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  1. Understandable. I did watch the stream, and it seemed like the entire reason for this was to rob us for the truck so it could be used for your benefit. That's what red announced to his stream. Abroon had already killed John before attempting to further the RP by asking me to get into the truck, therefore the RP just wasn't there. As I will state, again, Abroon decided to not say a word about anything for 20 seconds, no warnings, no further rp, nothing. You guys watched the FOUR of us, for maybe 10-15 minutes before initiating as well. There was two by the car, and by the kill logs one in your vicinity, and another should have been in that area as well. Which when you have as many people as you did, the situation was under control. It's funny how a group who isn't about stealing or robbing sure went to an extent to detain only the people with the truck, and murder one of them in cold blood as he was attempting to do what he was asked. I understand if he ran, or if he tried to attack but he didn't. No reason would have been there to do such a thing. Your group seems to shift to Banditry or hero's depending on the situation. You were bandits when you were trying to get the truck, but acted as hero's once I was captured and questioned by Red and then given a canteen for the misunderstanding and given coordinates to a safe location. Abroon's accent came across as trolly, mush-mouth, very obviously fake, and just plain ignorant to people of the country he tried to portray. It was hard to understand, as the main words I heard was "drop weapon or killed 10 seconds." Everything else was just a mumble of words, as his mic seemed to be drowning in mouth. You as a group would be more likely to understand it vs someone who has never met him before as well, so that's understandable. From my POV we only saw glimpses of people in the places we went, but in no way were we ever purposefully following people. We saw people in Svetlo and decided we needed to see what was going on, and potentially RP with you guys as we waited for our member to return. We never asked questions, and we never followed you. By the POV of your stream, you guys followed US and THEN initiated for the truck. I watched almost the whole thing, I know. We had no intentions on getting hostile, as only 2 had guns with enough ammo, one with a shotgun, and my gun was completely empty. We never spotted any of you, aside from Val pointing out Red in TS while he was on the hospital roof. (AS red said "Hey he doesn't see me?!?! omfg?!??!) That's when we knew something was going on and decided to stay in the city. From Red's POV you guys had two looking at the truck, Abroon flanking, and Mia in the building as well as others talking in TS from what I heard. We only had four people with limited weapons and ammunition, as we aren't a group that focuses on gear, but mainly survival. There was ONLY 4 of us. Not any more than you guys from what I saw myself. When in a Robbery situation, you're supposed to think of things like that. Take in consideration he might be lagging, or the fact your crappy accent wasn't able to be interpreted. I understand you can't control it, but at least understand that there are several variables keeping someone from doing something when they are really trying to. You had our other two detained from what you said in TS. There was no being scared about it because it would have been announced and then further measures would have been used. I understand there may have been a misunderstanding with thinking he wasn't complying, but Red said in TS he was just getting into the truck. Which is when War automatically started spraying at John. Which means he could also be tried for attempted KOS since you didn't have rights on him since he was hit while sitting in the car. The death isn't the issue, Mia. I appreciate you being nice about this, but its the pure fact someone broke a rule, and wont admit to it. Someone who has been here long enough to know what's right and wrong, and won't even take into consideration any variables about the situation itself. I just want the accused to learn from this mistake, admit it and move along so we can close this stupid case and move on. I don't want to create any OOC hate with anybody. But if he doesn't understand what he did wrong he does in fact deserve consequences and that's all I really have left to say. Again, I really do appreciate you being compassionate about the situation. Edit: made this post before Owen said anything, for that I'm sorry.
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    Reborn [Invite Only]

    I love this group, the bio's, how this thread is put together in general, and the basic idea of how all of these people with different personalities and different backgrounds are all put together into one group. The name, how the graphics are, and how the group is portrayed is brilliant. Much love from the beyond.
