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  1. Rimrald

    S1 - Lopitino Church - Griefing

    My POV: Showed up in Lop, no one was around and the wolfpack church setup was already trashed, walls were partially destroyed so Exustine and I got started on the gate to the actual church. Dude in a twitch.tv tshirt was in there looting said its been abandoned for a bit. Someone RPing a chernorussian came in after we poked around the tents and i destroyed a lock on the first tent. Exustine was getting the lock on the front of the church, we popped in and took a look at the loot but didn't destroy any walls, drop and stuff to despawn or anything like that. We just took a few things and left.
  2. Formerly a master pipe fitter and union plumber, Oliver was working on a contract with the Australian Government in Chernarus when the world went sideways. As the maintenance head for the embassy consulate in Novigrad his days were once filled with routine work, but that all changed when the old world was flipped on its head. Now the man from down under is doing his best to keep his head above water while he navigates the foreign world that is the South Zagoria.
  3. Born in Gorka raised in Gorka to parents from Gorka, he's a small town guy. Wandering the wastes of Chernarus with his cousin Cyril looking to survive and meet others. His journey has been long and difficult but he knows hope of survival can only be won with cooperation of the masses. He was born in Gorka to his parents also born and raised in Gorka; his father worked in the police force and his mother was a house cleaner. They lived comfortably until the virus broke out and his father was called for the national defense and his mother was bit soon after the outbreak reached Gorka leaving him to fend for himself. In true Gopnik spirit he gathered light beer, cigarettes and track suit and wandered outward into the crumbling nation he called home.
  4. RIP Doc, New Gorka wouldn't have been the same without you!
  5. Rimrald

    Fuel Alliance (Open freq)

    *Stephen presses his PTT down after listening to the men speaking before him* "Color me interested, I never liked commies and my boys and I will gladly fight, fuckin dirty reds!"
  6. Rimrald

    Looking for people interested in US military RP

    Color me interested in running with you boys, i've wanted to do my soldier RP but none of my buddies were down!
  7. Put the beans on this shit looks dope
  8. @Hassan Looking killer my man thank you!
  9. Rimrald

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Whose attacking us now?"
  10. Any chance I could get my avatar done up like you've got the gas mask guy's? Purple border and my username on it? It'd look so dope!
  11. Disalowing stealing would make bandit groups a moot concept.
  12. Then your stuff was despawned i'd guess. As the others are saying, every things fair game and you just have to hide it better!
  13. Being Gorka's town drug inspector makes some very interesting RP. @Elmo was a very fun non-complaint for the RP! Also running into @Joffrey in the woods was one hell of an improved RP but it was a load of fun!
  14. Rimrald

    Našinec Media Thread

    This is some awesome stuff guys!
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