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"I refuse to argue with my unborn child via Facebook."

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  1. BreadERP

    Green Mountain Radio

    The centering of your headers is really confusing. Good to see this in a thread tho! Best of luck moving forward!!
  2. BreadERP

    Get rid of the laugh/cry caused by cannibalism.

    Being a cannibal should have repercussions, as nobody in their right mind would willingly eat another person. Your RP should reflect that. -1
  3. BreadERP

    They will all fucking die. [OPEN FREQ]

    *He holds down the PTT* ”Amazing how rape holds such a bearing on people. PAMYATI have killed innocents, murdered children, and tortured hundreds. Rape pales in comparison to their other deeds.” ”Rape is horrible, yes, but they have done, and will continue to do worse unless we stop them, together.” *He releases the PTT*
  4. BreadERP


    on the inside we all just ugly af
  5. BreadERP

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I’ve had some interesting experiences with your group. Honestly kind of sad to see it go. o7 boys best of luck
  6. BreadERP

    Back to 80 players...

    There’s also the issue of cost everyone seems to ignore. Running one server with 100 cap is vastly cheaper than running 2 servers with 60-80 cap. Might not seem like a big deal to the layman, but big man boss man probably can’t afford everything he wishes he could
  7. BreadERP

    Zombie Buff

    I find heavy ammo super easy to find. Go to a mil base and you find mags full of it in seconds. Maybe I’m just lucky tho
  8. BreadERP

    Zombie Buff

    Idk if this happens to anybody else, but sometimes you lag or something and on your side you’re running away, but server side you’re getting fucked sideways in a corner by zombies. It’s so broken, and having tougher zombies just makes it worse. Anybody who claims the ‘PVE’ aspect is essential to RP, when was the last time you had an intuitive interaction with an infected? ?
  9. BreadERP

    1st Marine Raider Battalion (Open Recruitment)

    From one military group to another, it’s never easy. Best of luck, boys!
  10. BreadERP

    Many people here like the Avengers?

    Half of your Beanz are now gone. There's too many and some people are going without. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  11. BreadERP

    The United Nations - MilSim (Open Recruitment)

    I just wanted to thank everybody for all of the help and very good RP weve been receiving lately. I’m glad we’re doing something people can enjoy in this server. Also, welcome @CarnageCry as an official Blueberry!
  12. BreadERP

    Swapping to Namalsk

    So sick of Chernarus tbh. I would honestly love to see a new map, but I don't think I'd be 100% comfortable abandoning Chernarus, as it always has that drive behind it. Tbh splitting the maps onto 2 servers seems like the best bet to me
  13. BreadERP

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

    Woah man this got accepted fast. Hype!!!
  14. BreadERP

    Super Bowl LIII - Discussion Thread

    No sweet victory during half time, the commercials weren’t that good, and the patriots won. pretty disappointing Super Bowl if I’m honest
  15. BreadERP



    I'm so angry

    1. California


      maroon 5 did phenomenal

      travis scott doing sicko mode with fucking spongebob was the biggest disgrace ever

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