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  1. Ronnie

    The Wolf Pack Media Thread ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  2. Ronnie

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    im moist
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    00.59 "Noooo haha" Got me fucking dead man
  5. Ronnie

    S1 Kabanino NVFL/BadRP

    Server and location: S1, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:00 UK time Your in game name: Larry O'Leary Names of allies involved: District Name of suspect/s: Unknown, called himself Zan? Logs will tell Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were in Kabanino goofing around with our Runner friends when @Ryan Shepherd was accidentally killed in a friendly scrap that got out of hand. We go to gather his belongings off his person and realise that a man called 'Zan' was also taking from our boss's body. He quickly logs out around the corner and comes back in 5 minutes later where we confront him about stealing. He confesses that he stole multiple FN-FAL mags and other items from Shepherd's body with very little regret in his tone. The boys did not appreciate how 'Zan' was talking to them so an initiation occurred. From this point on we were trying to engage in any form of Hostage RP but 'Zan' consistently tried to make demands in ordering us boys with what to do, baring in mind there was about 6 of us and 1 of him. We eventually put him in the long barn and tie him up before taking his belongings alongside taking back our own as punishment. He continued to mouth off to us, calling us retarded etc to which I responded by telling him another sly comment and he will die. I then took his belongings and delivered the things we didn't need to the Runners. As I returned I was informed that he had ignored the majority of anything said and even AFK'd for a long period of time with us stating "If you're just going to ignore us and don't talk to us, we will kill you". I came back and found Zan with his pants off and @ChrisW threatening to shove a flare up his arse to get any form of response out of him. This is where I turned on my recording software as I could then confirm that 'Zan' was AFKing mid-hostageRP without telling us why. 'Zan' eventually came back after a while and began to waffle about things we already knew. But what caught our attention was that he stated "I just two 3 cartridges of FN and 3 cartridges of other things, then I just stayed on the other side. And when I just RELOG IN...". This caught all of our attention before he turned to @ChrisW again and called him a 'Small Guy' after being told not to mouth off multiple times otherwise he would be killed. He then got extremely close to @ChrisW's face which resulted in a well-deserved boop to the nose, killing the man dead. To summarise: He stole from our boss's corpse and got caught. He showed no care for his life when confronted and initiated, he was given plenty of chances to keep himself alive (as we quickly discovered that English is not a language he is fluent in) but failed to meet the majority of our demands. He AFK'd and blanked us thinking we'd go away, mouthed off to us multiple times after being told his attitude will get him killed if it continues.
  6. Ronnie


  7. Ronnie

    Baguette or Roll?

    This is democracy manifest
  8. Ronnie

    S1 Novaya Possible KoS/NLR/NVFL

    Drop the report please. I have discussed with the people and am happy to close the issue.
  9. Ronnie

    S1 Novaya Possible KoS/NLR/NVFL

    Server and location: S1, Novaya Petrovka School Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08/08/2019 03:04 UK time (literally in the last 10 minutes) Your in game name: Larry O'Leary Names of allies involved: @OxeN @HDragon @Cuchulainn Name of suspect/s: Not sure. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: We approached Novaya to settle some previous issues our group had with NATO in the school. We take up positions and end up getting spotted a couple of times. We lose our patience after a lot of heated talking between both parties and decide to initiate and a firefight breaks out. We end up killing the whole group and take over the school for a while. Myself, Oxen, Hdragon and Cuchulainn celebrate with a few others who helped out then throw a funky party. This lasts quite a while, perhaps an hour or so? I am not certain. Anyways, I eventually spot a man outside punching a zombie and appears to be eavesdropping so I warn the others and go out to say hello. The second I come out to greet the man - He guns me and @Cuchulainn down immediately, no interaction whatsoever. I am suspicious of the possibility that this man had nothing to do with hostile encounter nor was he a part of NATO as they all wore similar and military styled clothes. This man was dressed in tracksuits and a hard hat. I am also suspicious of the fact that he attacked us alone whilst we were 7-people strong that all had kill rights on him if he was NATO, which leads me to the suspicion of NVFL. NLR is not a card I want to call either but should this man be NATO he looked fairly freshly spawned, leading us to believe that he may have been one of the members that we killed. I would like to ask for the kill logs and connection logs and invite whoever killed us out of nowhere on discord for a chat to resolve this.
  10. Ronnie


  11. Ronnie

    Michael Peach's mysterious broadcast [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Larry sighs with disinterest at the strange broadcast before his ear perks up at Phoenyxx's voice. He raises a brow before putting the PTT to his lips, chuckling momentarily.* "Let me guess, Phoenyxx - anot'er boy wavin' his cock abou' places where it isn't due? You an' yer Pack people seem ta' be slappin' people left, roigh' an' centre! Hah!" *He releases the PTT*
  12. Ronnie

    That any way to treat a friend?

    *Larry recognizes the woman's voice from the previous transmission. He smirks and raises the PTT to his mouth* "Maybe if t'is li'l drama queen turns up, oy could practise me spud-gun trick on 'im. Maybe even teach'm a li'l bit, tá? Wha' d'you t'ink, me dherlin'?" *He'd then release the button with a chuckle, continuing to enjoy his canned beverage by Kenneth's inn.* // @Fae
  13. Ronnie

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Apologies in advance as I don't know if this is a dumb question or not - Whenever I shelf a character I mention that they've either gone into hiding as per usual or have crossed the border into Russia. I am terrible at reading walls of text but couldn't notice when I did read the lore whether the conditions in Russia are equally as apocalyptic as South Zagoria's. So basically, is there anywhere in the lore where the situations in Chernarus are compared to Russia in terms of general destruction? @Major
  14. Ronnie

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *The Gypsy snorts, he quietly listens to the series of vulgar transmissions being sent across one another as he accidentally taps into the frequency. He blinks with a chuckle before raising the radio to his mouth, pressing the PTT* "Dia ár sábháil! Oy 'av never heard such a verbal pissin' contest since two-t'ousand an' t'ree! Whoever is talkin' on dis t'ing, Oy'm pretty sure t'a' ye will never sort this bollocks out wit' words. Avoid each ot'er, or do tae world a favour and start puttin' each ot'er intae t'ground!" *He releases the PTT, smirking at his contribution of stirring the pot.*
  15. Ronnie

    ShaggyShack Inn

    Larry quirks a brow at the mention of an inn opening in Chernarus. He finishes his cigarette, raises his radio to his mouth before pressing the PTT. "'Ey, fella, will this be some koind'o travelodge ye' plan on runnin'? If so do ye' plan on servin' up some bevvies? An' what koind? Oi could do with a drink or two." Behind the radio the gypsy smiles faintly with interest, his tone seems genuine and keen for an answer.
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