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  1. Humor me in watching this series. Learn from the past. There are many great lessons to be absorbed from this short series that takes no more than an hour of your time to watch, but would hopefully stick with you for a lifetime.


    For now, my profile is dedicated to the memory of what almost didn't happen and, honestly, shouldn't have happened, just over a hundred years ago.



  2. I checked things out on my phone because I’m curious but can’t read too much because I’m at work.

    Is Beta really out?

  3. You mean they left me alone to snoop around? How very Reckless of them. LOL
  4. @Brayces fun times. I remember that. I'll never forget how tense it was the whole way through. Wasn't that the time we were walked (and forcefully run) all the way to Cherno?
  5. What's all this about experimental release? Is the next patch really inbound? We won't be stuck in experimental for three months, right?
    *knocks on wood*

    I might hop in sometime soonish if I can find the time in my hectic schedule of full-time work, full-time college, and finally being reunited with IRL friends after a long decade of service. Nothing quite beats meals and gaming over LAN/console in splitscreen.

    Apologies for my absence over the past few months. I'm still trying to get used to not being in the Navy.

    1. Jadeboat


      Get in game ya big nerd

  6. Just $0.99, and arm, a leg, and your soul.
  7. Oh lord. I see. Please no more replies! Too much help! AH! I'm welcome back to the forums I guess. ? Can close. Much help. Wow.
  8. What are the new stars on staff? Rankings on performance? Total activity? Super secret stuff you let us see but won't disclose to make names look cool? What the heck are they for? Did I miss something?
  9. (I need someone sing this for me so I can post an audio clip. PM me if interested. Would prefer someone with a Russian/Chernarussian accent.)
    Take Me Home, Cherno Roads - Johnny Denver

    Almost heaven, West Kamenka
    Windy mountain, Burnaya river
    Life is old there, older than the trees
    Younger than black mountain, telling me to freeze

    Cherno roads, take me home
    To the camp I belong
    West Kamenka
    Mountain robba, take me home
    Cherno roads

    All my memories, gather round fire
    Modest R P, stranger to blue water
    Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
    Stale taste of Rasputin, black patch on my eye

    Cherno roads, take me home
    To the camp I belong
    West Kamenka
    Mountain robba, take me home
    Cherno roads

    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
    Radio reminds me of a post I read today
    Driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been robbed today, robbed today

    Cherno roads, take me home
    To the camp I belong
    West Kamenka
    Mountain robba, take me home
    Cherno roads

    Cherno roads, take me home
    To the camp I belong
    West Kamenka
    Mountain robba, take me home
    Cherno roads

    Take me home, down cherno roads
    Take me home, down cherno roads

    In case you've never head the song:


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    2. Major


      NO LET MEE!

    3. Falk



    4. Yoshi


      I'm not even sure who @Tony is?
      I'll have to audition it, then.

      PM me if you want a shot at the gig. Already have one lined up. 

    1. Brady


      Pretty sure he was barely involved in .63 dev anyway

    2. Mexi


      He said in his leaving message that he hasn't been involved with development since .62 release so those that are staying behind are the ones that have done it, not him. So..

    3. Yoshi


      Hasn't been involved since .62 doesn't mean he wasn't involved in .63 since the new engine has been a WIP long before .62

      Let's be real. He likely saw the push through and up to .62, gave them the direction for .63 and is now leaving it as is because he's sick of working on a game only to get more bugs. (Like a lack of gunshot noises)

  10. Your profile is so relaxing. Where did you get the background image? Looks like a sunrise through stained glass.

    1. Popet


      I can share it with you and more! I have a few. Took me forever to find it. ?

    2. Yoshi


      Sounds good to me. Just tell me when and where to meet!

  11. Dr. Pepper better than bepis and conk! <3

  12. Bee and Puppy Cat!!!! <3 Luv ur profile bb

    1. Karma


      Bee and PuppyCat is the best I may or may not be slightly obsessed 

    2. Yoshi


      It's so good.

      I really like Bravest Warriors too. CATBUG is AMAZING.

  13. So, we can't create roleplay from an initiation? You're limiting the field of play here by not allowing an initiation to open up roleplay to display characters as watchful, vigilant, or protective. Now everyone has to be carefree and cuddle up to everyone they perform any hostile RP. Why? Why is this in place? Is it to limit rulebreakers? Are we taking the stick from every kid in the neighborhood because one kid hit another with it? It's not about whether you're catering to everyone or just not making everyone happy. You're taking away huge roleplaying opportunities.
  14. "Never Forget" is the best track on the original Halo 3 score, btw. Just saying. Still my favorite from the Halo series.

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    2. Spartan


      The first song I downloaded as a kid, still love it


    3. Yoshi


      @Spartan That's actually pretty funny you'd say that. The Halo 3 soundtrack was the first album I put on my first iPod. The entirety of Marty and Michael's works are phenominal. To say that any single track is my absolute favorite would be a lie, but Never Forget always seems to hit the spot whether I'm up or down.

      I remember when that trailer came out during a Superbowl. Had more hype than CoD EVER did. (Because it was actually a good game)

    4. Chief


      well the mix on my profile is a mix of halo 1, 2 and 3's versions of Never Forget along with some other relaxing and moving tracks from halo three.

      Definitely love One Final Effort a lot but it didn't fit the feel of my profile for me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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