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  1. *He holds down the PTT* “Only cowards steal from those who help people” *He releases the PTT*
  2. Now this is something I can get behind. Haven't seen a group like this ever, so, best of luck boys!
  3. *the man raises an eyebrow and clicks on his radio* ”I’m no expert in geo-political... ness.. but isn’t the current, ehm, Monarch, of England, a Queen? That is, if she’s still alive... Wouldn’t that make you the ‘Queens 1st South Zagorian Regiment’? Also, what purpose do you serve, anyway? I can tell you England, as a whole, has enough issues, and piling South Zagoria on top isn’t going to solve any of them” ”Anyway, Cheerio, gentlemen! Hip hop and a batch of tea! *The man sets his radio down in a crate filled with dry leaves. He then dumps the crate into the pond near Stary Sobor in a symbolic fashion. Because why not*
  4. Hello fellas. So, my and my buddy, Buddy, own a shop down in Novy Sobor, called Not Very Sober Novy Sobor. Some of you might have heard of it (thanks to our stellar marketing) but we cannot continue doing business anymore. Recently, it has become impossible to obtain paper from ammo boxes (Which was our primary way of obtaining said paper) and now, we have nothing to roll our joints with. You see, this is a real problem, because if we can't roll joints, we can't hand them out, and if we can't hand them out... our company goes out of business. I've had some very interesting RP revolving around the dispensary, and it only just started. If there is no way for us to obtain paper, we cannot continue any further. I understand that having paper in ammo boxes casuses lag, as people tend to just leave them around, and I respect the admins descision to remove that from the game, but in doing so, they hurt the RP this server is capable of producing. As is stands, there is no other reliable way to obtain paper, and we can't roll fatties without it. I'm suggesting we add either a way to craft paper, or increase the spawn rate of it. I understand that this is such a niche suggestion, and nobody (apart from me and Buddy) have any paper-related problems at the minute, but I really don't want to give up our dispensary, and abandon the ideas we had alongside it, simply because we can't find paper. Thanks.
  5. *takes hit* yea duuude holy shit
  6. Mate this is Dayz. You don't see it every day, but you see it every week at least,
  7. Thread is a bit barebones, but I really like the idea. Its actually super original and I can see some very interesting RP coming from this! Best of luck fellas!

    1. BreadE


      thank you

  9. i se yu have kalashnikov. i too can now have kalashnikov. very nice good
  10. *The man takes a seat in the backroom and holds his radio close to his face* "To anybody who can hear this, I have an amazing opportunity for you! Do you like to get high? Has life really let you down? How would you like to come and drown out your sorrows with a little bit of weed? My man, Buddy, has opened a Marijuana Dispensary in Novy Sobor! We are almost giving away weed down here, so if you're looking for a high and mighty time, I suggest you come down! We will gladly accept paper as donations, as we can't grow paper, unfortunately." *He pauses* "Also, to any assholes who want to rob us, don't bother. We don't have anything worth robbing, and anything that IS worth robbing, we are essentially giving away." "Anyway, come on down, and help eachother forget our shitty lives!" *He sets down his radio and begins to tend to the storefront*
  11. IGN: Salvatore Palladino Country: United States of America English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience: None DayZ Standalone Experience: 1000+ hours in DayZRP, 500+ on pubs Roleplaying Experience: I've been here a long time boys, so I got that experience, don't you worry. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Leadership / Team support player. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes. I was a part of; Lovec (The Northern Alliance) and The Regulators. I created and led a group called the 'National Bank of Chernarus'. I also led and created a 'United Nations' group. Additional notes: I'm just trying to step back from what I'm used to in Dayz, so I'm open to just about anything. Best way to contact you: PM on the forums or in discord; BreadERP#0680
  12. This thread brings up some good points, and I agree with most of them. However, I’ve had enough of this ‘Us vs Them’ mentality. We’re all here for fun, let’s just enjoy the game in our own ways. I feel like you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want as long as it doesn’t negatively affect someone’s experience, and if it does, it should be dealt with. Easy.
  13. “AAAAAALLLLRIIIIGGHHHHHT EVERYBODY IN THE COMPOUND HANDS UP RIGHT NOW!” Any initiation that does not first include someone yelling some dumb bullshit is invalid imo
  14. Amazing how people once complained about PvP being too much of a focus on the server, and when they tried to remedy the situation, they get shit for it. Whats the winning move here? If you don’t do anything about it, your experience will constantly be threatened by unwanted PVP, but if you do something about it, you’re a baby who can’t hold your own. Come on guys, we’re better than this
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