  3. That situation is nothing like the one at hand. In the report you described, the accused took a hostage, who had already complied, and who did not have a firearm, and killed him mid-sentence. In this report, the victim originally did not comply, then after being given a second chance, waited around 20 seconds, without dropping his weapon, before he was finally killed. DayZRP is not like the Supreme Court where you can cite precedent, every case is far too unique. Making comparisons that are that much of a stretch really have no relevance. You may call giving 2x the normal time to comply ruleplay; I call it generosity. Dropping a gun takes less then 3 seconds. It is not our fault if one can't manage to do it in under 20. I'm not trying to argue with you, because I understand fully where you're coming from. However, the situation that I took that quote from was a situation where I(the victim) was taken hostage. While I was being taken hostage, I complied but I also yelled obscenities at the person to make the RP more unique instead of crying and whimpering. After I yelled the obscenities at him, he shot me in the head. It wouldn't be the exact same, because you're right all the cases are far too unique, but what Cid said can apply to this situation since it's a generalized thought, not something that's solely based on one specific case. I call giving a "Time Limit" as I've stated previously, which would cause one to panic because he doesn't want to die in 10 seconds which is what he was given as well as not understanding the man through his mush-mouth FAKE accent. -snip- The situation was COMPLETELY under control. The only death on their side was Abroon and that was because he killed one of ours. Knowing White Noise had us surrounded and we were fucked, he risked his life to take out of you guys for revenge of John. The situation other than that was under complete utter control. There was nothing anybody on my side could have done without dying or being reported for NVFL. Abroon could have simply injured him, could have broken his legs, or could have spouted more orders. John had his gun on his back the entire time, posed no immediate harm to any of the persons involved, therefore shouldn't have been executed without hesitation. Even in the 0:20 seconds extra he gave, Abroon never added to the RP or said anything to John. It's Abroon's fault for initiating a robbery without giving care about what the other player might be going through. This is a game, not everything goes as planned. He was obviously lagging, even Red said that he wasn't running or anything. It clearly shows him lagging into the truck, and then getting out. Just because he said he was going to be given 10 seconds to comply, and was given 20 seconds instead doesn't mean he should be executed while he again, poses no harm to the person involved. I just think instead of furthering RP with us, he wanted to end it so quickly, take the truck and feel like a hero to the Live stream, and to his group. -snip- -snip- That's how you keep situations from reoccurring. EDIT: I also want clarification on the fact that WarMachine described that John running back to get into the PASSANGER side of the truck gave him KOS rights. That's the saddest attempt to portray the rules, so if someone could give me a heads up on if I'm missing something or if his excuse is just complete bs. Thanks! -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST-
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    Let's see who is the tallest person here in the community!

    I'm 6'2. On my tip toes I'm like 6'3 if that counts for anything.
  5. It is not warmachine's fault if your friend was lagging. He had to assume it was not; how is he supposed to know if it is lag or hostile intent? As soon as the altercation occurred, he put his gun down. Therefore him lagging about and then getting in the passenger seat of the truck couldn't have been seen to be hostile for obvious logical reasons. Most victims are given 10 seconds to comply. Not only did War stop shooting to give him another chance, he waited an entire 20 seconds before finally killing your friend, who was also oddly doing an animation. Your friend was given 2 times the normal amount to comply, it is not War's fault he did not do it quick enough. As I stated above, time limits are frowned upon in the staff's eyes from what I've seen personally. That coupled with the fact that he had full control over the situation, and that the hostage was unarmed doesn't mean he can be killed without further warnings or actions. The emote was due to his hotkeys so he could start recording. An emote, just like voice also doesn't give proper execution rights. There could have been other things done aside from automatically killing someone to further the RP, and he utilized none of them. Even if John decided he wanted to use *sdlhsahd* type emotes, he couldn't. All in all, he was too trigger happy and wanted blood, not peace. -snip- This is incorrect. Staff always request any available video evidence to help understand a situation. They can them deem what will and will not help the case. Staff never requested any videos thus far. Also, from her POV her video would be rendered useless due to her positioning and her view point. But I'm not saying that she shouldn't post it, I just think it would be better to hold off until someone asks her for it. I still think Red's POV was enough to see what was going on. Also, just for good measures, here's an excerpt from Cid about a report that is similar to WarMachine's unjustified execution. With full control over the situation there was ample time to RP with him more despite the threats that you gave him. For example, another option could have been to punch him, shoot him the leg, etc. The options were there and the potential to further RP was there as well yet you chose to end it all quickly. In the future try to explore your RP options, especially when you have such control over the situation. Everything might have been different and the victim may have changed his attitude real quick if he was only hurt and not killed RP over Rule Play, folks.
  6. Okay I guess. I'll upload it if staff asks then. Thank you. We are at 2 pages here, so unless new evidence is brought forward, I would like for everybody to withhold their comments until staff decides the verdict. (In no way am I trying to come across as a douche, but the last thing the staff wants on a report is back and forth between parties. If anybody wants to contact me, my PM's are open.)
