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  1. Mate, from previous experience if someone is screaming dayzrp is for nerds, shoot him in the head. If you ask the staff team straight up, they'll say no. But in cases like that, I'd do it easy.
  2. Jamie Crouch POV: Whilst walking around Cherno, I catch wind that my friend "Jon Merchant" @Bushy was being arrested for having an illegal firearm, roughly at the same time Pheonyx was arrested. I follow the officer down to the police station and he tells me to fuck off, rightfully. I wait a few minutes and walk up to the police station to see a man with a red shirt talking smack to the guards. The guards were asking everyone to leave due to the hostile situation, and this guy had no intentions of leaving, screaming from his voice "Fuck you" with guns pointed at him. All of a sudden, the guard reacts and he's mowed down. About a few minutes after, a firefight erupts, and Jon is soon let go from the PD after the restart. In my personal view of the situation, it shouldn't be treated as a normal one. The 2 main groups controlling Cherno are 2 different groups, not 1. The fact that they were actively involved in a hostile situation around the building asking people to leave makes them directly involved, so I don't believe the kill on the OP is invalid. I do believe however that there was some baiting/nvfl from the first victim. There was plentiful guards in front of the station telling him to fuck off, and he completely refused to leave after clear hostile intent without even a weapon drawn.
  3. I challenge someone to a bat fight and I last 2 shots and die. 


    1. Finn
    2. OwOgles


      Oh so you were the one laid out near the pub


    3. Jamie


      Perhaps 😄

    4. TZ


      did you challenge the great almighty Han Lee?

      Oh No Facepalm GIF

    5. Whitename


      lol weak

  4. Like this is groovy man, make a stamp and keep that shit up. *He'd walk away with his pistol licence and his G36C in his backpack*
  5. Good meeting you @groovy ducky, some pretty solid RP. I'm still getting used to things, sorry for being a tad awkward Not sure how this group isn't accepted yet.
  6. You're proper talented man, this stuff is mindblowing.
  7. Shout out to all the people that made the event happen. First proper RP sesh in years and it was definitely a wicked standard.
  8. Pretty slick artwork, should stick a border on 7/10
  9. Reading this made me cry, it's clear star wars dude I'm cool with it besides the helmet, people will just be running around as jango
  10. You with me or you gonna shoot me? Heartbroken. I'd shoot @Blackfyre
  11. 9/10, played for a bit together in the past, good lad
  12. Jamie


    It's like keeping my AKM with a drum mag, PSO and suppressor in my flaregun. Those were fun days.
  13. Enjoyed meeting @MaXyM_SR at the airfield. Unfortunately @Bushy stole your water bottle but felt too invested to own up
  14. *Jamie picks up the radio* Hello Mr President, glad to hear that things are being sorted and whatnot. But no disrespect, you expect the current population of Chernarus to reside in the same area? How is that going to work? And you're going to detain people outside the area? Surely that's gonna be a lot of people.. Again, no disrespect. It just seems a bit over the top. *Static endures*
  15. new profile, new me

    1. Conor


      Okay JuicyJamie

    2. Murdercool


      little bit wet if ya ask me 

  16. This is mega

    1. Murdercool


      One would even say. Mega mega Jamie my friend 

  17. I’d probs have to kill you because old days xx
  18. Thanks man, appreciate it x slide in my DMs and send some pics
  19. Split up with the girlfriend last week, so feeling a bit mixed. Been with her for a year and built a relationship with her little lad too. Focusing on improving my mental state and getting my bike on the road.
  20. Looks good Gazza, always pop out different and unique groups out your ass. Good luck x
  21. Jamie

    oh no

    Roleplay is for ga- cool gaming kids welcome back, maybe I’ll make an effort to get IG too
  22. This group looks great guys, good luck xx
  23. Someone sort this man out with some pants
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