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  1. mrfrostycandle

    Initiation rights, and how to earn them?

    I saw it and it does make me extremely sad, this community thrived and for so long now Ive watched it die. It pains me but its a desperate plea that I hope would spark something in not only new and old community members but staff. Ive been here since 2013 and i know rolle even if the whole server wants one thing it still probably wont happen. So wasnt trying to accomplish anything because the odds are against me just trying to get my voice out there.
  2. mrfrostycandle

    Initiation rights, and how to earn them?

    I feel as though these past few years rules have gotten more and more restrictive, while also really confusing and up for interpretation. Its pulling two different directions and its going to eventually just get to a point where its too confusing for new people and to absurd for old people. I feel the best course of action is to pick a side. Either allow people freedom and responsibility and revert back the rules to a couple years ago I.E During mod or just after. Or Completely rework them and set simple yet clear rules so that everyone can understand. - OG and fond member of this community
  3. Dima was a young boy who lived on the eastern parts of moscow, from a young age dimas family always tried providing the best for him however he never seemed to be interested. Sports school all things Dima blew off to spend his time with his friends. Around the time Dima reached his teenage years he was already involved in such things as drugs and crime. Although never getting caught he lost many of his childhood friends to krokadile and heroine while the rest of them rotted in prison. In his early twenties he joined the military and moved up the ranks eventually Dima's bad attitude caught up with him and he killed two of his unit. Pissed off and angry he faked his death along with his comrades and went back to the streets of moscow. Where he began to form ties with organized crime, by age 27 he was a hitman for the Bratva ' The Brotherhood'. Dima worked for the brotherhood quickly rising and proving his expertise in keeping the organization safe. Killing witnesses, cops and their families, By age 30 dima was on international watch lists. Before he hit his mid 30's he was the most notorious hitman for the organization making a name for himself and became close with upper members in the brotherhood.
  4. mrfrostycandle

    Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    Recruitment Is OPEN Recruiting Military and Research Personal
  5. mrfrostycandle

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals Aren't Really Working

    Right but that kind of "generic stuff" is the foundation of the groups. I would understand if all the goals are generic but that is not usually the case, and if it was loremasters would not approve. Im just saying ive seen many operations missions etc. planned and time constraints are mainly used for secondary objectives or objectives leading up to the main missions task. So in conclusion i do not think they should be enforced on all of the goals just the supporting factors IE FOB COMMS and things of that nature
  6. mrfrostycandle

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals Aren't Really Working

    I feel as though goal time should be encouraged but not forced. It just makes sense on some goals not to have a time constraint where as others it does. I.E Help the citizens .... Dosnt need a date should be an ongoing goal that the group strives for consistently throughout their duration Establish a secure comm frequency ... This one should have a date whoever your talking to needs established comms so it should be completed by this date It makes sense in some cases but others there literally is zero point
  7. Was taken last summer in my hometown, pretty much the only building like it in the town Northern Michigan Edit: If you ever are in michigan places I would recommend for this stuff would be Traverse City and Grand Rapids much more urban feeling
  8. Hanging out on an abandoned mental asylum, with a nuclear bunker underneath.
  9. @Taryn @ThatOneEngie @mark3390 @Cosmo
  10. mrfrostycandle

    Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    I appreciate the opportunity, and I look forward to the good times and success to come on our missions.
  11. mrfrostycandle

    A Long awaited return on a new battlefortress

    Welcome Back M8!
  12. mrfrostycandle

    S1 Pogorevka - Bad RP 1/17/18

    Different people different walks... There always will be however it dosnt excuse the memey RP. This will be my last post as to keep back and forward to a min.
  13. mrfrostycandle

    S1 Pogorevka - Bad RP 1/17/18

    In short, I have a friend in this community from south Africa... The roleplay that was provided is a very stereotypical and meme based experience,even if not off the knuckles meme its a meme in of its self. I have been around since 2013 also, and SDS are a clear and cut example of this. I knew this guy from south africa for 2 ish years he not once acted of any sort like how any representation of an African character Ive met in game. I'm just saying even if you wernt trying to imitate the knuckles meme, the RP was still sub par and memeish. With that in mind, i do not want you to think Im some stickler. Im all for players trying something new, however when its just offensive and meant for the lols, I dont think it has a place a more serious role playing community.
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