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  1. Ricky Smiles

    Last Interview after Ricky's disappearance: Billy Smiles (Retired Police Officer and Rick's dad). "Ricky has always had a stranger side to him. He would get mad easily, start fights at school, and leave at weird times of the night. But, when Ricky was around family he never was not smiling. He always took care of his mother when she was sick and made sure that his sister always had food sitting in front of her when it was time for dinner. Rick was never the same after he lost his mother. The cancer in her lungs spread at a fast rate and she passed away. Molly, Ricks younger sister was too young to really realize what was going on and all she asks is "Ma ma". The last time I had heard of Rick was when I received a picture of him sitting in a plane and on the back said "We are not going to have to worry about a thing when i get home". That was 2 years ago. I would like to end this interview here please." To be continued.
  2. POV: I was up stairs when she had logged into the server. I stayed on look out for a while and decided to get my own bit of RP in. When I was called a "Faggot" in game i stated that if another insult was said she would be killed. She then went to call me gay and that is when I shot her. The video and other POV's explain up to that. Why I believe this report is False: In a hostage situation I don't believe I would sit there and insult them and try to get under their skin. You would comply with demands and do as they say. We clearly tried to have a role play session and get a hold of her friends on the radio. She did not like this so she tried to avoid it by saying she had lost her memory and that it was a new frequency. All in all I believe that the cause of this report was based off your actions and your decision to make a homosexual insult towards me. Going to the video: I really wish there wasn't a delay because in the video i stated not to say other insult or you would die. Through my game I said it a couple second earlier which then I heard your insult. Possibly this is where most of the confusion on why I shot you. Also, around 11:17 if you look in chat you can see that Greg stated if she lies she dies. Joffrey was there to tell us the lies that she was giving us and she tried to play dumb with us. personally giving me a Bad role play experience. Then after the lies she insulted me pushing her boundaries.
  3. S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    You came up to me had a short conversation and initiated and all that time i had more than plenty of time to inform my guys of the situation
  4. S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    So it started with a large group of men with white arm bands rushing me and a women I had just recently met. I quickly informed the guys in ts what had happened and soon after my radio was taken jared had showed up. He began to tell them how I was cool and that I was with them. They totally changed their attitudes and told me they had a couple questions to ask. They then took me to Lonely house and then told jared to drop his weapon. After about 15 minutes of confusion and everyone screaming and yelling non sense, they finally decide to fix the situation and make everyone go down stairs. Then as we were talking to walk i believe was the boss he was going on with points that made no sense and had no relevance or anything to us. Simply I feel as if this was almost over gear because we were simply trying to talk to them and create rp which obviously was not present. But they were telling us to not talk or we would be killed.
  5. Second Chances

    Would like to say I have seen a lot of people banned because of OOC hate or being butt hurt over the most ridiculous reason. Seems like the community is more worried about getting people banned and thinking it makes them look like a hero or a bean master or something stupid like that.
  6. S2-NVFL-NWAF-01/03/2017-6am

    POV: I was told by some of the older guys in New Moon to initiate on a suspicious person. After we initiated I heard from someone in the group there was a man in the L shaped barrack so i went over to help. We were already on edge from the fight we just had because of an escaped hostage. We told the man in the L shape to drop his weapon and he would be able to leave with his stuff. He didn't seem like he wanted to comply so I rushed in and that is when he decided to drop his weapon and sprinted out and hooked a right. I followed him shooting him in the back and then rounding the corner to try and finish him. He had obviously known that he would be killed in the situation and seeing 3 of us when he sprinted out to find even find a forth around back. The man didn't seem to want to talk very much and was using short sentences which leads me to believe he either did not feel like rping or was more interested in the PVP. Also, after the man and I died I heard through radio it was the hostages friends. The reason for me shooting was because the man had a weapon in his hand and we had told him to put it down. Then after entering and shooting one shot I seen he tried to comply then tried bolting past 4-5 guys.
  7. Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Immature-RP-Invalid-Execution-and-Attempted-PowerGame Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for not posting a pov while I was gone. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I posted my pov What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove temp ban What could you have done better?: Stayed active on the forums
  8. Immature RP, Invalid Execution, and Attempted PowerGame

    Sorry for the horrible pov so I'll redo it. Pov: I don't really remember the whole event but we started by capturing Destiny in game. I have never really met her or actually rped with her but my brothers had told me she was wanted. As I remember I mostly was just on watch with Riv. Once Riv began to rp with her I mostly stayed on watch and listened in. We began to torture her and ask for perma scaring. The boys believed that we would have good execution rights and we thought how we should do it. We executed her and I helped by stabbing her while she was unconscious.
  9. 3 Day ban for combat logging

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KoS-Polana--74718 Why the verdict is not fair: I stated in the report that my power was shut off because of a fire that happened in my neighbor hood. I have a video of the incident with all the fire trucks and police officers shutting down the roads but not the fire its self. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I went out side to video tape the trucks and cars as soon as they got there and to watch them close down the roads. When I came back we got in the firefight and my power went out. I went outside again and seen they had shut off the power on my road to prevent more damages. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To remove my ban and to remove my points. What could you have done better?: I should have stayed more active on the fourms to show the video I have. (Uploading now) Here is the video I took on my snapchat.
  10. KoS -Polana

    Wong had already pretty much summed up the situation for me and my pic is his. I would like to add that my power had shut off due to a fire that started a couple houses down so I was quickly disconnected. I guess they shut off the power lines because the fire was dangerously close to the wires a fm could have caused more damage so I do apologize for diconnecting and not returning. Wong and I both posted in text at different times
  11. Real life picture Thread

    HOCO BABY!!!!!!
  12. POV: I had logged on with Drew and planned on making my way to Vybor Military. Drew was closer to the Base so he mad it there before I did. We have a wanted dead list for people that left the group. Drew had found Kenny and we then decided to rob him. Bobby had then logged on and he said he would help. I yelled for them to drop their weapons and they complied. We took them into the admin building and let Anton go and took Kenny far away. We Rped for a bit and carved him. We then killed him after because we made and oath saying if you leave the group you will die so we killed him.
  13. S1 - Dolina @ 00:30 - Baiting

    There was no Container 21 members present we were using the public channel in TS to communicate.
  14. S1 - Dolina @ 00:30 - Baiting

    POV: I had arrived in Dalina looking to loot the houses and RP with who ever was there. Whip was in the town RPing as his slave trader character. After looting I planing on joining him by the fire. Whip had told me 2 sketchy guys arrived and were having a conversation with him. I decided to stay on the out skirts and listen in. I took my time to be cautious and waited in a bush watching them. Whip had announced himself as a slave trader (Knowing his character is known well in that area). After Whip announced himself as slave trader he was then initiated on. I waited a couple seconds and waited to get a good shot and killed both the men. After looting the bodies I was shot once in the arm by an unknown enemy that fled.
  15. 1 Mod server back

    that thread had 40 votes, hardly anything to go off. That was my thread and it had a lot of hype in the comments but I was only closed after a hour of being up YES TO MOD!