  7. You have to take in consideration he was lagging, as seen in his POV. Therefore, after he got out of the truck, he stood there for 5 seconds, and moved one step up and after 1 second he started the recording. If I'm not mistaken, his intention was to get out of the car and try to drop his gun. He instead, started the recording as soon as he fully got out of the car, and then shuffled in his bag to drop his gun while the recording was live so that it could be seen by the cam. I carefully analyzed Red's Live Stream in conjunction to the video recording. As seen at 1:24:40 he gets out of the car, and he stops and you can see him emote at about :45 seconds in which is when the recording started on his end. Then he stood there for 0:15 seconds in his video shuffling through his bag trying to drop his gun, while nervous, and gets shot. Therefore, Mia is still wrong and It was 20 seconds instead of the 0:15 I stated in my previous post. Also, there was no direct communication between John or Abroon in the 20 seconds It took him to get shot concerning the amount of time it was taking him, and if you factor in his lag, and the dropped frames you receive as you just start a recording, he should have been given more time to drop his gun or another warning about it concerning the time limit for him to do it before he was executed. I would also like to add, I looked more carefully at the Live Stream, and John in no way ran away from the situation, and instead he was attempting to get into the Truck like he thought was advised by Abroon. Which was all together a miscommunication in which text should have been used to initiate as well since he decided to try and fake a crappy accent to a person who isn't fluent in English as it is. Also, by saying he never ran away, he just lagged attempting to get into the car stated by Red in his POV to Abroon Via TS, he had no valid KOS rights as he claimed he did. Again, I rest my case. Mia, your POV video will not help his case. Red had a better positioning than what you claim you had, therefore for timing purposes his video would have better view of the situation occurring, as I stated above.
  8. Triplett's POV: I witnessed everything. I will say, that Red's entire live stream was irrelevant to the situation. Red gave me decent RP, and with that I cannot complain. Red's live stream show's John panicking and running back and forth with lots of de-sync. First, I would like to point out that WarMachine WAS in fact, in the wrong. IG Volume - I talked one on one with John, and he told me he is using a Microsoft headset. Meaning 20-40$ out of his wallet. He was having problems prior to the entire situation in TS with hearing people, and is why I sent him these pokes via TS. Now, with that said. You questioned his hearing. Well, John decided that to hear anything through his headset he had to use his speakers, while the headset was around his neck. His IG volume is full, and there's not much more possible to do at that point. But his speakers were about 1 meter away, where his monitor sits. As me and the accused had headphones on, we could hear clearly. But since he was forced to use his speakers, the sound dissipated and became weaker as it reached his ears since he was a considerable distance away. I could hear, because I'm using a 200$ headset fully turned up. However, I could barely hear through your shitty fake accent you attempt to portray. It sounded like mumbling with your face into your mic which ruined my immersion before RP was even attempted. Now in no way am I coming at you personally, I'm just stating my honest opinion on that portion. John could have heard something different, which is another reason why using Text to initiate is also an option. You saw me clearly say that we were complying hostages. He was having issues, but it didn't defer from the fact I stated we were complying. Even in TS, I was making sure he was complying. KOS Rights - Alright, moving on to this. Now on your initial initiation, you gave me and him 10 seconds to comply. Now in a real life situation, that will cause panic. Giving a 10 second warning - even if it's not even really 10 seconds- will cause immediate panic, and that's what occurred with John. I remember one of my first hostage situations(One I reported), I was in immediate panic as soon as I heard voices, they were pushing me to do something with speed and as soon as I tried to I forgot how to play the game because I was so immersed. Now with that said, you gave john a time limit and he freaked out irl because he was trying to do everything you said. You can see in Red's Live stream that John ran to the back of the truck, and then back to the front getting into the truck. He was in the passenger seat, so you would clearly see and it would take a few seconds to even move to the driving position. This is where I think John thought you said something different. Everybody hears things differently, especially when people mask their real voice over a crappy accent that makes the direct comm in DayZ even harder to hear. The emoting was due to him pressing alt+f9 to start his recording program but in no way can an emote be a reason to kill someone, especially without a warning pertaining to it. Time limit - This is one of the biggest problems in DayZRP. Time limits. You walked up to us, yelling and giving us 10 seconds to comply. Since I didn't have much gear or anything really, I wasn't phased by it. So I immediately dropped my unloaded gun with no mag. John however, had things that would aid to living which might have been something he wanted. So of course, he'd be the person if they were robbing that would have things taken. Speaking from a real-life