for certain people only.
  12. Hank Krieger

    Probing Role play

    I can see this to a point especially if you have 2 characters with the same skill sets RP'ing together. The thing is I have a decent background in automotive knowledge but yet I used to cringe so badly when people would RP mechanics back in the mod and had no clue. I would not bring it up in game because you have the right here to RP any character you wish within the rule set. A good RP'er is gonna be able to think on their feet as to why they did something the way they did if asked but to go out of your way to mock a person for their RP in game just to make them look stupid is just ridiculous. How about if someone is practicing a skill set in game that you have knowledge in perhaps hit them up in TS and ask them if they would like some pointers on how to better portray that role? If its another language that you know how about give them a few phrases? Don't get me wrong not everyone would take you up on the advice but I'm sure quite a few would. Just something to think about...
  13. Hank Krieger

    Farewell amigos.

    Will miss ya Vic here have some nostalgia.
  14. Hank Krieger

    Lore reset?

    Id like to add a suggestion as well and don't take this the wrong way. What I would like to see is a fresh start of the server lore. This brings alot of freshness to the community as now stories will unfold differently even if you do play the same characters you would not have the same interactions. Now as for the Loremasters Id like them to come up with a couple of factions for staff to play as preferably one hero and one bandit group. Now for the part that might not go over so well. As a staff member you are required to play in one of said factions. I know some will say this will remove the freedoms of the staff to play as they wish but as a staff member they need to be looking out for the greater good of the server. This will allow the staff team to actually patrol the server and experience first hand what we go through as players, not saying they don't but at least it would be an incentive to play the game and actually showcase RP how it should be. To lead by example is the best way to lead. I feel like if a staff member does not play the game they should not have a place in staff as they do not see the scenarios as the players do. As a a former staff member and a parent of twins I was still able to find time to do staff work and play the game and make a decent impact I felt on several people in game. Staff should be more about that in my opinion. If it were to go this way at least the lore would happen organically on the server as these interactions between these two factions would mold what happens with everyone on the server. Would it last forever? No it wouldn't, but think of the events that could be put on if this were the case, think of what great things it could bring to the table for other groups in the server? Do you ally with one? Do you fight one? Do you play both sides? Hell the possibilities are endless. Again this is just my suggestions and thoughts.
  15. Hank Krieger

    Bring back Q and A

    I feel it was a good thing when it was being done. I even watched them after they were posted to twitch. I feel it brings the community closer together as they realize the staff team members are human beings. Also it gives a chance for civilized discussion as text is not always the best way to communicate because context and tones of voices cannot be detected in text and are sometimes lost in the communication. I'd say bring it back at least once per month.
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