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  1. Smoke

    Fence Building Question

    /Moved to Questions Its harder to break through walls when they’re the other way. It’s just being smart, no rulebreaks.
  2. Smoke

    • Smoke
    • Falk

    All Irish groups have to go through Rolle. AFAIK, extremist groups are case by case. 

    1. Falk


      thinking that tbh. thank you ex admin smoke 

  3. Smoke

    Jamie's Art Thread [Requests Currently Open]

    Thank you pal x
  4. Smoke

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  5. Smoke




    scared dog GIF

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      you getting banned or wha

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      Unknown Entity


  6. Smoke

    Jamie's Art Thread [Requests Currently Open]

    Here are just a few I made. Some have animated borders and stuff. If you see one you like, feel free to use it. Hope you like em'. Hope you guys enjoy them. Requests are currently open if you wanna chuck them down below and I'll get to them when I can. Thanks.
  7. Smoke

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  8. Smoke

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    Eh, with NVFL it would mean actually dying in-game so you can't really use that since by game mechanics, they're still alive.
  9. Smoke

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    So please answer this. Will I receive BadRP if I go into Kamensk without a hazard suit? And no, it wouldn't be forcing a condition as such, i'd be enforcing the lore. Just like going around saying that Chernarus isn't an island, Kamensk is a heavily radiated zone.
  10. Well, up to Rolle. If I see someone in the middle of radiation without a suit, then I'll enforce the current lore we have behind Kamensk. If they decide to be macho man and say that they're immune to radiation or of the sort, i'll chuck up a report for powergaming the fact that the lore behind the military base doesn't apply to them. It's either BadRP or Powergame depending on how you look.
  • Smoke

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    So it's not powergame to stroll into Kamensk and play off that they're fine and that they don't need a hazard suit?
  • Smoke

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    But they're in a radiated zone not playing off the effects of obvious radiation?
  • Smoke

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    Follow up question to Para's. We take someone hostage in Kamensk and they are not wearing radioactive equipment and we attempted to force that upon them saying they're going to get sick and die, would that either be BadRP or Powergame from the hostage's side if they choose to not follow through with that?
  • Dan

    • Dan
    • Smoke

    lol denied buddy boiiiiii

    1. Smoke


      Watch it pal

  • Smoke

    Frannys Artworks

    lmao, this is fantastic. Well done.
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