perspective, the person who had the most to lose would be the most nervous in that situation. Now with time limits, causes an immense amount of problems. You say he has 10 seconds to respond, the video shows him attempting to drop his gun but shot and killed due to lag. De-sync and lag are a huge cause to different POV's of one situation. To me, his gun could have been on the ground, and to Abroon it could have been on his back. But it clearly shows from his POV that he was trying to drop it, and he shuffled it back and forth trying to think about what to due because he was nervous at the time. You said the entire time between the hostage situation was 30-35 seconds. That should have been the time limit taken so that someone can fully comply, and be talked to. You had full control over the situation from Red's POV because I can see you guys watching us way before the altercation occurred. Another thing with time limits, is it restrains the RP. If I'm not mistaken RP is more important that Ruleplay. If he was trying to *emote* something to add to the RP, he couldn't have because he was killed immediately. You were too trigger happy to worry about RP when you had full control over the situation. He had no gun in his hands, and you still shot him. Him not complying by running away for a second and coming back or thinking you said something else doesn't give you KOS rights, because your life wasn't threatened. The emote thing that he did should be completely disregarded, and you have to add in the time he took to start the recording as well, just in case you'd break any rules. In which you did. You gave us in that situation NO rp whatsoever, which again in a hostage situation is a big no-no. You focused more on the rules of him not immediately complying due to lag, de-sync or the plethora of different IG problems dayZ has. That should be an initiative to give someone more than just 10 seconds as a warning. That was complete bullshit. Now onto the other things WarMachine stated: Also, I want to stress the point that you DID have friends in your area maybe 50-100 meters away. In my mind, I thought you were stalling, trying to buy time for your friends to come and kill me. But, I wanted to actually get the complaint hostage out of there to RP and I did not want to waste time because you in the first place did not comply and you were not worth my death You had us clearly outnumbered, and by watching us prior to the entire altercation, you knew what guns we had, as well as where our locations were. The situation was fully in your hands. You had all vantage points pointing to our location and a radio to communicate. Therefore, you had all eyes on our 4 members which means if he was stalling, you would have realized it through your other team members. You didn't give John or myself any RP due to your poor decision making of the robbery. Again, I'll reiterate that you gave us 10 seconds and to someone like John, he panicked at first and he wasn't hearing your bad accent correctly. I would also like to add, that when I was told to get into the back of the truck, my game wasn't responding to my f button, and you repeated yourself twice or more until I finally did it. Therefore, with your logic, I could have been seen as not complying and killed as well as he was. But knowing you did something wrong, you didn't want to risk a BadRP report so you attempted to make RP with me, and died due to our member. Now on to my actual POV: I will note, I had no idea where we were city wise, so bear with me. I was I spawned in Gorka, so I had my group member shaun pick me up in his truck. We then drove for a while, and when we were going to pick up john, we were at a train station. While we were here, Shaun ran off to loot some buildings and me and john watched the truck. While we watched it, Val came out of the woods and we reconciled ICly. We saw two people since when you're in a truck the 3rd person is wider than it is when you're not. We saw them, got out and thought about RPing with them, but we lost them got back into the truck together and pressed on. We were initially driving to find a pistol, ammo, and better clothing because mine were damaged. Luke got on and got in our TS and we all started discussing the place we were going to reside in. We had ideas floating around, and after we got done scoping out areas, we went to pick up Luke. We stopped at a broken down tree, and me and Val walked around the truck with John, as Shaun went to go look for Luke by a pond. We then waited around and Shaun never showed back up due to losing connection, and the server being full. So we RP'ed out us leaving him to die out there and continued on. Luke got in the truck and drove us again, and Val walked behind the truck to make sure nobody was following us. We had seen a few people prior, and were worried. Again, John and Val see someone kneeling, watching us. We then split up, and the truck gets parked where John died at. We watch for a while, and then out of nowhere someone comes and yells "Drop your weapons, drop your weapons, you have 10 seconds to comply or you will be killed." I then started yelling alright, alright we are complying. At that point, I was making sure John was complying as well as I didn't want anybody to die. John didn't talk and was making sporadic movements as if he was nervous about it all, and since we were given 10 seconds to comply that's reasonable imo. But, I dropped my gun, since I had nothing to lose since I spawned maybe 1 hour before the robbery I wasn't worried. John had more to lose than I. John got into the truck under a misunderstanding through the accused's mumbling fake accent into his mic. Then immediately