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  1. The Wild West is coming to Chernarus! Basically what I'm trying to put is having a town in Chernarus locked down in a war against bandits and cowboys. People will be coming in shooting off any enemies in sight that are deemed a threat. There should be no vehicles like helicopters or bikes. Requirement to enter for cowboys: Survivor/Hero skins to show your alliance to the cowboy faction and to help any allies within. Requirement to enter for bandits: Bandit skins to show your alliance to the bandit faction. The weapons that are a go for this event: - Revolvers - M1911 Pistols - 15rnd Lever Rifles - Lee Enfield Rifles - CZ 550 Sniper Rifles - Double Barrel Shotguns - Remington Shotguns - Crossbows - Makarov PM Pistols The weapons that are not a go for this event: - Everything Else " This event should last for the rest of the weekend and clans should not be allowed to use any outdoor weaponry into the fight. People in this event would be close and fire mainly with pistols while having the rifles as heavy support. Snipers should honestly be a limit as it is not much fun for the opponent who gets killed by a meager faraway shot."
  2. I like to see a bit of weaponry balance as well within. I'm talking weapons like AKs, Enfields, Winchesters, CZ-550s, Shotguns, and pistols. Reduce the level of High-tech weaponry except maybe SVDs, Saigas, Ak-107 PSOs, and such. It would be nice if both factions would have a specific loadout. One faction can use AKMs while the other use AK-74s. Make Makarovs, revolvers, PDWs, and glocks sidearms for the troops. This can help identify which faction the person is by their loadout, reduce innocent deaths. It would be fun to go the extra mile and include different uniforms like Soldier Skins for S-GRU and camo skins for RF.
  3. We have An-2s, Hueys, and littlebirds, they can be enough.
  4. Would like to see this come to a reality, Helicopters and planes dropping troops off, firefights, the works.
  5. Map Updated, see page 1. Major I can do that for you but I need a symbol that represents your clan.
  6. I'll see what I can do tommorow for the picture, it's no problem.
  7. Okay. The Right side primarily is S-GRU territory with some RF alliance spots. Up north to Krash is mainly neutral territory. S-GRU alliance territory straight north with neutral territory hitting west near NWAF. Chernogorosk and Elecktro is neutral territory. The west is controlled by RF with a few of their territories plus S-GRU.
  8. Sorry, I had a bigger image but microsoft paint screwed it up. Orange= RF, Red= S-GRU. Gray= Neutral.
  9. "With the flaming hatred among post-Soviet Union formers the "S-GRU and the Rising Freeborns, tentions continue to mount in Chernarus. Many Chernarussian citizens are undecided on who's allegiance seems necessary in order to maintain order in this sprawling fallout. The S-GRU imperialized martial and militant standards. Confiscating Chernarussian citizens of their weaponry in order to maintain a safe and justifiable rule over Chernarus. The Rising Freeborns are another group that dispell the S-GRU's enforced socialism. Rising up to attack their past comrades in a fight to free Chernarussians with the ideals of any government that they deem necessary." "Both factions must wage a civil war that can ultimately change the fate of Chernarus and it's inhabitants. Citizens are encouraged to fight alongside one faction as militia or their own foot soldiers. Who will you be?" <:: OOC Information ::> Basically, what I'm saying is like a major civil war that goes on among both factions with their alliances as well. They conquer enemy and neutral terrorities and whoever has the most will win. One faction may have more influence than the other so that faction would have to encourage people to go on their side. There will be air and vehicle support like soldiers dropping from An-2 planes. Multiple citizen soldiers riding along URALs and other vehicles. Give the faction distinction among each other. For example, S-GRU could wear soldier uniforms while the RF wear camouflage uniforms. Have more close combat fights with a minimum amount of snipers on each team. Tax conquered terrorities for ammunition and other supplies to help their faction. Many clans could play a role as support and even take advantage of the situation and pillage after fights. This is not anything official, just a mere suggestion.
  10. Don't listen to the Gruillas Boris, your welcomed here!
  11. Pepin

    Donation vehicles

    I like the idea, that's very nice of you Rolle for suggesting that.
  12. Bravo! Bravo! Rejoice Sire Moblos! Guide us to the light with your holy red 4-wheeled steed!
  13. You can join the EMS clan my newcoming friend, there you will be met with other people that share the same interests as you.
  14. Get back here Moblos, we miss your ass.
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