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  1. About OpenID

    You might be getting confused. We used to have an Arma II server in the past, but soon when it died around 3ish years ago, they transferred to the DayZ Standalone server. There might be a few other communities running Arma II RP, you might have to go check.
  2. Hmm

    Since when can anyone give thread warnings? We used to give points to people that tried to moderate without the tag. Things change or? If you're not gonna give him points, just removing the thing off would be good. I remember when @Rolle said that we've never having big red thread warnings on the site again, so I'm surprised he hasn't dealt with it himself.
  3. Hmm

    It was a purely an additional question to my original question. dank je for the response.
  4. Hmm

    *echos* Hello
  5. Don't get in trouble again, big boy. I would also like to vent and say I've not been sleeping much because of work. Real killer.
  6. Fuck off my post. But yes, I agree with the inconsistencies too @SweetJoe. I just hope with help from the community, they can actually improve.
  7. We can get away saying it on the forums now too.
  8. Returning

    He's probably gonna get VIP now. Hi, welcome to this lovely place.
  9. Music in posts

    You mean like this? It works exactly like last time. But yeah, I'm sure the function to make that happen is there. @Rolle should do some coding.
  10. Another "hmm"

    I'm tempted to add a suggestion thread for perhaps consistent points and not just random stuff on the fly when certain people are online. But yes, I think I should.
  11. Another "hmm"

    A few months ago, I received 5 points for flaming when I told my friend @Mexi to fuck off. I will provide a link to the warning message below: I was pretty salty, and it ended in my appeal receiving a bias answer as you can see in my appeal, but whatever. I would like to know why I was forced to be made an example of but other people seem to get away with the same attitude? I would like to know whether this is because the staff team despise myself and people whom are connected with me, or it's purely inconsistency because it's one of the two. Speaking to @Sleepyhead, they aren't even friends and he only receives a thread warning, when I was slapped in the ass with 5. An answer to this would be spectacular, thank you. @Rolle
  12. Another "hmm"

  13. Another "hmm"

    This place is hilarious. Thanks for the answer. I shall continue to enjoy having fun and being proactive in-game.
  14. Another "hmm"

    Check the moderation log, we reported the said status update last night. https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/16613-beaterer/?status=53089&type=status
  15. Hmm

    If that's the case, why did a staff member post this when @Elmo called him out?
  16. Maybe they wanted your tents, perhaps that was the point of it.
  17. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    The fuck? And also, never seen your name before. 1/10
  18. Real life picture Thread

    I shaved which means baby face.
  19. Real life picture Thread

    I would tbh. We going for baby pics? Alright.