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  1. Raised Methodist Christian until I became a bit obsessed with whether or not I would go to heaven or hell when I was 10. The only thing I could focus on when it came to religion was where I'd go when I died. It caused me intense anxiety, so in my teens I just decided that nobody will ever have answers so I shouldn't worry about it. Ignored religion/the afterlife for years until a few months ago, after several people I knew from high school and a family member passed away. Just trying to explore plausible answers to things now. Currently, I've been reading a lot on chaos theory.
  • Kaleb

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck guys! Can't wait to see what y'all are capable of with a group like this.
  • "I believe I am the highest power, absolutely." When Axel came into the world, his father swore he was the second coming. Although his family later rescinded this claim, Axel kept that sentiment. He was God. Maybe it would've been best to rule over his kingdom silently, but Axel grew up loud and rebellious. He would cross-dress to school just to get provoked into a fight. Tackling whoever made a single comment and beating them relentlessly. Expulsion, homeless, and no chance of getting into college, Axel turned to music and alcohol on the streets. He traveled across the country with nothing but a guitar and a bottle of Jim Beam. Alcohol turned to harder drugs. Harder drugs turned to insanity. Axel embraced it all. After gaining a bit of a following from his busking, Axel scraped up enough extra cash that wasn't being used for the needle and headed off to Europe in 2000. He had a lot of ground to cover now. Skip to 2009, Axel is known as the "Travelling Carnival of Excess", he led a roving caravan of some bandmates who shared his philosophy on life. They never had many people show up to their shows, but it got them along. As years passed bandmates expressed wanting to "settle down", to Axel there was no settling down. This was the way life was supposed to be. He was alone once again, the one man act. Axel found himself in South Zagoria, he had never seen such a beautiful country. Complete and utter chaos. He hated everyone and it seemed like everyone here hated him too. People covered in blood rushing to kill him. This was his kind of party. Now he gets to extract his superior judgment onto its citizens. He is the law of the land. Sure, drugs are a bit harder to find now, but at least they're free.
  • Kaleb

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @BrianM @DaRsnn @MrSaltyFish "Let's go to VMC," They said, "Keep your weapons holstered."
  • Kaleb

    What do you listen to ?

  • Kaleb


    Ayy, great to be here folks.
  • Kaleb

    Notes and Sketches

    Really nice artwork/formatting! Looking forward to seeing more in the future.
  • Lincoln grew up in a traditional southern family in Richmond, Virginia. His name passed down from generations of military service and American debauchery. Enlisting at 18, Woods did a few tours in Afghanistan and met his wife Evelyn Bishop, a reporter for a national publication in Britain. After being discharged, Lincoln studied Journalism at VCU and crossed the ocean to start a life with Eve. Eve gave birth to Charlotte in 2007 and Woods family settled down in London. Lincoln eventually became a professor at one of the local Universities. Life became rocky in 2017 after Lincoln and Evelyn both began having affairs. With these events coming to light, the two began marriage counseling. Once summer hit, Lincoln decided a road trip across Europe could bring an air of excitement back into his families life. A spot he had picked to spend a few nights at was Chernogorsk, Chernaurus. He had once visited the country in 2009 reporting on the civil war but became fascinated in its unique culture and beautiful wilderness. The family packed up and left London on June 20th. They stopped in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Istanbul, Kiev, and finally Chernaurus on July 5th. They got lost among the chaos of that week. Once it became too late to leave the area, the family camped up in the mountains for months. They started off on the road again. Lincoln lost his wife in an enraged crowd in a small village. Lincoln and Charlotte wandered and lived off of scraps for 2 years, working their way up north in an attempt to start back home. They met and traveled with a few other groups of likewise people from time to time. One night, the gypsy camp they were staying at was attacked. Lincoln lost sight of Charlotte as men and women were being gunned down. Not being able to find her he ran off into the woods. He returned a couple nights later. The camp was dilapidated and pillaged. Corpses stretched along the woods. Not one of them his daughter. She had either escaped or had been taken. Lincoln stays in Chernaurus in hopes of one day finding his daughter, but it has been months now since the attack. He'll stay here until he finds an answer.
  • Kaleb

    What would be your character's best death / death song be?

    I'd have Warren go out after one last fight with one last wound. He'd take a stroll on the beach, eventually popping a squat. Warren would look for some seashells until his vision faded.
  • Kaleb

    Real life picture Thread

    i was once a poor man's phantom of the opera for a neat play
  • Kaleb

    People can use Telekinesis

    stopping this would be impossible as im sure people would just go into different comms where they can't really be caught breaking said rule. just something we've got to live with until maybe radios IG get fleshed out, but still, people could just use other comms (disco, skype, mumble, etc) instead of going through the trouble of finding talkies.
  • Kaleb

    The New Guy

    welcome to dayzrp, i love you.
  • Kaleb

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Good luck out there man!
  • Kaleb


    Good luck to all the fighters! I'll be observing the spectacle from the sidelines.
  • Kaleb

    Age limit on players modification

    I don't really think the things that happen in DayZRP are appropriate for 12 to 14 year olds. Also the maturity gap can really get in the way of the quality of RP. I'm not saying some kids can have excellent RP and acting skills but the fact is, the majority do not and will most likely end up getting banned.
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