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    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    I don’t see any problem with the rules in their current state. With this rule in place it allows role play negotiations to take place but removing this rule will make it so people take the easy way and just shoot a hostage straight up.
  2. Jamie

    Free Games

    Why not. Cheers, Western.
  3. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    Addition: Hello again, We missed something small whilst posting which was the actions of @ScarRP. As we can see by the logs, he was kicked from the server 4 minutes subsequently to the situation. Even though it was a kick, we can see no attempt was made to join back. We understand the server was laggy, but crashes happen and you do need to make an effort to join back. In the future, if you keep trying to no avail of joining back, contact a staff member. In this case since no attempt was made, you will be issued a Combat Log punishment. You can see the other party made an effort to try and join back, it's only fair everyone does the same. We apologize for missing this off the main verdict and we will do our best so that it does not occur again. Additional outcome: @ScarRP | Combat Logging | 3 Day Ban, 1 Banstrike Signed by @Sleepyhead & @Descendants.
  4. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    Hi everyone, We've decided to issue a verdict for this report. We've reviewed the footage and all the POVs involved. Summing up the situation briefly, the OP came across the accused in Vybor Industrial. Some interaction occurred and we start from where the video picks off. The OP is supposedly talking in a foreign language and is then initiated on by the accused. They transport him down and receive shots, they then execute the hostage for non-compliance. The Accused: You took Onion hostage which is completely fine. You were transporting him down and requested he runs faster, which he replied with he can't due to carrying capabilities preventing him from doing so. You then tell him to drop his armour in which he did so. You say that he wasn't compliant but we see the hostage being fully compliant throughout the situation. The reasoning for you to execute him was based off the fact you were taking shots. Multiple of you in Teamspeak/Discord state "Shoot the hostage" when the shots endured. This is a rulebreak. You then tell Onion to tell them to stop shooting otherwise he would die, when you took his radio. Unless he developed the skill of telepathic communication, he isn't able to. It's your responsibility to get him to a semi secure area so that you can either fend out and kill the assailants or take his radio and do hostage negotiations. He was fully compliant and it was not a valid reason for killing him. @Challenger It was you that decided to blast him away at (03:19) of the video. You were told by your allies to execute him so they are partially to blame for, but you committed the actions. Had you been aware of the rules in the first place, you would have known that your actions were wrong and you would not have committed the rulebreak. You will be receiving a 3 day ban and 1 banstrike. A verbal warning extends to the rest of your group too due to the terrible organization and general rule knowledge. We hope you learn from this and do not want to see actions like this again. The OP: Looking at the start of the video, your actions were questionable to say the least. The accused is attempting to communicate you and you're literally spewing out gibberish, preventing any development to occur. Had there have been an actual reason for this, may it be that you were mocking them or something along the lines, we may have been more tolerable towards it. But the fact remains in your POV you stated the following: It wasn't a foreign language at all. Your actions were borderline trolly and the reasoning for it was poor as anything. You knew you weren't speaking a foreign language and had you actually had a better reasoning for it, then we could of perhaps seen the reasoning for it. But, for the reasons stated above, you will be receiving a BadRP punishment. We'd suggest to you to use the chat to portray an Armenian character like the following: Jesus: *Speaks in Armenian* You are a fat dick. *He would glance towards them.* This is a better way of following it out. Please don't act like that again. Outcome: @OnionRP | BadRP | Guilty - 5 Day Ban, 1 Banstrike @Challenger | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | Guilty - 3 Day Ban, 1 Banstrike Signed off by @Sleepyhead, @DrMax & @Descendants.
  5. Jamie

    [NGA] New Generation Army (Recruitment Open)

    You’ve recently just had a group archived, you’ll have to wait unfortunately. /Archived.
  6. Jamie

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    It’s a game mechanic, and I don’t see why it should be removed. No from me.
  7. Jamie

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Logs will be posted shortly, but just wanted to ask a few things. @Nightwing How long was it prior that you were supposedly with your allies IG? @Ron @ScarRP Do you have any more video evidence which extends prior to this situation? Thanks.
  8. Jamie


    I'll put this in a safe place for you guys, sad to see this shelved. If you want it back, you know what to do. /Places on shelf.
  9. Jamie