after, Abroon shot 10-ish rounds into the front of the truck. John then yelled "Stop stop, im getting out." he got out, and then started his recording. During the recording I also yelled to chill because we were complying hostages, and then as soon as John got out he emoted and went into his inventory so he could try and take his gun out. It shows him dropping his gun, but the lag made it so it wasn't automatic, and he got shot and killed. After that, I was told to get into the back of the truck. I hesitated, walked to the back and stood there trying to get into the back because my f button wasn't registering and he asked me 2 times to get into the back. I finally did, and then as soon as he got into the truck he was shot and killed due to us having KOS rights on him for executing John. After that, I ran and got shot once along with several misses. I ran, and ran. I bandaged, and pressed on. I went afk for a few minutes to get my brother from school and as soon as I got up I ran into Red and whoever else and then that's when the RP started from their end. Now with all of this said, I want to say these things: WarMachine has been with this community since 2013. He knows the rules. Now, I've re-read the rules multiple times and in no way am I under the impression that a hostage running sporadically due to being startled or confused and the attempting to comply to something that was misunderstood gave you KOS rights. I also don't agree with giving a time limit to comply. I've seen other reports where staff is very serious about that being a wrong thing to do in a game that's in development. You even say from the start to the end it's a 30 second ordeal which leads me to believe that you also gave us Bad RP along with the RDM. You had the situation under full control and still decided to kill a person who was attempting to do what you wanted. You were too trigger happy, and since nobody else in your group was available to hear or know what was going on, you decided to go in TS and play it off as if he wasn't complying when his video shows otherwise. Another thing, what Mia says and what WarMachine says are two different things, which leads me to believe there was even a misunderstanding in the group as well. There was no "flicking off" as Mia describes, because it was a "shushing" emote that WarMachine says in his POV. Which again, isn't a valid reason to execute someone. Again, Mia describes that after 30 seconds he gets shot, but if you watch the video, at the start you can sort of see the emote that John was performing and 0:15 seconds into the video he was shot. Nowhere in this 0:15 video did any dialog between John or the accused take place. Which means there wasn't any clear warnings that if he didn't hurry up that he would be shot. All of these things said, this leads me to believe that the accused assumes he has KOS rights due to the time limit not being fulfilled. As John nor I were any harm to him and they had us outnumbered as well as surrounded, they had the situation under full control. Instead of RPing with us, he killed one and attempted to RP with me just because I was talking more. What should have been done better on the accused side, is that though they had the situation under full control, they should have given John more time to comply, or moved on and gave us more orders. As John didn't pose any threat to their lives by momentarily running back and forth which could even be classified as lag if you watch Red's POV, they had no valid KOS rights on us. All he did was Initiate and then make obnoxiously noises in a fake Russian accent that was hard to understand. If you watch the video, you can hear the fake Russian accent being used and a word that I still can't make out to be any English at 0:06. Now with all of this said, I rest my case. I would also formally like to ask that no other comments be made unless they are new evidence towards one of the parties. As everybody involved has made their POV we can just wait until the admin's have more questions, or they make their verdict. Thank you. Edit: I would have vouched for this case to be dropped, but since WarMachine doesn't see what he did was wrong and still thinks his case is justifiable he deserves the consequences.
  9. I think I have an idea of how I want to build it now. You can mark this /solved. I'll make another one once I get the money to build it, so that I can have more reassurance before my purchase. Thanks a bunch you two.
  10. Ooh not bad. I might keep the SSD, but I don't know yet. Anybody else got anything to add?
  11. Alright, so after looking at some PC threads popping up in this section, it seems as if you guys know your shit. So if you don't mind me asking, I'm looking for a PC that's not overly expensive and can run arms games and games like h1z1, and other steam games with better graphics and high fps. I'm currently using a laptop with an i5 processor, and shitty 4th gen I think integrated graphics which brings my fps to around 17-25 constant in cities and outside on low graphics. I heard using parameters in 0.55 will fuck you over, and I used razer to run my games for better whatever placebo it does. Basically my question is, what's cheaper building or buying a stock PC, what is the best I should look for to run arma games as well as other steam games a lot better. (Intel/nvidia) & if any links can be thrown around that would be great. My budget is 700-800 dollars, and it should be a few months before I actually get it, as I run dayz fairy well rn anyways and I'm like 200 dollars away from a new car currently. All feedback is accepted. (monitor not included, I'm using my 60hz flatscreen tv because I'm a cheap bastard.)
