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  1. Glad you fixed it Willy x /closed
  2. Brilliant roleplay over the past week with you guys, I was standing with a DMR and none of you got any ideas. Hope to see you guys more
  3. Well, if it’s not about gear, then it’s about actual structure? If someone comes and takes down all your structures for the sake of it, then that’s griefing which we already have a rule for? Being here for a few years, I know Rolle will never establish a rule like this, because supposedly we had a period when people were sat in bases and not promoting roleplay, I’m currently fight FOR basebuilding, just adding this shit on top is going to turn people away from basebuilding even more. massive -1 from me.
  4. The rules are in place to create a steady flow of roleplay, hence no KOS, etc. Are you saying that gear is a requirement for promoting roleplay? Because fortunately it’s not. Gear is expendable, as I learned when I had my fishing house raided by locals, whilst I happened to be offline.
  5. Beautiful description of events, take my beans.
  6. Okay, let's be real. If we introduce an offline base raiding rule and disallow it, how will it be implemented? So many people have brought this up before, but never actually suggested a fix, probably because there isn't one. I'm a firm believer in bases, I do believe they're wicked and whatnot, but the idea your proposing about the raiding side of things is unwarranted. What's stopping me from pretending to be offline if someone's knocking on the door? Why should I go extra lengths to make sure someone is inside a house I'm breaking into? Paul: Hey, see this shit? Looks like there is loads of stuff in here! Steve: Yeah, let's break in the fucker! Paul: Oh wait, we should knock to see if there's anyone in, we've got to be kind and respectful and give them a chance. It's never gonna happen mate.
  7. I believe there's a rough split on people that want it, and people that don't. I believe there's a way to have a happy medium personally, but it's just figuring out what that is. I thought about maybe removing the prefab idea, and bringing in plot poles, similar to Epoch. Plot poles could be something only spawned in through the GameMaster team, and maybe only issued to approved groups. Once acquiring a plot pole, it will allow you to construct x amount of object in a Y section of area essentially allowing you to construct a normal base. Now since the idea only allows approved groups, if the feedback is they are not roleplaying and just sat in their base tossing over gear, then that feedback will be portrayed on their group page and the group will be archived, thus, eliminating the problem of people sat in bases. And also for little groups of people, we keep the MoreDoors mod and allow them to set up campfire spots, but just unable to construct walls and whatnot. @Roland ?
  8. The only reimbursements that we do, as staff, is currency ones which you need to put forward a case to Roland and he reviews each case. As for gear, that's a no go. Gear is expendable and quite easily re obtained.
  9. I sent you a PM, and you read it and didn’t reply. If you open up the PM you already saw, you’ll see the fix in that. /closed.
  10. If you decide to delete your account, just submit a support ticket to the admins. Best of luck, glad you’re giving it a try. /closed
  11. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is an English community so you do require basic English knowledge. I've passed your request onto an Admin and it should be deleted shortly. Good luck pal.
  12. you're a gimp this is flame give points

    1. Jamie


      I'm fine with this post personally

    2. Laski


      I was ok with me calling myself a cunt and got points. Point him now or ill make a long thread on how staff are biased and how i am so offended about staff on a roleplay community 

    3. Whitename



  13. Haha dude what 

    1. Will


      Why can’t I be a moderator!

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