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  1. I didn't realize you've kept with this bread meme.

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      It was hezzas idea boy

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      "boy" okay kiddo

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      @Magnus your flag is a fucking leaf

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    nice dp fam, wonder who made that for you 

  2. Yukio Matshushima

    Akura was once a neurologist, looking to push and achieve his doctorate in medicine, going so far as to conduct many unorthodox tests, of which I am not at liberty to discuss. Akura was nothing short of a genius, having published many papers, to which the one he used as the basis for his doctorate, was titled "The effects of synthetic Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins on the neurological network" which measured how to effectively control the dosage and exposure to certain chemicals within the brain, to incite a sense of 'Synthetic Euphoria" without the use of mood-altering drugs, such as Cannabis sativa, Methamphetamine, etc. The clinical trials for said paper were a massive success, having been tested on drug addicts in order for them to receive that same 'high' without the use of harmful drugs. The general decline of the usage was also seen, as the amount added slowly decreased, the addicts were seen to eventually stop asking for it. It is unclear whether they just shook their addiction, or just got tired of the high, but the generally accepted answer is that the body was so used to having so much dopamine or serotonin, it would just replace whatever was not added, thus getting those addicts 'high' off of their own supply. However, this paper was incomplete, as there was still untested facets about it, thus prompting him to move to poverty and war-struck Chernarussia in order to test his theories on some willing volunteers.
  3. New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    The biggest +1 ever 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable.
  4. New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    Mmmmmmm nice.
  5. Would it make sense for people to start fuckin eating people day 1 of the infection boston?

  6. Lore Wipe - New way of thinking!

    Honestly, most characters who are in chernarussia at the time of the infection - not just soldiers - would have no idea what's going on. If we're talking about the start or the first few days of the infection, most people wouldn't realize and continue on with their day-to-day lives, wondering why the internet is out. Maybe not in larger cities, but maybe in smaller towns or houses in the middle of nowhere, info doesn't spread instantly, especially in Chernarussia. Instead of jumping to "Zombies ahh gotta kill them" They might just assume them aggressive homeless people, or just assume they've got some type of sickness that causes gray skin or whatever. Most people, in reality, wouldn't jump at the chance to kill someone if they suspect they are a zombie, or immediately assume there's an apocalypse because they saw some gray figures on the side of the road. It's an interesting situation because your character doesn't know everything that's going on, you could have *heard* this or *heard* that, but not until a few days (Or weeks) after could you grasp the severity of the situation.
  7. Whens the lore wipe lol

  8. Rafal Malinowski

    *Translated from Polish to English* "I have a brother... his name is Gerek. He's my everything, he's my reason for continuing. He's only slightly younger than me, but he's seen the world. Med school doesn't leave much time to spend with him, but whenever I get a spare moment, I go hunting. Poor Gerek, God cursed him at birth with cerebral palsy... He can operate normally but he can't move as fast as I can. He's a damn good shot too, I let him shoot my rifle constantly, he has yet to miss a shot. We eat good, Poland has some good places to hunt, especially farther up north. Hunting paid off most of my school expenses, shooting, bagging, tagging and selling became like second nature for us. It's summer and we decided to go travel the world and see the sights, really get to know everything that's going on. He's never left Poland, besides on a few excursions for hunting, generally right along the border, but nowhere special. Why should he be left out of the world, there's so much to see!" *Shuffling of papers can be heard, as someone says to Rafal* I assume you have your passport with you? "Yes, I do. Here you go. I'm really looking forward to getting started, do you do any hunting?" "Yea, sometimes. If you really want охота, try Kamchatka Peninsula, you'll find many species of bear." ..the rest is history.
  9. The North [Open Frequency]

    *He pauses, and holds down his PTT at the sound of The last transmission* "All you 'won' was an ass whooping from the babysitters of the north. Best to sleep with one eye open, pal."
  10. The Unity - Kav [OPEN]

    *He listens carefully to all the broadcasts on the radio, a young sounding, yet pissed voice echoes through the speakers.* "Stop waving your dicks around on the radio and fucking do something. I'm getting antsy..." *He sets down his radio, and actually does something useful with his life*
  11. The Unity - Kav [OPEN]

    *he holds down the PTT, a young sounding yet pained voice echoes through the speaker* "If it didn't work for one of the most powerfull unions in chenarus history, it definitely wont work with some lazy barbarians with spears" *He pauses* "It's better to end this now, before you become the enemy of every bandit along with the hiding alliance members."
  12. *He pauses, steadily hearing all of the chatter pouring in from the transmition* "The alliance was not killed. The alliance was not murdered. The alliance was left. I can't count on my two hands how many times we, the huntsmen, saved the lives of the people, and this is what we get back? I risked my life chasing after those people at the pub-rocks, killed countless men in the name of the alliance, and countless people have died in that same name..." *He pauses, recollecting on a lost friend* "And you say it's nothing? That we were scared? Not a word of thanks for all that we did, what I did, to save the alliance time and time again? The alliance did not die, we left it. The loss of life was too significant to continue under its banner, but it still exists in my mind. It won't ever be what it once was, but whatever this man wants from me, I'll give him it." *He pauses* "Bread, signing off"
  13. Message to New Moon [Private Freq.]

    -didnt see private freq my bad-
  14. To The Alliance [OPEN]