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  1. Jamie

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    I know you guys don’t have a thread of perm’ed chars or you do, but that’d be a massive thread. The only reason I say that is because the majority of my glitched deaths are due to my internet or something cutting out. I’d play it safe and just say “Hey, my internet cut out and my char died in front of a load of people.” Just so that if a report does occur, whoever dealt with it in teamspeak can say in slack “Oh yeah, he came to the HD about that.” I know it wouldn’t change the report much, since you guys can look at the battleye logs to see whether it was a time out or disconnection. I didn’t mean to write it like it was a requirement, more so just to help you down the line if a report does come up and it looks like you’re making excuses.
  2. Jamie

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    If you die to a bug, that’s fine. Just tell the staff team to make sure they’re aware. If you die from a player engagement, then you’d have to perm. May that be a firefight or execution. Or even if you died by a zombie and other players had witnessed you. if you were killed invalidly, report it and if the report goes through as the opposing side being guilty, you would not have to perm, AFAIK.
  3. Jamie

    It's Been A While...

    You can bring back the reapers if you want. It’s a new lore. I could bring back Saorise if I really wanted, even though I wasn’t even affiliated with the group.
  4. Jamie

    It's Been A While...

    That’s an old name. Bringing back the reapers? Glad to see an old face returning.
  5. Jamie

    Insane lag?

    Same region? Or were they USA servers?
  6. Jamie

    Insane lag?

    Does this occur on other servers as well? And same for you Lyca, do you get the same packet loss on different Teamspeaks?
  7. Jamie

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    If you saw his post before he edited it, he said he should have been sent to the chair. @Romenthegreat yeah I saw that. You’re saying that he deserved death and that’s damn right fucking wrong. In my books, only a small select people deserve it. Murderors and peadophiles. If I said you deserved to fucking die because you supposedly beat your girlfriend, people would get pissed. I would think your words more carefully before you post and get people riled up. Apologies for coming off hot, but that’s a sensitive subject. I suggest that staff should moderate the thread or chuck a warning in.
  8. Jamie

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    I think you should all just show respect for the deceased man. Not to speak ill of the dead.
  9. Jamie

    How do you know what mode someone is in In-Game.

    You can go on each character page individually, or just glance at the server list, it tells you clearly there. If they haven't picked a mode, then assume that they're green.
  10. Jamie

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    I think I led that group amazingly tbh. Also, nice group. I'll look through your goals and lore in more detail and get back to you guys.
  11. Jamie

    • Jamie
    • Chaz

    Nice to see another South African on here. I've not got SA blood, but I spent my early days growing up there. 

    Hope you have fun here and make plenty of friends. 

    1. Chaz


      Thanks! Bly goed.

  12. Jamie

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    Well, it's a good thing you've read this thread now and you know. Silly discussion closed?
  13. Jamie

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    The one thing stopping us from obtaining the EXP branch was memory leaks. I’d assume if they fix that in this patch, we’d have access to it. Fingers crossed. They were going to allow private hive servers have access to the EXP branch. So, it’s not until beta, it’s until the memory leaks are fixed.
  14. Jamie

    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [RNU]

    Gave a quick glance, looks good. Best of luck, doubt you'll need it.
  15. Jamie

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  16. Jamie

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    • big boi

    Hi big boi

    1. big boi
    2. Sleepyhead


      Welcome to the community.

  17. Jamie

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Don't corrupt this thread, Aiko.
  18. Jamie

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Ay congrats. Hopefully you can provide some meaningful and influential rp upon others. good luck.
  19. Jamie

    Insane lag?

    Still based in London, England.
  20. Jamie

    Insane lag?

    Before when the server was getting dossed by Mr Boonie, using a VPN actually helped to get into the server. So if you're not using one, maybe try one.
  21. Jamie

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    You guys had a good run. Best of luck in whatever other ideas you guys create.
  22. Jamie

    Can't answer a thread

    If you check @Sleepyhead's post above, she has a link to the rules where it is shown there. Easily missed though. Have fun.
  23. Jamie


    Welcome back into the fold.
  24. Jamie

    hostile role play question

    There's no harm in asking again for clarification.
  25. Jamie


    Me: Who's gonna win the world cup?

    Sleepy: I don't even know what teams there are. 

    1. Dan



    2. Sleepyhead


      STOP IT


      I can't even defend myself ;____;

    3. Spartan


      Luxembourg of course, you even have to ask? 

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Germany or Belgium

    5. Hakanai Yume

      Hakanai Yume


    6. Darra


      I’m rooting for Senegal!

    7. Jamie


      I think Man U have a decent chance this year.

    8. Hebee


      Not a fan of soccer either @Sleepyhead don't worry.

    9. Shane Is Dead
    10. Hebee


      The greatest. most powerful country in the world says otherwise, check yourself.

    11. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      greatest most powerful country me balls