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  1. Can anybody explain why Roland’s name is crossed out?

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      He's on a break

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      Legend has it JimRP ruled 4 him

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      dude you're legit a bit of bread, fuck outta here @GeneralTortillas

  2. Salvatore was a computer science major, spending most of his time learning how to code and make a difference in the world. It was his one dream in life to eventually create an artificial intelligence capable of leading humanity back on the right path. However, that was a ways away. Currently, Sal is employed with Google, and was set to start his third year attending OCC, however things didn't exactly go to plan. Google was implimenting their outreach program to help impoverished nations connect to the rest of the world through the internet. Sal was helping install a server in Chernarussia when he got trapped due to the civil war. Stuck in Chernarus, he ventured out and began trading with people, and he noticed how it was an easy way to live life, rather than search for speicific things, he could trade for everything he wanted; he always had a good haul. Sal met someone during his journey, his name was Gerek. Gerek didn't speak much english, but they were somehow able to communicate. Sal began to grow connected to his new friend, and eventually they became an amazing duo together. The rest, is history.
  3. Looking for someone to help me with some graphics for a group idea I had. I really appreciate the help!

  4. *A voice echoed through the speaker, it sounds as if he is muffled, like talking through a gas mask.* "You can't stop a bus." *Cuts transmission*
  5. "Roman-Style Orgy" hmm... maybe I got a bit frisky with @Wyoming
  6. -WIP- All I know now is that he suffers from a severe case of William's Syndrome + is morbidly depressed. Thanks.
  7. IGN: Salvatore Palladino Country: United States English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: None DayZ Standalone Experience: 2+ years Roleplaying Experience: 2+ years in DayzRP + many different groups. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Supportive / Medical roles Have you been in any clan/group previously: 2ic of Lovec, The Northern Alliance. Additional notes: Tons of PVP and RP experience, willing to adopt any role thrown my way. I also really enjoy torture and hostile RP. Best way to contact you: Private Message or teamspeak Backstory: See my character page -That was fast-
  8. GeneralTortillas

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    Not gonna lie, you guys are doing an amazing job playing your characters. Honestly, enjoy your roleplay + hate your characters (Which is a given, of course).
  9. *He pauses, listening to the transmission* "This just sounds like robbery with extra steps. Fuck off."
  10. Something of a nobody, who everyone just kind of... accepted. He never had a hard time fitting in, but wherever he was, he always just seemed to belong there. He never stuck his neck out or risked much for his own sake, and kept low and silent when climbing corporate ladders. Attending UAT in Arizona for computational sciences, he had an internship with Google, from which he learned how to build and maintain servers, among other things. He was constantly deployed to third-world countries to try and integrate them into our modern-day society using Google's 'Outreach' program. Sal is only 17, which means he's immature and impulsive. Not thinking his words or actions through is his greatest weakness, but as long as it doesn't harm him, he doesn't care. He is not truely good, nor bad, just neutral.
  11. I've heard rumors circulating, but it was all generally unconfirmed. I remember Rolle saying how he wanted to drop the 'recent' Lore Wipe when Beta (.63) hit for DayZ. I've heard others say there would be another wipe when .63 dropped, but I haven't seen any type of confirmation from any reputable sources within the community. Does this have the potential of happening? Or are we going to be stuck with the same lore when Beta almost completely changes the game?
  12. I didn't realize you've kept with this bread meme.

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    nice dp fam, wonder who made that for you 

  14. Akura was once a neurologist, looking to push and achieve his doctorate in medicine, going so far as to conduct many unorthodox tests, of which I am not at liberty to discuss. Akura was nothing short of a genius, having published many papers, to which the one he used as the basis for his doctorate, was titled "The effects of synthetic Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins on the neurological network" which measured how to effectively control the dosage and exposure to certain chemicals within the brain, to incite a sense of 'Synthetic Euphoria" without the use of mood-altering drugs, such as Cannabis sativa, Methamphetamine, etc. The clinical trials for said paper were a massive success, having been tested on drug addicts in order for them to receive that same 'high' without the use of harmful drugs. The general decline of the usage was also seen, as the amount added slowly decreased, the addicts were seen to eventually stop asking for it. It is unclear whether they just shook their addiction, or just got tired of the high, but the generally accepted answer is that the body was so used to having so much dopamine or serotonin, it would just replace whatever was not added, thus getting those addicts 'high' off of their own supply. However, this paper was incomplete, as there was still untested facets about it, thus prompting him to move to poverty and war-struck Chernarussia in order to test his theories on some willing volunteers.
  15. GeneralTortillas

    New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    The biggest +1 ever 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable.