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  1. Brucewayne


    oh the beauty of chernarus
  2. Brucewayne

    Left Behind

    A Concoction of Photos.... cuz photos are worth a million words -J
  3. looks like youre on a broom stick, but a tent im guessing
  4. I am making this report due to what you call "role play".... not about my loot. I do not base loot over my rp. Role play to me is much more than pulling a heist or pulling the trigger. "Note Ark called upon Matt's POV"
  5. Server and location: S1, Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16-04-2016, 20:53 Your in game name: Han Yoshimura Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: "Nikolai" Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately was not recording as I usually would Detailed description of the events: After leaving my friends at Sverograd, I made my way up devils castle, then through the woods to Grishino where upon my arrival I thought the town was a ghost town. I go past the church in Grishino and then begin searching houses for food. Made my way to the right towards the log cabin, searched the cabin then a few moments later when I then heard three or more steps and three guys came up to "Greet" me at the front. 1 their Role play was bad in my opinion. (russian type role play, gun hoe type) Excuse my french, but so you can get an understanding of how their role play was. They circled around me.... So I could already guess what was going to happen. They asked my name. I said Han. 2. They circled and got close to me trying to check my pulse (I was under impression that you are not allowed to do that, correct??or not) After I said my name they kept walking around me and asked if I needed any supplies or if I was looking for something in specific. Knowing that they would most likely hold me up I kept walking around always having them be in front of me. I then replied to them that I am looking for food. I asked them whats your name and the "role player" with the "russian accent". replied back with "Nikolai" 3rd. He then said here is some food. When out of nowhere comes another guy with a non russian accent screaming. Literally screaming(badrp) and I quote "Put your hands up!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! RIGHT NOW !!! RIGHT NOW!! OR WE WILL SHOOT!! so I went on with how I would normally role play.... and if the way I role play is any worse compared to theirs( meeting and running up to someone then holding them up and threatening to kill them literally after 10 seconds of coming up to the person) So Like I said I role played how I normally would. I decided to say " Really, thats not going to happen" so I got down on my knees and put my rifle to my neck (role playing of course, if they had a good mind set they would have role played along with it.) This is what happened - "YOU REALLY THINK WE GIVE A FUCK IF YOU SHOOT YOURSELF" "YOU REALLY THINK WE GOING TO GIVE A DAMN IF YOU DO IT FOR US" "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE WONT DO IT FOR YOU" -Russian accent Wait but its not done. a few more moments of them screaming and hollering in their gun hoe "russian" form of roleplay I get shot. I AM SHOT DEAD. Here is when I go about reporting it, regardless of who was right or wrong. And you call that role playing.. running up to a person talking for less than 20 seconds, then HOLD THE WORLDS BIGGEST HEIST ON THEM RIGHT? Now not trying to bad mouth anyone. What I am trying to do is help you visualize how it went down. And in my opinion it was bad role playing from their side. Showing absolutely no value to "role play" from their perspective other than just worried about pulling a heist and getting "loot", the video clearly shows they where in it for "loot" instead of role playing.
  6. Thanks man, hope the community enjoys the video and as I have not been playing, sort of dropped of the face of the earth. I'm still here and I will take sometime to get back at it again. Glad to hear that it has had a positive impact on you aswell. Jamie! lol I will still be here, just been busy and thought I'd share my old video
  7. I Will still be here, around. It's an old video just thought I'd share it, many of you might find the voices in the video to be familiar... good times(:
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