  12. I've escaped the Quarantine.. military and civilians alike, going clinically insane. I don't know what's going on, not even to the slightest, but I guess it's due time to find out. I sling my backpack over my shoulders, and head on into the vast wasteland that is the current Chernarus. I slap a respirator on, I think it's best if I keep my mouth closed. I don't know what outbreak is happening, but I want to stay safe as possible. Before the outbreak, I was a up and coming Psychologist. Going to school and getting my education being my really only priority. No girlfriend, no friends, not even a family. I was completely alone. People always came and went, but nobody actually stayed. This led me to believe that everything people say are lies. But, I digress. I was finishing school at the top of my class with a PH'D. One of the youngest, mind you. Never thought I'd get that far. After I graduated, something about me.. just snapped. I lost all real control I had over myself, which was weird. I later got diagnosed as a struggling sociopath. Sociopathy.. what a joke. That's just what doctors say to slap on a medication that will "change your life." Time went by, not a lot of time though. But just time. I was having reoccurring nightmares about this 'man' attacking me, hurting me, changing me. I lost all sense of who I was when I regained consciousness from a deep sleep. I figured it was nothing so I went along with my day as normal. I was walking to the store, I lived in the states so it's not as uncommon as you'd think. But along the way, someone bumped into me. I was confused, but I said I was sorry anyway. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the ground. "What the fuck, man." I shouted at him, as my adrenaline started pumping. "Watch yourself, kid." the 'man' said, as he kicked me in the side and walked off. Nobody else was phased, like this was a daily thing. My adrenaline was kicking, more than norm. I stood up, regained myself and walked behind the 'man' who attacked me. My brain was telling me the same thing as my body was telling me. This was something new to me, and instead of stopping.. It just felt so right. I grabbed a sign out of the ground, the metal prongs making that noise that would make a baby cry. I didn't say a word, but I forced the sharp prongs into the 'mans' back once I caught up with him. He immediately went into shock and dropped to the ground. The prongs were a good 3-5 inches deep inside of his back, blood soaking his shirt slowly. I took out my utility knife and walked over to his body, and kicked his face so I could see it. His skin was paper white, and his eyes were completely static. I looked at him, and used my knife to mark the number "1" into his skin. I've ran for what seems like hours, fire is burning down everything around me. Other people are surrounding me, I need to be secluded. I ran into the woods that were on fire, dodging falling limbs and finally to where I can think to myself. As I sit against a tree, I hear a loud gnawing noise.. I look over to see a human eating an animal's insides. Disgusted, I look away. What is going on. People are looking at me like I'm.. like I'm crazy. I look up, and run as fast as I can. I don't know where I'm going but I know I need to run. I just nearly killed a man. What is going on with my head? I need to get some rest. A few days later, I'm on edge. My own mind is scaring me. Is this the end? Is this what it's like before your life falls apart? Fuck. I had a dream that I started killing people. A dream that I was a murderer, and I was the decision between life and death for many. I wake up screaming from a dead sleep, and walk into my roommates room I look at him, and I have the sudden urge to mark him. I then, mark a number "2" in his forehead. Then go in the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror to splash water on my face. I need to get back into reality. This all feels like a huge dream. This is who I am now I look into my own dark red eyes. This is what I am. A monster. I awake, confused. "Where am I?" My eyes open, my vision focuses, and I see a snarling man in my face. I push him off of me with haste, and walk over to him on the ground. I get a good look at his face, and it's.. it's.. peeling. It looks so, un-realistic. It gets back up, and comes at me again and I kick him in the stomach to push him back. He falls and stumbles but gets back up again, and runs towards me. I kick him again and knock him back and take out my pocket knife and stab it multiple times in the head. Blood splattering everywhere, my clothes getting stained and worn each and every time the knife thrusts inside of the un-humane head. I then carve a "T" in the deteriorating forehead. It finally dawns on me, what I just did.. I killed a man. My roommate wakes me up, confused as to why he has this mark on his head. He asked if I saw what happened, I lied and told him I didn't know. As he walked into the kitchen, I knocked him out with a fire extinguisher so he wouldn't tell anybody about it and pulled him into the bathtub to drown him. I tossed his body off the balcony into the alley way by my apartment complex. I moved out of that apartment shortly after due to the word spreading. I couldn't look at my family in the face. I felt like an animal, I was killing humans. Killing people I knew. Killing people, people like me. I was slowly losing my sanity. I didn't know the difference between good and bad. My heartbeat always remaining static. Never beating faster than the norm. Situations would arise where I would talk other people into hurting for me. So I didn't have to witness the madness. I was going to school at the time. I had one semester left, but losing my sanity made me also start losing my drive for an education. This was scary to me, as I felt like I was losing the very person I was. During a day at school, I was stressing over a test. Scared that I might fail because I kept having