    S1: BADRP - 06/12/18 Around 21:03

    Hi all, A team of staff have reviewed this case and have come to a suitable conclusion regarding it. To summarize the situation concisely, the OP was met with a car driving along the road. They pulled over to the side, combat rolled out and initiated on the OP's party. They decided not to comply which resulted in their swift defeat. We don't see anything wrong with this encounter. There are accusations for BadRP against the accused, but there was no chance for them to preform since their initiation resulted in non-compliance. Had the OP's side complied, you would be able to judge their roleplay far better. @BudFather If you had been taken hostage by them and they decided to make deer noises and run around in the nude, then that'd be BadRP. You were quick to say that their actions were poor when you restricted them with the chance to properly interact with you. We're not having a go saying you shouldn't have fought back since everyone has that option to, unless it's NVFL, but you took the risk of getting blown away. For the reasons above, we will not be issuing any punishments to anyone involved. Outcome: No rulebreaks, no action taken. Signed by @Jamie, @Sleepyhead & @Descendants
  10. Jamie

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    I disagree on the not moving part. We do the text initiations so that people can hear the initiation, and if they can clearly hear it when the car is turned off, then text shouldn't be required. If the engines on, then I'm fine with both. We've had cases before where people have clearly heard the initiation and decided not to comply, but then make a report afterwards because they died and use the rules against them saying they didn't do a text initiation.
  11. Jamie

    bad version?

    We're on stable and are using our own modpack. Check this out.
  12. Jamie

    Persistence Backup

    As far as I'm aware, we're not doing any backups or anything of the sort. We're advising people to wait until 1.0 to begin building bases since they are very buggy right now. As of this post, you can run through the buildings, some structures get lost of restart etc etc. I'd suggest to wait until 1.0 hits at the end of the week.
  13. Jamie

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    It's good to see DayZ leaving early access.
  14. Jamie

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    It's up now supposedly.
  15. Jamie

    The Lone Star Protectorate (Open Frequency)

    Alexei picks up the radio. You hear a Chernarussian accent. Ahoj, I have a spot over in that town, it might be near where you're talking about. I stuck up some fences and whatever. I'm fine with having neighbors if you're okay with that, I don't want any issues. He puts his radio back down.
  16. Jamie

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    There was some metagame in that video, gonna have to bring it up to staff. Brilliant video
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    Soft voice

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      I got you to 6000

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      isn't he on final tho

      could be fun to see them go against their word again tho

      if im wrong (probably so) then yes plz

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    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    Hello, Jamie here. Reading a recent report, someone was flattened by someone driving a car. It's inconclusive whether they did it on purpose, but with the evidence provided, they ran them over. I think personally 7 days is a long ban for a potential accident. It's different if you aim your gun at someone and shoot someone as 90% of the time it's ill intent or confusion with the rules. But when you're driving along the road, it's likely to be an accident if you run someone over. The reason I'm suggesting this now is due to the number of cars we have on the server now, I think it'd be smart to re-introduce the rule. I think 7 days is a steep ban, especially in the state of the game and how laggy it can be. I haven't personally seen the state of cars in this patch, but I know they've had a bad reputation in the past. If there's evidence of ill intent, then 7 days is fine, but the standard VDM punishment should be brought back. Just something along the lines of: LMK what you think, if it's a shit suggestion, just close the thread.
  22. Jamie

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    I also believe in that verdict it should have been a 5 day regardless. @RedRP encountered them 20 or so minutes prior and wouldn't personally label that as a KOS, more Invalid Kill, role played. But I don't wanna turn this isn't a discussion about his punishment, more talking generally about the rule. Well, I specified in the example that if there was evidence of ill intent to purposely run someone over in a video perhaps, treat it like a KOS. But, for middle ground we should bring back the VDM and treat it as a 5 day ban, 1 banstrike. In that case, if it was a genuine accident due to the laggy physics of the game, they won't receive the highest punishment bracket below perma, and there will be some tolerance.
  23. Jamie

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    So when shit like in the video happens and someone isn't recording, they're gonna be hit with a full 7 days? I think that's extreme to be honest. The lag for vehicles is still there, and we should be less strict comparing it to some kid holding right click, adjusting his mouse to be aiming at someone and pressing left click.
  24. Jamie

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    KOS is aiming your gun and shooting someone. You remember how bad vehicle lag used to be, and I believe it's still an issue due to the state of the game. I think it's entirely different and should be treated how it was in mod days.
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      arent you supposed to be a legend?