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"Helloing my naming is Rakeesh nicing to meeting u pls"

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  1. I like the idea of more 'creepy' equipment being utilised for player models and appearances, but I do feel however that it is far too early in the lore for some proper nutjobs to come into play. Society is still functioning but only just from what I can see. When utter carnage has arrived and all governmental presences have deteriorated entirely for a considerate amount of time - Then I'm all for this suggestion!
  2. *The airwaves are filled with the panicked voice of a famous Indian in a hushed tone* "Helloing?! HELLOING?!" *A wave of static is heard before a knocking of the radio follows* "ACH! Stoopid Mother Bloody... Why you are no work fucking mother fuck!?" *Rakeesh batters the radio a second time before a beep is heard as he presses the PTT, regardless that his voice is already heard.* "Ahh.. Ah, yes! YES! HAH! IS WORKING! Helloing people, my naming is Rakeesh.. Rakeesh Adib Yaghmai. I needing the helping please! People are taking me.. I do not knowing where we are but.. They making Rakeesh do the-... The-..." *A distant voice is heard in alert, shouting at Rakeesh* "Oh, no... NO! THEY FINDING ME! No, please! I do not wanting to playing twister again - Nooo..!-" *The transmission ends, the neverending static revisits the frequency.*
  3. Shit, I need to type up my CPC Group quickly! (Cow Protection Campaign) For real though - Looking forward to the next 3 months, congrats to all who got their gang gangs official.
  4. Another solution simply being don't worry about a report verdict whilst in game. If you're the one being reported and the verdict comes through whilst you're playing and you get banned - So what? Waiting for the verdict isn't going to change what you're up to in-game except delaying your actual tasks and if you're not the one being reported then I don't see why you'd be so obsessed with waiting on a report verdict. Like @AndreyQ said - Its a game. This shit shouldn't be so complicated. It is fine as it is.
  5. A Day in The Life of Rakeesh "Hello, Sir! Howing are doing you doing today, yes? My name is Rakeesh and I are doing a lot of good for the Cow here. You understand? My many Cow are my responsibility. I protect the Cow. Here, in India; all Cow are sacred. We do not harm the Cow, we praise the Cow.." The scene unfolds with a rising tension in the atmosphere as a group of foreign camera crew interview the passionate Rakeesh in Pamunuru, South-East India. "But, you.. Your people.." He snarls under his breath. "...You MURDER the Cow. You insult the soil under your FOOTS!" Rakeesh grabs the broom from his barn as the interviewer stands frozen in shock from the outburst, the protective Indian swings his cleaning tool with mighty aggression at the foreign cameramen, they quickly flee from his property. "DO YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING?! YOU DON'T KILL COW HERE, YOU MOTHER BLOODY BITCH! FUCK YOU BLOODY! BHOOMI WILL LIVE FOREVER!" Rakeesh raises his fist and shakes it in anger, yet falls back at ease with pride on his shoulders, protecting his cattle farm once again. Occupation Rakeesh is a descendant of Hinduism. His entirely family firmly believe in the Hindu movement and they do what they can to preserve the faith. Rakeesh's family work together on a large piece of land transformed into their own farm in Pamunuru, India. The farm contains all forms of crops and wildlife. Wildlife including chickens, goats, turkeys, horses and most importantly; cows. For those who are unaware - The Cow is an extremely sacred creature in India where their slaughter is banned on all counts. The Cow represents the god Bhoomi, the God that represents the Earth to the Hindu people. Rakeesh is in charge of the cattle of the farm whilst his many brothers and sisters take to the other animals and crops. Rakeesh decorates the cows for ceremonies and pampers them to the fullest, he also insists on protecting as many cows as possible from foreign persons for they do not follow his beliefs. Chernarus You may be wondering "How on Earth did Rakeesh end up in Chernarus?" The truth is, nobody knows. Not even Rakeesh. The last thing he remembers was he was attending a party after his Second Cousin's forced marriage, the next thing he remembers - He woke up in Vybor, in a bin. He now walks the land, trying to figure out where the mother bloody he is, embracing every cow in his path. (Rakeesh in a parallel universe..)
  6. W.I.P 1958 - First Steps. Josef Barkovic was once a caring man, drained by the reality of a violent society, surrounded by people with mannerisms that would only be suitable for a dog to carry. He was a man raised and educated in Novigrad, Chernarus. He was a strong-minded child who could hold his own and looked out for the vulnerable. People respected him amongst his youth. He even secured a healthy relationship with his late Wife, Viktoria Barkovic from a School Age. The pair were together from 1974, Married in 1977 and raised an only child, a daughter in 1979. 1980 - The Soviet Militsiya. With his fatherly responsibilities taking place - Josef was determined carve a new path as a Family man rather than working in Novigrad Corner Shops to support his family. He filed an application and began a life in the Authorative Soviet Milisiya, beginning his Policing career on a Monday Morning 3rd of March, 1980. He and his family were housed in the City of Novodmitrovsk, where he would be put on Division. From the years of 1980-1984 - Barkovic served as an OR-2 Private for the Milisiya where his efforts were praised, he was provided with his own platoon in 1985 and served the rank of an OR-6 Sergeant between 1985 to 1991. His time in the Milisiya had proven stressful and tense at times, he swiftly learned from 1980 onwards that handling confrontation in Chernarus was nothing like in the movies. He was made to beat anyone who showed the smallest resemblance of resistance on most scenarios. Every shoplifter or graffiti artist would be held at gunpoint, even the teenagers. These repetitive actions desensitised Josef over time. He knew that the use of force was excessive, but it became the norm after a year or so. It explained to him why Chernarussian crime seemed so absent - Due to the fear of the brutal consequences people should face should they commit as much as a minor crime. It did not stop everyone, however. 