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"Hek wadu hek, wadu wadu hek"

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  1. Waduhek

    Share your earliest/first dayz SA screenshot

  2. Mans feeling GASSED

  3. Waduhek

    Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces media thread

    @Wyoming, bruh, make em quake <3
  4. Waduhek

    Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces media thread

    Centurion carried. Also SEAL THE DEAL @Wyoming
  5. SEAL THE DEAL @Wyoming



    1. Wyoming


      Bastard, u muted me backtracking on it xD

  6. W.I.P Born and raised by a Catholic family on terms and conditions that would deem horrendous for the average child - Yuri Brogznovich did not live the happiest life. Originally, Yuri was a local Chernarussian who had settled in Svetlojarsk, he started off with quite the physical career, from Poaching to Boxing. As most would know - These two paths were difficult to make a living out of, thus Yuri eventually obtained the job of a private Debt Collector. Due to the unfortunate event of the outbreak - Brogznovich eventually ended up using his survival talents to keep himself safe, he eventually encountered another handful of locals who were also seeking to fend for themselves. As a result of this - The Chernarussan continues to roll by himself, although he has a variety of connections to work with should he need it.
  7. (W.I.P) After a long period of distance from his family - Larry O'Leary is happily reunited with the rest of the O'Leary's. Upon the reunion - His father and Brothers surprise him with a holiday proposal to the land of Chernarus. Unhesitatingly - Larry agreed to join his family with sheer joy to the sound of the final opportunity of a holiday! Upon arrival, he settled in a hotel located in Novo, shortly before the outbreak occured. Up to this day - Poor Larry, still has little to no clue as to what the fuck is going on.
  8. Waduhek


  9. First solo chicken dinner, the last few minutes are just me on a rampage so ayyyy :))))))))))))))


  10. Upright, confident, mildly reckless yet Steadfast; Gary McLaine stands before you. Gary McLaine was a British citizen born a southerner in the Town of Worthing, he was raised through a relatively stable family with a good financial position. Despite of this; Gary was not treated with as much care as his Brothers and Sisters. At a young age, he was sent to Boarding School and spent a lot of his youth away from his family, this de-sensitised him emotionally which caused him to rarely become attached to others. Due to his lack of emotions, he decided to sign up for the Royal Navy Auxiliary as soon as he left School at the age of 16. At that point, Gary found himself on the RFA Bayleaf Tanker (A109) assisting the crew with deploying supplies to places around Gibraltar, including the Ascension Island during his service in the Falklands War. Upon returning home, he was welcomed home with open arms by his family, he appeared to be closer with his siblings rather than his parents however, whom did not seem as interested as his brothers and sisters were to his return. Throughout the years of serving in and out of the RNA it was obvious that Gary's social life was always a challenge, his love life too was tougher considering the amount of time he had away from home. He eventually however did manage to settle down with a wife, Jane, and two sons to which he fathered dearly, although he was a bit rough around the edges with them; Gary raised his kids to become strong and independent. Gary lost his wife to an unfortunate case of Maternal Mortality, she passed away giving birth to his second son. Luckily he managed to pull through only just by harnessing the dullness of emotions he had obtained from his passed. Although with what he went through beforehand regardless, the impact of her death changed Gary forever. He tries to be open-minded and welcoming but to those who know him deep down; Mr McLaine is a broken man. After following a career in Cruiselines and obtaining the rank of Second Officer; Gary decided during his time at home from work to take his sons Ryan and Marcus on numerous holidays as they always enjoyed to travel. The family ventured throughout certain states of the USA, multiple countries of the EU and multiple Eastern Regions, Kingdoms etc. Little did they know, however, that Chernarus was to be their final destination. Separated from his two sons, now young adults; Gary ventures the roads for himself in search for them along with the brother who accompanied him.
  11. Waduhek

    I hate 0.61...

    First you got blackface, then you got the 'unable to turn' glitch, then you got the 'constantly moving sideways and cant stop for fucking anything' glitch, THEN, you got the 'weapon raised' glitch, AND THEN... You got the 'Run when you walk and walk when you run' glitch, and now you got the 'Conor McGregor Zombie' Glitch. 0.61 Was an awesome release. Jesus christ.
  12. That actually sounds like a pretty funny character man. IG I'd definitely piss myself with laughter if I bumped into ya The only downside I'd ever see about this would be on the realism based area as to 'how can a blind guy survive such a brutal apocalypse?' but you know what? I'm not gonna be that guy, if you pick a character that you enjoy RPing as then do just that. Just don't make one that is just borderline Troll RP and you'll be good. That's all I can really give in regards to feedback; make it clear about your character's impaired vision and if you want to make a funny scene out of it then by all means go ahead, just don't start being unrealistic with the scenario and treat each 'scene' so to speak with a lot of care. Everyone will love you for that!
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