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  1. My only problem is; if the currency spawns around the map, doesn’t that defeat its purpose? Someone wanting to get rich would only camp it’s spawns and cash out later. There’s no control over it. Now, if you gave us the power to control the flow, it would be more valuable and longer lasting than if you put it in the loot table
  2. I have to agree with the idea that I get them incrementally. Sure, it lessens my power, but I guess it would make perfect sense to get a set amount of the coin at a time, so I can only distribute a finite amount. Thanks for the suggestions ^^
  3. Hello! So, let's start with introductions. I run the group 'National Bank of Chernarus,' and I have a request for the development team. Firstly, what I'm requesting is the addition of a physical coin object that my group can use as a currency within our settlement. I have the .blend file all ready for use, and it looks great if I do say so myself. It would be massively beneficial to not only my group if this were implemented but to everybody. Having an actual currency in the game (Rather than rely on ammunition) would stir the market and encourage people to use said currency. The currency consists of only one coin that should be stackable. I would hope that you could stack a lot of them as not to take up too much space, and so it's convenient for everyone. The coin needs to be only spawnable by the Bank, as it's our currency, and we're roleplaying that we manufacture them. We are currently based very close to a factory- so having the correct tools and materials would be plausible. If you could find the currency anywhere, it would defeat its purpose, and the currency would rapidly inflate until it becomes worthless. If you let us control the supply, we can recreate an economy (Which is the central goal of my group). I understand this might seem like favoritism, but the coins have no use or value, besides what we give it. Adding this to the game benefits us, and everyone who decides to use the Banks systems. @Aeryes @Kerkkoh @ShaneKOS
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The 'Shoot first ask questions later' statement is unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The 'Shoot first ask questions later' bit was taken out of context; before I said that, one of my guys asked about a Free Medic that we spotted in camp. Me, being the jokester that I am, decided to imitate someone a bit. The entire statements intended effect was to; 1. Lighten the mood a bit 2. Refocus everyone on the current task The presence of the Free Medics member was irrelevant. I didn't mean what I said literally; we did put a decent amount of thought into this before engaging. However, we got unlucky, and we paid the price for it. I'm not arguing that point. (See 1:16 in my video) Also, a bit of clarity about the unarmed person I killed. It's not a good excuse, but my adrenaline was flowing, and I was trying NOT to shoot them, as you can see with my wavy aim in the video, but my adrenaline took over and shot him. I realized my mistake instantly and even apologized to Kenneth over TeamSpeak. Sometimes, when in the heat of an engagement, you lose track of yourself. And for that, I'm sorry. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reduce my ban (?) and clear my name. What could you have done better?: I could have identified my targets prior to engaging.
  5. BreadERP

    How To Get The Emote Wheel

    Absolute legend. Thanks ^^
  6. BreadERP

    Base building rules.

    I think, before we make any rules revolving around bases, we should wait until they are stable. As it stands right now, there has been a total of 4 persistence wipes which destroyed all of the buildings on the server. Once the game gets released, I’m sure it won’t be impossible to destroy walls. After all, this is beta
  7. BreadERP

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    This notion always kind of pisses me off... Simply 'Not looking like a threat' does not make you 'not a threat'. Not every group sticks with a strict uniform, and not dressing like someone doesn't mean you're automatically not associated with them. It's so easy to feign stuff like this. You cannot judge someone's threat level simply by looking at what they are wearing.
  8. BreadERP

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    Maybe it was a bug with VOIP, but I never heard you guys say anything beyond something about Kamenici. Here's a video I recorded about the situation; Around 3:40 I hear someone say something about Kamenici, I didn't hear it all as it was super quiet. I could have continued to spray into the barn, but I chose not to simply kill you. I said "You're wounded. Let's talk this out" yet, you decided not to talk anything out. I wanted to talk this out, and I tried so many times, but you guys didn't want to. Don't come in here and say I was 'kill hungry' or any other shit. This entire situation was the result of very shitty timing and poor communication. Also, as you can see from the video, I try to tell Cara to identify, because we think he's still being held hostage (He didn't tell us he died). We didn't enter the base simply because we wanted to kill you, we were trying to save our friend who we assumed was being held hostage at the time.
  9. BreadERP

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    I want to address the part where you say we didn't want to RP this out. We did, obviously. We yelled at the barn MULTIPLE times for you to come out with your hands up (And, according to your video, you even considered doing it) so we could get to the bottom of things. As I was shooting into the barn, I realized something was up, so I wanted to RP this out. You guys CHOSE not to surrender and continue fighting with nothing but a pistol in a shitty, hole-filled barn until you died. Why didn't you just surrender, so we could have discussed this?
  10. BreadERP

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    I wish to explain this situation a bit more for everybody... Kamenici robs one of our guys, kills him, and dips with a bunch of our gear. We didn't know that our guy died, we only know he got robbed. Now us, thinking Kamenici was taking over our base, ran in and gunned down a few people. The part about this situation which really... gets to me, is the fact that, the area where we are basing is usually dead. Even during busy hours, we never even see a single person pass by there, let alone two groups. The fact that the Cerna Liska show up directly after one of our guys gets robbed and killed is just really poor timing. Edit; When I was 'negotiating' with the two people in the long barn, they said they were with the Kamenici. I don't know if that means anything, but...
  11. BreadERP

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    Salvatore Palladino POV; (The one who charged in and sprayed everyone down initially) The Bank Boys and I are looting around, looking for nails to continue to build our base. We didn't make it far before @Caraham says over the radio "There are guys at the base." And goes radio silent completely. We prod a little bit and ask if he was being robbed, and all that. Now, within the Bank, I keep everything organized, and if someone asks you if you're being robbed and you don't respond, it is immediately assumed that you were being robbed. (Which, in this situation, WAS the case.) After returning to our base, we wait a second so everyone can get in position around the base. @isaac lineheart sets up in an overwatch position and delivers the first blow, @RussianPotato stays with me to breach the building, and @Shazzzam follows close behind us and holds the FreeMedic that was present at the time hostage until we can figure out what the hell is happening. My group gained KOS rights on everyone inside the compound when our boy got taken hostage, and we decided to go for it. We didn't initiate because we didn't have to; we gained our KOS rights when you guys initiated on our guy inside the base. Moving on, when I breach the base, I spray down two people in the courtyard, and they both seemed to have guns out and were running for cover. At this point, I hear someone saying they have their hands up in the barn I'm using as cover, so I tell him to put his gun on the ground and come outside. Once he comes outside, @Shazzzam guards him and gets the story out of him. At this point, there were two more people in the long brown barn at the edge of our base, so we try to surround them and shoot at them through the holes in the wall. @RussianPotato kills one, and I rush in and kill the other. About a minute later I am killed by a sniper. I don't know what you intend to do with this report? You robbed AND killed one of my guys in our base, and you were taking our shit. We had KOS rights, and we used them. Simple as that.
  12. BreadERP

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Oh didn’t know I was involved in this report. Salvatore Palladino POV; I was passing by town and I think I got winged by a stray bullet. I wasn’t involved in this situation in any other way, I was being chased by a few infected and I remember thinking “Oh I think I just got shot”. That’s all for me.
  13. BreadERP

    The Press [Strict Recruitment]

    Rose, Jack and Yuthee in the same group? What is this, a crossover episode? hope to see you guys IG really soon!!
  14. There is not enough military presence on this sever right now. If this works out IG, it’ll be awesome
  15. also thanks for the graphics love you ^^