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  1. Yoshi

    Interview With A Community Member: Brayces

    You mean they left me alone to snoop around? How very Reckless of them. LOL
  2. Yoshi

    Interview With A Community Member: Brayces

    @Brayces fun times. I remember that. I'll never forget how tense it was the whole way through. Wasn't that the time we were walked (and forcefully run) all the way to Cherno?
  3. Yoshi

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Just $0.99, and arm, a leg, and your soul.
  4. Yoshi

    Stars and Staffs

    Oh lord. I see. Please no more replies! Too much help! AH! I'm welcome back to the forums I guess. Can close. Much help. Wow.
  5. Yoshi

    Stars and Staffs

    What are the new stars on staff? Rankings on performance? Total activity? Super secret stuff you let us see but won't disclose to make names look cool? What the heck are they for? Did I miss something?
  6. Yoshi

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    So, we can't create roleplay from an initiation? You're limiting the field of play here by not allowing an initiation to open up roleplay to display characters as watchful, vigilant, or protective. Now everyone has to be carefree and cuddle up to everyone they perform any hostile RP. Why? Why is this in place? Is it to limit rulebreakers? Are we taking the stick from every kid in the neighborhood because one kid hit another with it? It's not about whether you're catering to everyone or just not making everyone happy. You're taking away huge roleplaying opportunities.
  7. Yoshi

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    6.2 You may not use character or group story as a universal reason to initiate hostilities with other players. For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted. So... if I want I'm not allowed to seek someone out and rustle their feathers, EVEN given I would strive to provide good hostile roleplay? I have to sit there and have a campfire chat with everyone I come across if I want to break the ice over gunpoint? I have to know someone personally to initiate on them? Am I missing part of the concept where this isn't as strict as it sounds?
  8. Yoshi

    Ads on the website

    Sorry if that sounded like a jab at you. Didn’t mean it that way. I’m not saying you have to at all. You’re probably a better person than me for keeping them on, tbh. I just don’t see a reason to do this when there are plenty of people who have donated in the past and kept this place afloat, even if only minimally. I was against this in the first place and I’m still against it.
  9. Yoshi

    Ads on the website

    Okay. Cool. I was wondering about the same thing but didn't look into it until today. Thank god we aren't forced to allow aids, I mean, ads. (Not a fan of the ads at all) Honestly, though, I can't stand the additional loading time ads add. (lol "add ads") They make the site very undesirable to visit. Not to mention stuff like what @th3inory had happen to him. I mean, what are the typical estimated earnings per day from the ads anyways? Have they even been generating a substantial amount of revenue? Don't you have to click on them to even generate revenue in the first place? So what if I have them on and just don't click them. I couldn't imagine them generating anything by simply just being THERE. (Mind you I don't have a fucking clue how ads work. I'm only speculating here. Feel free to educate me.) I leave ads disabled because I've supported the site in other ways, well exceeding: ONE DOLLA
  10. Yoshi

    The glorious return of Rico Martinez

    Nothing like a little bit of easy-bake baby batter to fuck your life up all at once. Hope everything is alright. Welcome back! Whoever... you... are?
  11. Yoshi

    What do you listen to ?

  12. Yoshi

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Forum name: Yoshi Uplay name: ItzKapk4n Timezone: GMT -5 Top 3 attackers: Monty, Thermite, Sledge Top 3 defenders: Kapkan, Mute, Castle Level: 114 Rank (or last rank you had): Gold II (First season of Year 2) Additional info: What's not to love about Kapkan? Tapkan, Trapkan, Napkan, Blapkan, Slapkan. I can't get enough of this guy. "Let them come!"
  13. Yoshi

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

    I'd be watching my own profile if it was as lit as this one
  14. Born to an Air Force Pilot in Wichita, Kansas, Harvey showed great promise both academically and athletically. A true prodigy of his father during his early years. He first grew a love for baseball when he played his first game of catch with his dad. He grew up with loving and caring parents. His father, especially, wanted the best for young Harvey. They gave him all the tools he'd need to make it in the world. Discipline, respect, and a wealth of formal and informal knowledge to serve as his base for success after he left their home when high school was over. He played baseball from the time he was in Youth Leagues up until Sophomore year at Wichita State University. He moved out of his parents' home and began living in campus housing. It was during this year that he met the love of his life, Sarah Moore. She was a talented, beautiful girl, with a bad side that all the guys loved. She had long hair, a long jacket, and loved long nights. She introduced him to the party scene. One night, she seduced him and, during the act, pulled out a joint of marijuana. She laughed as she took the first hit and then curled back over him. "C'mon, babe, try it. It's only once," she told him. Of course it is. Once is all you need. He would enjoy his weekend, but on Monday, things took an unexpected turn when a random drug screening was called for the team. He knew he'd be done for, but what could he do? If he refused the test, he'd be kicked from the team. If he took the test and popped positive, he'd be kicked from the team. He was between a rock and a hard place. He decided it'd be best if he took the test and then quit the team before results returned. That way his results would be announced and his father would never know, sparing him the grief of a disgusted father. He managed to come up with some bullshit reason about why he'd quit the team. Something about wanting to focus on studies and grades. Harvey continued to date Sarah for a while. He did, however, stop going to school. Once his results came back, by unanimous decision, he was expelled from the school by the board of directors. He discontinued smoking, however, which made thing turbulent, to say the least, with Sarah. She started dating other guys behind his back since she could no longer gain the spotlight from being around him. She always made him feel like it was his fault by undermining him with loop-holed arguments and gaslighting. Eventually he couldn't bear it anymore. He started working low end-jobs to pay the rent and get himself somewhere. Being somewhat financially adept, he saved enough money to get to Europe, where he believed he could get away from everything. He didn't want to be anywhere near his ashamed parents, abusive girlfriend, and disappointed friends. He managed to get on board with a group of fishermen, through his connections with some of his father's military friends, in Naples, Italy. He became a hardened deckhand, by his thirties, shifting from ship to ship to keep a steady income. It was hard, gritty, work that pushed him to his limit every day. It was a very demanding job and there was never any room for slack. This developed him into the man he is today. When the outbreak finally hit Italy, he didn't take any chances on land. Things were already bad. He and his crew took a small group of passengers who weren't infected to sea to get as far away from the area as possible. They'd heard of a small safe haven guarded by a Joint Task Force in Incirlik, Turkey. There, some decided to stick around, and a few others, including Harvey, left to get even farther away. Feeling that keeping the only thing that would keep them alive was cooperation and moving on the road together, they established rules. These rules would be followed to the 't' or anyone caught breaking them would be exiled from the group or killed on the spot. No mutinous actions were tolerated and most people were able to get along this way. The group simply claimed what was theirs and took what they wanted to use for themselves. They managed to make it all the way to Chernarus, picking up new survivors along the way, coming across several other groups and absorbing some of their members. Once there, they fed off the land and its inhabitants, again claiming whatever they needed to survive.
  15. Yoshi

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Incorrect. "To communicate, all radios in your group must be set to the same channel and Privacy Code." -Direct quote from an two-way radio operating manual. It's not like you can just click through and find someone's channel while they're talking. It would be 100% realistic to use a private frequency. The only thing that makes sense is, like Rolle said, to make it so that any taunting and revealing conversations would have to be kept to PMs so that a combination of metagaming and salt-provocation can no longer occur via these "Private" forum posts.