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  1. Oh shit.

    Didn't even realize you left staff

    1. Jamie


      Are you fucking flaming me?



      Yeah, I did. :^)

    2. Suturb The Liquidator
  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    3. Robert, Stephen and Daniel. All older then me, it's fun being the youngest. Do you like weeb stuff on the site, or it should be a bannable offence?
  3. Weeb sounds

    I didn't have any other tabs open. I still hear it randomly.
  4. Weeb sounds

    Whenever I click on random pages, I hear a weeb woman having an orgy. Is this normal?
  5. Did anyone record it? @Skinner @Chief @Major
  6. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    And you're supposed to reply to his question. Perhaps read the OP before attempting to participate.
    • Jamie
    • Sleepyhead

    *Nikolai Points gun at Phoebe's temple*

    "I have super quick reactions, so if you move, it's bad for you kiddo."

    *Phoebe moves quicker then his reaction, turning around and killing Nikolai.*

    //see you on the forums kiddo. 


    1. Sleepyhead


      I did a fantastic job escaping my attackers. 

    2. Jamie


      And I mean, you killed them. That's exquisite work, pal. Got away with your life and everything. 

  7. I'm at school need someone to talk to

    lmao, how is this still open
  8. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    KFC makes people fat. Nandos. Marvel or DC?
  9. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Let's fuck.
  10. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    You're slow af. It's the thought that counts I guess. <3
  11. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    That's an offer you cannot refuse from some random whitename. kill
  12. Hey

    I thought you got perm'ed, nice to see you back :^)
  13. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Link to the situation: Appeals section and general posts. Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A, everyone can see it. Feedback: Oliv, Oliv, Oliv. Sometimes you have no chill and stuff you say can be interpreted badly. There can be some days where you come across real short tempered which makes me concerned. Perhaps I'm too used to the fact you're Canadian. If you're ever having a shit day, you need to remember that you can always talk to any of us. (Edit: I might not be in staff, but you can always still talk to me.) You're the Dad of the team and I know you care a lot for it, but just bare in mind that you need to care for yourself. You take on a lot of work and I think it has worn you down a lot. You're active in most areas, and I'm never worrying about your input as an Admin. You have a backbone, and you always have a solid opinion that I can always trust whenever I ask you. Just take some time and make sure you look after yourself first. Perhaps you're overdue for a break, you've earned it. I'll miss you. Suggestions for improvement: Take a break. Keep doing what you're doing. :*