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  1. It's lit, thank you Oliverino.
  2. nope, go ingame and find people.
  3. What do you mean? (confused little here) The staff team doesn't have a lot of resources to put aside to monitor groups and such, that's why there are easy guidlines to easily see whether a group is elligble or not. If we allowed WIP groups, then we'd see a load of shit threads with no work and full of inactivity. If you want to make a group, go ingame and make friends and develop it ICly, or just drop a few people PMs and work it out there. maybe it is meant to be???
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  5. Names for Stary Sobor

    What are you doing?
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    congratz evan

  6. Kirill Ivanenko

    Kiril Header Kirill Ivanenko is a 25 year old man from the Eastern Side of Ukraine, Kobelyaki. He had a hard life growing up with his mother and father. Whilst growing up, he was forced to act under the wrath of his “old ways” father. He would have a strict routine of waking up at 5am every morning to do the chores and aid his father in his woodcutting industry. Whenever he would talk back to his father, he would receive a beating. His Mother on the other hand was slightly more soft, and always attempted to side with Kirill when she could. They both came from a military background, and this was put upon Kirill whilst he was growing up. He was a very influential child growing up, and he would spend a lot of time watching the news in the mornings learning about the conflicts with Russia and Ukraine, causing him to build up hate towards them. He spent time looking through the papers reading for ways to help contribute towards this disastrous government, and there didn’t seem like a way. One day he read about a paramilitary division labelled as PAU. He managed to get in contact with them and offered his aid to them. When he turned 18 years of age, he joined People’s Army of Ukraine Military. He spent the first few years training extensively, becoming in fit condition to become a proper soldier. He had never had shot a weapon prior to joining, but he had a natural skill. Being a slightly temperamental and boisterous child, he definitely received a thrill from firing massive weapons as he felt he could unload an array of bullets to distinguish the anger from him which he built up as a child. Because of this, he can appear that he hates everyone but it’s merely having a short temper and having a bad portrayal of words. Whilst training, he was mainly equipped with Kalashnikovs and PKMs, the PKM being his favoured weapon based on his heavy build. After a few years, he was assigned to join a division which led attacks in Kramatorsk to return back weaponry and such from their compound. It was a failed attack, which led to him and his team fleeing to South Zagoria. Guns. Shooting guns. Looking cool. None, besides cutting himself on his edge. Kateryna Yanukovych.
  7. Thank you, the randiest of Randles.
  8. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Why do people join the community and assume that this is a PVE loot server? It's a roleplay server. If you are heavily unsatisfied with roleplay, I don't think this roleplay community is for you. I would suggest the large amount of PVE servers that DayZ offers. Perhaps this link will be beneficial for you.
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    You have my blessing. Stand out from the others and make shit happen. Good luck. 

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