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    Docter Fisher is back..

    Welcome back.
  2. Jamie

    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    Calling in @Pinkerton to post his POV.
  3. Jamie

    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    Calling in @Syoto to post his POVs. Edit: Disregard this post if you were not involved.
  4. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill | Stary | 18:58 - 15/09/18

    All of the footage that you captured, thank you.
  5. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill | Stary | 18:58 - 15/09/18

    So give me a rundown of exactly happened between they supposedly threatened you and your encounter again. Where did you go? Did you meet anyone besides Anarchy? Who did you meet in the Anarchy group? Answering these will give us a better run down of how the situation transpired. Please be as detailed as possible, and also post all the video evidence you recorded.
  6. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill | Stary | 18:58 - 15/09/18

    Hi, just a few things. I explicitly asked you for video evidence when I called you in. Did you purposely ignore that part or just oblivious to the fact I wrote it? Regardless, please post any if you have it. Also, what was the time span between the OP's group allegedly threatening you and you killing them? Was it within 2 hours? Please answer these questions. Thank you kindly. Edit: Please post it.
  7. Jamie

    S1: KOS | Stary | 23:12 - 18/09/18

    Calling in @DrMax for his POV on the situation.
  8. Jamie

    S1: KOS | Stary | 23:12 - 18/09/18

    Due to some of the log files being corrupted, I'll dig through and see if I can find anything. If anyone has any information pertaining to this report, contact myself or another GameMaster. Thanks.
  9. Jamie

    S1: KOS | Stary | 23:12 - 18/09/18

    Due to the logs being hard to decipher, is there any more details you can give to us besides the one line saying you got shot? Thanks.
  10. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill | Stary | 18:58 - 15/09/18

    Calling in @Brandon Wayne to post their full POV on the matter. Please also post any video evidence you may have recorded. Remember that withholding evidence can lead to permanent removal. Thanks!
  11. Jamie

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Better. 7/10
  12. Jamie

    S1: Invalid Kill | Stary | 18:58 - 15/09/18

    We’re currently experiencing issues with retrieving the logs. We will post them when available. Apologies.
  13. I see the point. But, the rules get enforced differently over time and sometimes things become stricter whilst other things become more lenient. Before, Rolle was lenient and decided to let a load of people back. A majority of them got themselves permed again AFAIK and he has decided that permanent bans are now permanent and nobody receives a second chance. And if people want to come to play the Arma 2 server, then they go through the standard whitelist which grants them rights to play on all our servers. If we had a separate whitelist for the permed players, they would still have access to the forums, teamspeak ETC. Why take the risk of possible negative outcomes that can ruin the experience for normal players that want to just have fun? I don't mean to sound like a cunt because I agree that some players received a perm for silly things but we need to have a standard that applies to everyone. The best they can do is wait a few months/year and try and appeal it down the line when things may become more lenient.
  14. Whats the benefit of having a separate whitelist? It's the same lore and the same rules?
  15. https://www.dayzrp.com/rules/ Scroll to the bottom after reading the new rules and hit accept.
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    smites good

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      Not at all.

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      It's shit atm

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      yall suck at smite smh

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    Lore poll

    The most recent lore wipe that took place was rushed. We should have waited until we had a proper solid base and beta was released. I know at the time we had no time span as to whether beta would be released in a few days, few months or even years. But, we had something good made by @Major, @Chief and the other LMs, we should have kept a hold of it and been ready for it. But, since that decision has already been made, we need to think of a way of doing it better and not just repeating what we did before and just wiping characters. For me, the Arma lore is a solid base for lore and adapt off it. The current lore is good, but actual details as to how the infection started isn't clear and people just use their own imaginations. That's decent and all, but I think there should be a proper story behind patient zero and not just "someone got bit and that's how it started" kinda deal. Even if we did something like an asteroid came down from space and smacked down just outside of Chernarus and people in the immediate area got infected with a virus. I dunno, Blops zombies lore I know. I also think that we should have a structure for people to play around. It's always been a case of join the server and go find random people and random groups that players make. That's good, don't get me wrong, but we went through a small phase where we had 2 lore groups and you basically picked a side. If we had some lore groups potentially ran by staff and some other volunteers, we would be able to create an environment where there is still somewhat stability of proper bases which we can implement in with the map editor, sustain the lore groups with vehicles which they would have prior to the infection which could be done with Admin tools etc. I think it would be far more immersive having a check point ran by an actual Chernarussian army with Mi17 patrols and such. Then as things progresses, aggressors and rioters attack the place and then stability slowly breaks down and more solid groups will form around it. This will be far easier to do with Admin tools of course. I still firmly believe we do need changes to the original lore we have now, we can't just say "Eh, we'll keep the current lore and just do a wipe." The lore is good to have so everyone is on the same page, but I think another dynamic of lore being physically in-game with lore groups and trade posts would be brilliant. Just my 2 cents.
  18. Welcome back b, it's good to see you back x
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    DayZ Mod poll

    What about Overpoch? Bit more mods in that pack.
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    Welcome to the fold!

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      Thank you!