1991 - Chernarussian Independence. In 1991 - Chernarus claimed Independence and the Soviet Union's presence was removed. Barkovic was confronted and given two options. The Chernarussian could either be cast out to Russia and continue his service with the Soviet Milisiya which still existed over there, or remain in Chernarus and serve in the new oncoming Local Police Department. Barkovic's family, having now resided in Novodmitrovsk for over a decade - Had now settled quite comfortable and saw no need to move. He agreed to serve for the Chernarussian Police, his rank of an OR-6 Sergeant was maintained in the new Department from 1991 until 1997. 1995 - Donec Mors Nos Partem. (Til Death do us part) During 1995 - Josef's Wife, Viktoria, fell ill from Stage 4 breast cancer and passed away two months later. She was Barkovic's world, his rock, the motivation that drove him forth. Her passing was the pinnacle of his devastation of which inevitably changed his views of life forever. He was granted a week's compassionate leave and an additional paid week's leave to now make plans to care for his now 16 year old Daughter, Natasha. Upon his return to the Police; His loyalty seemed solid with the Chernarussian Police and the positive control of his Division as an OR-6 Sergeant was noticed, he then served from 1998 to 2010 as a Starshina (Sergeant First-Class) for the Chernarussian Police. Despite the congratulations received to the man - His promotion did not phase him. He felt no honour, he had forgotten the meaning of honour. He only lives to protect the last living part of his bloodline; Natasha, for he knows it is exactly what his late wife would have wished of him. 2010 - The ChDKZ and the CSR. 2010 arrived. The Civil War from September 2009 to January 2010 had come to an abrupt and swift finish. The ChDKZ (Chedaki) had asserted dominance over Chernarus and dispersed the CDF. This caused Josef's occupation as a Chernarussian Police Officer to be shortly made redundant. Josef explored his options as he thrived from his work as a coping mechanism, maintaining his mental health as from the last couple of years he fears for his Daughter, now aged 31 whom had recently moved out with her partner. Barkovic reaches out to the ChDKZ for options to which they offer him a position. to his surprise; the Chedaki Officers addressing him had informed him that he had obtained a small reputation amongst the Novodomitrovsk Community over his many years of Service. The Chedaki had heard of him already, he was efficient for them. Josef was questioned about where his loyalties are. He responded with whoever puts a roof over his head and money in his pocket. His loyalties had passed a long time ago. He confirmed to the Chedaki Authority that he had no interest in Chernarussian Nationalism nor Politics. They then decided to offer him a final position in the Chernarussian Socialist Republic (CSR) where he would follow ChDKZ orders and enforce them regardless of the circumstances. He was essentially a lap dog for the Faction. He served a brutal 5 years in this department where he would then announce his retirement at the age of 57 after 30 years of Service in Chernarus. His request was honoured and he stood down. Barkovic was a broken man at this point. 2020 - Present Day. Despite his current Age of 62 - Barkovic cares for little. He cares not for many people let alone himself. He simply exists and keeps to himself. He survives for the sake of surviving for he does not believe in a Coward's way out. The Chernarussian has not received contact with his Daughter for the last 2 years. He has been without his wife for over two decades, yet for him - It feels like she was with him last week. Barkovic moves from one protected shelter to another, caring not for much regarding the factions locating each piece of territory - He simply looks for work to keep his mind occupied. He sleeps rough, he is verbally restrained. He is unphased by distressing situations and drained of emotion. The love and compassion he once had has fallen into the void. The man will require a fair share of support throughout the merciless journey ahead should he find hope in the future.
  7. Hello there! I usually never visit this section but the new lore has intrigued me. I am currently making a new character who I aim to have as a retired Chernarussian Police Officer, but I am working on his personal background where he was raised in Novigrad, Chernarus from the years of 1958-1980. I am terrible with research so I am wondering if the Lore Masters (Or Staff, should they know) could help me with uncovering any reported riots, protests, or events of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Chernarussian Capital from 1958-1980? I would like to know as it will reflect on how I play my character. I hope to use some of the past events back then to mould his present behaviour. Many thanks, sorry for being a pain.
  8. I'd rather break my kettle with my asshole than own this community lad

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  11. Thank you for our business agreement. The cows have been blessed with the bandit hunters' protection and although they are gone - Rakeesh will continue with the CPC. o7 ❤
  12. I like the idea of at least giving them a try. For those concerned of every player and their mother regardless of occupation from Pilot to Under-educated soundcloud mumble rapper - I think its safe to say if your character does not have the reasonable IC experience to pilot a helicopter yet is caught flying one - you should be banned for BadRP automatically. That's where I stand with this. But I would be for giving it a try as there are a limited amount of cars in game already.
  13. +1 We already have the coronavirus IRL, no need to bring the equivalent IG. I agree with some of the comments that the sickness entirely does not need to be removed but to balance it out & see if there's a way to change the way of becoming sick and increase the consequences of being sick. My ideal example would be only getting ill from drinking dirty water or be at the FREEZING stage for over 5+ minutes and results in your hunger+thirst decreasing DOUBLE the speed than it does currently when you're sick. However, you can not give your sickness to others. That needs to be primary goal currently because people play DayZRP to immerse themselves in an apocalyptic era, not to practise their fucking social distancing.

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