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  1. Ronnie

    Santino Moretti is Dead

    *Pausing for a moment from enjoying his potato stew - Larry picks up the Radio with mild interest.* "Callahan, who t'fock is this bai? Is he havin' a fockin' delusion? We'll clean up this mess soon, my friend, guaranteed. God, our Lord has sent me back ta' reality with a fookin' t'irst to gas some absolute monkeys. Sounds like we're getting some volunteers." *The Irishman pauses for a moment. A smirk falls upon his expression. "Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón." *The Radio returns to static*
  2. Ronnie

    An Pobal Media Thread

  3. Ronnie

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Funniest execution yet I was expecting the 3 guys behind him to light him up but THAT FUCKIN GOT ME GOOD
  4. Ronnie

    Round 2 Merge?

    Ima say no to this, brother. I like the servers dividing the population as it makes RP that little bit more scarce so when it IS found; people aren't so eager to jump the gun and initiate over petty reasons. Myself and a few other friends of mine have only just came back after taking a break from this community due to the fact that the server was just a blood bath. Due to recent 'events' it seems people are starting to remember what RP is. Conversations and means of diplomacy are starting to be dug up again and it is so great to see happen. The split servers lowering the server pop I feel is a way to keep a healthy storyline. Its an apocalypse - There should not be many people left and given that rarity of interaction I feel brings a good vibe on that. I'm not saying "Its great to never find anybody", I'm saying its good that people will value their interactions more when finding somebody else. When we had 1 server with Chernarus - everyone knows the map like the back of their hand. They knew all the hotspots and I would say 90% of my interactions with people ended up in a firefight despite my friendly behaviour. At least with Livonia people have the chance to learn the game again and work together to explore and come up with new creative ideas that wont dull out anytime soon. A merge is just going to cause an uproar and make the playercount take an even bigger dip imo. I mean - look at the vote ratio already.
  5. Ronnie

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Love these guys, from when I first bumped into you lot with @Mademoiselle freaking out as I was receiving medical RP with her squeamish ass to @HDragon giving me a warm welcome to the settlement - this group sure has a lot of potential and definitely awesome to see a FRIENDLY Irish group for once shoutout to @WorPB you gotta get drunk more, man, you're funny as shit. Once again these guys definitely open up opportunities for storylines to be ran out and for me personally made a great first impression. They bring a presence that not even some APPROVED groups have ever brought to me yet. I wouldnt be surprised if I ended up being yoinked into your roster one day myself! Good shit lads (and that one female) keep it up xo
  6. Ronnie

    • Ronnie
    • Sylvester Todd

    Legend, when u bringing back the clowns? Still my favourite hostile RP group 💔

    1. Eagle



    2. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Don't tell me what to do

    3. Eagle


      Do it then.

  7. Ronnie

    Mademoiselle's Archives of Shenanigans

    I'm just gonna leave this here... I can't stop laughing honestly
  8. Ronnie

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Big up to @Mademoiselle for pampering Larry although freaking out every time he got 'operated' on I've never had such an immersive conversation before, definitely re-lit the spark for my interest in this community again. Quickly starting to love DayZRP just because of that interaction. Thank you homie Also a big thanks to @HDragon for the sick reunion as well - Larry no longer feels isolated; hopefully his new agenda is accepted tho! Only time will tell Also to the drunk fucker @WorPB who wouldn't leave my half-dead ass alone - You were hilarious bro, kept trying to cuddle with the dude who was bleeding to death and offer him weed Thanks for tonight guys, really enjoyed it
  9. Ronnie

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    The fuck? Weren't these all WP guys? What happened? You merging? Quite the roster you're getting here, Son. Although I dont play much atm, even I'm hearing you're getting quite the reputation from your interactions @MasonWB, Uncle Ronnie is proud of you lad ❤ gl with this group
  10. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • Ronnie

    Couldn’t give a nice note on your group thread before archive but you did a great job on what you made and I hope to see it back soon! 💚

    1. Ronnie


      Thanks homie, much love ❤️

  11. Ronnie

    The Mob

    If you haven't guessed what's going on - I'm yeeting this group into Archive. I want to thank all my brothers and sisters in the Mob for all the successes we made whilst existing, but due to circumstances IC and OOC I have decided it is most appropriate to archive this group til a later date. The way the country is going in this community is not appropriate for a currency to be enforced right now. I'll say it so others don't have to - People are so focused on killing each other at this moment that they forgot what character progression is. I highly encourage other members of the community to begin engaging in diplomacy more frequently rather than engaging in every minor argument with a firefight. Its boring and nobody enjoys it. We had an amazing spark with the group but because the majority prioritise PvP over RP currently - I don't see a point in pushing this. Archiving for now, will bring back when people remember that RP is about immersion, not getting a W at every opportunity. Slava the Mob
  12. Ronnie

    Failed Robberies Thread

    I fucking love you @DuquesneLR made my morning
  13. Ronnie

    The Mob

    Mate this was fun to re-watch, a great encounter indeed! Loved the business agreement with you guys and loving the meme I'll make sure to uphold my group's reputation next time You were a great business partner mate, was a pleasure talking to both of you! Thanks for such engagement
  14. Ronnie

    The Mob

    Thank you for your feedback, but I am afraid that I must disagree on this statement especially regarding our encounters with your group. You may not have been present for a few; but myself and a few of my members have had interactions with WP individuals a good few times. Naturally; few of them were friendly encounters as we usually have to bounce once we see numerous people running out from the trees once we are identified; but allow me to remind you of the time where I deliberately handed my character in, to see what would happen before all the attacks happened. This was during the phase where the WP believed that they were being slandered by The Mob - I speak with Hutch and Phoenyxx, expectations are said and a mutual understanding seemed to have taken place. Yet as they leave; WP recruits initiate on us anyway for the purpose of... Setting expectations again? I guess? There wasn't much purpose to it as the recruits simply dragged us into a barn, repeated what Hutch & Phoenyxx said to Ronnie minutes ago with the extra 'I will kill you' threat, but it made it clear to us that our groups will not get on. Therefore; we will engage in more firefights than RP due to the hostilities built. If you want diplomacy; I'd like to remind the leaders of the WP that you have always had Ronnie's private frequency since he was WP himself. I'm sorry if you feel that we are all about PvP - We are not. Our credit scheme is working just fine with other groups that have a NEUTRAL relationship with our group. Unfortunately your audience is hostile to us and therefore negotiations are rarely an option considering the amount of times people have told us WP have attacked us whilst we were asleep. But sure; I hope in the near future we will engage in diplomacy, as of right now however - We are not interested due to reasons I will not spoil on a forum as they are IC. Don't wanna feed the mEtAgAmErS, you know? In regards to everyone else with their recent posts, as brother @DuquesneLR stated - I don't appreciate the back and forth on my thread. If you have disagreements with members in my group you can either yeet them a DM or speak to me. Much love tho
  15. Ronnie

    BeanZ WAR

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