flashbacks of hurting people. Things that were so gruesome and awful, I couldn't focus. I usually performed outstanding during stressful situations, however this time it was different. Who am I.. I was on my way to my Clinical Psychology class, and I made eye contact with another man. This man, looked familiar. It looked like the man from my dreams. The man that I see in every flashback, the man that drives me insane. I walk over to the man and grab him by his shirt and throw him into the wall. I ask him why he's been following me in my head. He looked at me scared and puzzled, but I took that for weakness and brought him with me into the bathroom. I then interrogated him, asking why he was in my head. Why he was changing who I was. The man started to cry, and whimper. I told him to shut up, grabbed my shoe and took it off. I unrolled my sock off of my foot and gagged him with it. Then used a roll of duct tape from my bag and kept his mouth closed. I sat him on the toilet, and walked away. I broke down crying, and staring at the surreal evil in my own eyes. I walked back over to the 'man' and grabbed the keys from his belt loop and carved a number "3" in his forehead. Blood rushing out of the wound, as I pressed hard enough to leave a permanent scar. Tears filling my eyes, everything started to get bleak. I passed out on the bathroom floor, banging my head on the sink. Blood filled the bathroom floor. The 'man' passed out as well, as I later found out. He died due to loss of blood. I am now clear on what's going on. Humans are turning into animals, and eating each other for food supply. That's what this "Outbreak" is essentially. Of course, I saw it coming. Everything has to end some how, in some way. I passed out from exhaustion and woke up with my campfire still warm, but no flames are left. I quickly ignite the flames again with a flint and steel. Thank god I still carry one of these around. I start the flames with small kindling, then add some dry leaves. Once it starts looking good, I sit and just keep warm. Cooking a can loosely filled with beans that I snagged from the Quarantine. After its done cooking up, I hear rustling in the background. Suddenly, I'm surrounded. My family found out about what happened. I was found guilty for murder. I pleaded Insanity. I was put into a mental hospital for several months, I was deemed a high-functioning Sociopath. I thought that was a joke, but apparently the doctors take it very seriously. I had a high tendency to completely snap, and it happened twice at the facility. I was then moved to the Prison Island of Chernarus. From there, I was incarcerated for quite some time. I lost count of time, and I can't recount any memories from there. One thing I do remember, however, was that I marked my targets. After marking them, I would watch them and then take their lives when they least expected it. I would hold their very life in my hands, and smile. By the time of the outbreak, I had marked over 63 people. Most of them were my cell-mates, or fellow prisoners. There would be a plethora of Russian prisoners who would come in, and never been seen again. I paid the guards off heftily, and proceeded to act like I was innocent the remainder of my stay. It was time to make my escape. I was surrounded, from all sides. They laughed at me, a playful laugh. I smiled at them, with my devious look. Two of the group members talked to me, asked about life and death. Asked about what I was doing, and how I got here. One ran a knife up my face, softly. Then another member came behind me and put a m1911 to my head. I knew what it was, because it was what the guards carried. He said if I moved he would kill me...then the leader came to me. The leader looked me up and down, grabbed my food and gave it to another member and proceeded to look at me. All I could do was smile, a shit eating grin. The leader suddenly stopped and shuddered. "It's you." He muttered. The group backed off of me, and walked to the leader and asked him what was going on. "He's one of us, from the Quarantine." I smiled, got up and shook his hand. "Nice to see you again, bud." I had a plan all written and mapped out in my head. It's time to get out of here, once and for all. I was in a situation where one guard watched all the cells, and my cell being the last one in the block, we were far enough away from the entrance, I could make my move. I asked the guard to come to my cell, to help me with something. As soon as he came over, I brought him close to the cell so I could ask him a question, but I couldn't hear over the inmates being rowdy. He got closer and I spit in his eyes, and shoved a shiv into his neck and forced it up into his throat. He was in complete shock, so I grabbed the keys hanging from the keychain on his belt and unlocked my cell. I pulled him into the cell, took off his clothes and replaced it with mine, and locked the cell again. Since the only guard who watches over my half of the cell block was him, nobody else knew my face enough to see a difference. I used my talent of deceiving and lying and put my face down so I could walk without my face being noticed as much and walked right out. As soon as I got to the gates, they asked for my ID. I showed him, and he looked at me and automatically knew I wasn't him. The guard went to taze me, but before he could, I smashed his face into the console and opened the gate and ran as far as I could. The guard laid there barely holding on to his consciousness, and eventually passed out due to a concussion. I finally started to remember faces, instead of fire and death. The smell of burning humans, trees, and buildings plagued my nostrils. I could clearly picture the members, as they cared for me after my escape from the Prison. We got into a few sticky situations, but instead of killing the undead, I cut off their arms and legs and carved a capital "T" in each forehead as I went on. We all traveled together, talked for hours