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"Its not a settlement btw"

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  1. Ronnie


    Looking for a personal trainer for DayZ PvP. I just died to whitenames with mountain backpacks and fear I have lost my touch. Paying $500 for every 20 minutes of training

    1. Masonn


      I got you, don’t have time to train so I got some advice, just click heads very easy, also, use DayZRP to warm up for PvP server. Found that works best. Hope I could help. Advice this good doesn’t usually come free but I got you.

    2. Finn


      Main points that you should focus on in regards to PVP: reaction time, movement, spatial awareness and communication if you're with a group.

      Reaction time: Easily transfers from many shooters that rely on quick reaction time in order to get rounds down range as quick as you can.

      Movement: One of the most important things when it comes to PVP is movement, it's easier to one tap a target that is standing still than one that is zig zagging. 

      Spatial awareness: You should always be aware of your surroundings whether you're initiating or are suspicious someone might initiate on you. It's easier to shoot from one person to another I'm quick succession when you know where your enemies are.

      Communication: if you're with a group, communication is one of the major things that can help you come out on top. I see it as a sort of radar, if you know your surroundings you will be able to know where your enemies are and catch them off guard.

      Hope this assists you. PVP servers aren't necessarily the best because usually when you initiate you know where your enemies are and your enemy usually knows where you are, but it's good practice for those situations where your enemies are running around.

      I'm not a hardcore PVPer but this is what helps me.

    3. Koko Boy

      Koko Boy

      Make the Mob a KOSable group. 100% guarantee that you'll be wired 100% of the time, never get caught off guard. 😄 

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