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  1. Yoshi

    Baada Ka, "The Chief"

    That's not the real chief. Would the real @Chief please stand up? #notourchief
  2. Yoshi

    Parameters not working correctly

    Verified my files and it works. No need to reinstall.
  3. Yoshi

    Parameters not working correctly

    I forgot to mention, I was originally trying to join without parameters. It was the fact that I was getting booted into oblivion by S1 (with no error) that I tried joining with parameters. My normal method is without parameters. Also, this parameter issue only occurs on S1. I can join S2 using the parameters just fine.
  4. Yoshi

    Parameters not working correctly

    So, I'm using the launcher to try and run the game, as advised by my friends. I keep either getting kicked on joining (With no error. My game just restarts itself and loads the menu screen.) or I'm loading in the the menu glitch, rending most actions, and all inventory usage, useless. Either way, I'm using the following parameters: And needless to say, DayZ is being DayZ because I'm using the correct server password and when I try to play with my parameters selected, I sit in queue forEVER, only to be told, BY THE WAY YOU HAVE THE WRONG PASSWORD. (No, I've verified there are no spaces in that password.) Here's what that looks like, btw: I shit you not, this is utterly annoying. I'm getting booted to oblivion while trying to join with no real reason, unable to play when I can join because of a mod bug, and when I try to use a different method, the game fucks me. It's either your servers or the game itself, and I need help. Please, ffs. I'm ripping my hair out. I'm tired. I've been at this for over 2.5 hours. Not sure why I'm even wasting so much of my day, at this point.
  5. Yoshi

    Premium Ranks from all purchases?

    Buying one rank and getting the rest cheaper? Don't you mean they just discount you the amount you spent on your current rank from the total to the next rank up? Or is it even worse, only discounting a portion of what you've spent? (I know I've already made it up this far, mainly because of retroactive donations and prior purchases grandfathered from ranking system changes, but now I'm curious as to how it would've worked if I hadn't already spent nearly $350 on you guys thus far.)
  6. Yoshi

    Premium Ranks from all purchases?

    Do purchases of *any* account services affect the total amount spent towards earning a new premium rank, or do you have to spend the additional money solely on the upgrades? If not, is it a valid discussion point for a suggestion thread? (Trying to make my $$$ count here, since I just spent ~$80 and would rather pay $20 more than an additional $100 for an upgrade to the next rank.)
  7. Yoshi

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    These are pretty damn good, Brayces!
  8. Yoshi

    Bad version, server rejected connection.

    I ended up getting in! Thanks for the support!
  9. Yoshi

    Bad version, server rejected connection.

    NOPE. That probably should've had an *announcement* attached to it, as it's a pretty big deal, imo. Surprised you don't have more tickets about it, yet. Thanks for the heads up! I'll get it done!
  10. Yoshi

    Bad version, server rejected connection.

    Hi there, I'm getting the message, "Bad version, server rejected connection." Things I've done thus far: 1. Attempted to connect again. 2. Attempted to connect to the US server. 3. Restarted my game. 4. Unloaded and reloaded mods. 5. Verified game files. 6. Verified mods are up to date via the steam page, as well as unsubscribing and resubscribing to the mod collection to force a download of the most up-to-date versions. 7. Restarted Steam. 8. Restarted my PC. 9. Restarted my internet. 10. Thrown my hands up in frustration. 11. Wrote this post. None of these solutions have worked, as I am currently here in the support section. Thank you, Yoshi
  11. Yoshi

    In-game Actions

    Okay. I feel so out of the loop on in-game knowledge and quirks. I've tried and tried to make sure I have my emotes down so I know how to respond appropriately. The most important emote of all, which use to be F2, only pops up when I spam a combination of F-keys. I can't press an individual one and make my character perform a surrender. How is this done, now that F2 is a wave for attention? @DaRsnn, do I press them sequentially? Like, F1 to put my first hand up then F5 to put up the second? When I press F5 by itself, my character just lays down. (None of my emotes are re-bound) I guess I'm experiencing the bug, then. I'll try the ol' rebind once I can get in-server again. (Also, is it normal that I can't reply on these threads nowadays?)
  12. Yoshi

    Shop Item Spawning

    To save time on digging through months of missed updates and content, and get me up to speed on awareness of new things, I pose one question. Are the cosmetic items purchasable through the shop a one time use item or can you spawn with these cosmetic items indefinitely, as long as you choose?
  13. Yoshi

    Group requirements revised

    Question for clarification: Hypothetically speaking, of course. Should a group, disbanded for peaceful reasons and not having been forced into retirement (due to bans, etc) ever come out of hiding and back onto the scene, would someone who previously held the group leader title and thread ownership be able to give ownership to another person to allow them to pursue the endeavor of re-establishing said group? Say, something like from the current thread holder/ic leader to a new thread holder/ic leader whom was the original leader and creator responsible for the group?
  14. Dan

    • Dan
    • Yoshi

    It's because Tycoon became the $100 rank of Sapphire then the new rank Diamond was created. None of your previous donations/purchases go towards that because you paid for the rank of Tycoon/Sapphire. Diamond is an entirely new thing. You have to pay another $100.

    1. Yoshi


      Oh come on now. I’ve donated more than both of those combined. Surely Diamond can’t cost 350€...

  15. Yoshi

    Simple Premium Question

    Hey staff, It’s been a while since I came back. I was a Tycoon rank prior to to new premium rank change and I have enough historic donations to land myself on the good old HoF page, at least when it was still viewable. Are the rank prices now compounding it is there another reason my outstanding donations haven’t managed to cover the 100€ donation threshold for Diamond. (I’m currently listed under Sapphire) Yours truly, Yoshi P.S. - I’m not bitching (yet) I promise!
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