and every night had a campfire and ate what we found in that day. We avoided the undead as much as possible, and they explained how and why the world went to shit while I had no idea why. Once again, I was being taken care of by them. I couldn't thank them all enough. After a few days passed, they asked me to join their group, as they had big plans. To take over Stary Sobor. I found a damaged row-boat on the coast of the islands, didn't take much time to look it over and escaped the island. I was on the waters for a while, and finally got to the coast. From there on, I ran to the nearest city I could find. Cars drove by, people walked the streets, I felt as if I was back in the real world. I was still dressed in the guard uniform, so the people who saw me nodded or tipped their hats to me. It felt nice. As I was walking, a nice elderly couple asked if I had family, or friends around here. I politely said "No." They asked if it was possible for me to reside with them for the time being. They said they were scared because of local robberies, so I told them I would. Ever since I resided with these people, my nightmares stopped. I felt more normal, more human. But I still had the urge to kill. I suppressed it as good as I could, and didn't act on it. I never caught their names, as they never caught mine. I stayed with them for a few weeks, until shit hit the fan. I woke up to the city going crazy, people were screaming, police were trying to control the crowds of people frantically trying to leave the city, and I saw the police surrounding a dead person, who looked like his body was.. was torn up. The couple heard of a Quarantine, it was called the Kirovograd Quarantine. They got into their boat car, and we traveled as good as we could. Attempting not to hit the crazy people and we got to a point where we had to walk the rest of the way. Once we finally got there, we were greeted by 3 men. The 3 men didn't release their names, but they took us in. This felt like the start of a new life, after whatever was going on. Either way, the military was here and that was as much safety as I needed. The dead were everywhere, me and my group trudged through the various terrains of Chernarus. Every time we came across the undead, we would trap them in buildings or I would cut their limbs off and hang them from trees or buildings. Marking them with a capital "T", so the survivors knew about us. After a while, they surrounded us.. their faces falling off, blood dripping on the ground. But, we stood tall. We were, The Wayward. To Be Continued..
  13. All in all, it depends on the admins' activity. Also, this is the wrong section. Make sure you post any questions you have in the section 'Questions'.
  14. Triplett

    ASVAB and Enlistment Work Begun!

    That's awesome man! I, myself, was going to join. But I changed my mind, due to changing my profession. All I can say is, tell them this is what you really want in life, and that this is something that you want to experience. Not many people get to experience the military life, and it really shapes who you are. Not only your body, but your mind. You learn a plethora of different things a long with life lessons. The military at this point isn't a dangerous as before. But it's still a kick-ass experience. You family can be against whatever they deem isn't right for you, but you need to make the decision on your own. You're old enough to make a decision based on what YOU want. I doubt your family will dis-own you for serving for our country, and making a good chunk of money considering you got a high score. I wish I could have applied myself in school better or I would have signed up. TLDR; You are fully capable of making a decision you deem is right. Don't let your family take away from your dreams. If you do well enough in the Army, you'll be making money. I hope to get more word on your progression into enlisting and everything! Good luck!
  15. No cookie for me, but you clearly raise some strong, hard points. The rules don't contradict themselves, but circumstances arise or can be engineered to cause such catch-22 type conflicts. The current rules are ... what, third or fourth generation result of people playing as close to the rules as possible or deliberately trying to generate situations that beggar the rules. In other words, the rules are the way they are because people made them that way. The more loopholes people exploit, the more strict the rules become. The Bad RP and NVFL 'rules' have grown to encompass more and more over time - they're applied far too frequently these days. All my this. Part of common sense involves not abusing other players; if the person you're with isn't enjoying your RP, find a way to cut it short and move on. But yeah, if you're providing a good experience, you can literally get away with murder. Except ... Maybe you've got a point there. Maybe you don't. The community is in a lot of flux right now, and also a huge popularity surge. We all know what happens when something gets popular. The past two weeks have been especially bad due to unresolved bugs in the game itself. Huge factions of the community have not been in game at all during that time. A lot of old hands and a good deal of the new blood have been out of circulation. Yes, there's toxicity and rage and hate and trolls and cliques and vendettas and childish behaviour and and and and and ... but there's also dedicated role players and bandits who will make you feel more alive than you have in weeks, and intelligent, creative people with really good ideas they want to share. Any large group of people will have its negative element, but there is hope for the future. The quality of this community ebbs and flows like the tide, and changes as quickly. If you don't like the looks of things today, come back in a couple weeks - I guarantee it'll be different. +1. Extremely well put, I agree wholeheartedly.
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