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  1. I cannot deal with this anymore. I'm giving you the ultimatum. 

    Change it now, or the girl dies. 

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    4. Majoo



  2. Server and location: The Official DayZRP Black Ops III RP Server, Nuketown map.

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 7pm EST.

    Your in game name: Sleepyhead

    Names of allies involved: @Watchman

    Name of suspect/s: @Jamie

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A few technical vehicles.

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

    Detailed description of the events: I was invited by the accused to join the official Black Ops III RP server. Everything seemed to be going very nicely and everyone was getting along... and then it happened. He turned on us. Jamie RDM'd my best friend, Watchman. He gunned him down like a dog in the street. I tried to reason with Jamie, but there was no stopping it. Soon enough, I was shot down in the blue house and he teabagged me. This is clearly non-consensual ERP & an invalid kill and I will not stand for it by any means. Action needs to be taken immediately. 

    If possible, I would like @Spartan to take care of this report. This is a real man who should be head of the admin team, as soon as Jamie is permanently removed from the community.

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    2. Spartan


      well... you can't say no when you're dead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    • Watchman
    • Jamie

    Server and location:  Black Cops 3 : NukeTown

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  21:58

    Your in game name:  xxWatchmemexx

    Names of allies involved:  @Sleepyhead

    Name of suspect/s: @Jamie

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): RC-XD rawr (My Favorite toy)

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have multiple angle shots of the incident as Black ops has theater mode

    Detailed description of the events:  So me and Sleepyhead were minding our own business on Discord and then Jamie joins and tells us about this cool new RP server that DayZRP setup called Carl on Duty : Black Rocks III and we were skeptical at first, he told us to join with nothing in our layouts and we did so we could be more immersed, when we joined we all muted up and talked ingame, all of a sudden while we are all standing in a circle by the fireplace in one of the blue house, he just shoots us both and starts teabaggin us.. like what the fuck man.. thats not okay you totally just rdmed us and ERP'd  without consent, i re spawned with my gun and and shot him and he started yelling at me calling me a cunt and what not, i got really scared of getting banned.

  3. New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    Shit lore tbh. <3
  4. Oh no. Looky what we have here. 

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      I made some alterations to the bean labels. Don't tell Rolle. 

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  5. Sanctuary

    Not sure if this group makes much sense so early on into the apocalypse. Things would be running riot and this group seems like they're quite chill holding up in a safe haven for anyone to come along too. But, I have faith. Good luck.
  6. Lore Wipe - New way of thinking!

    I mean, if we're looking at it from a realistic perspective.. There most likely would be tonnes of riots. People would be in the mindset of using the apocalypse to their advantage and robbing shops, being way overly cautious of everyone they meet. I kinda hope the mindset changes from the tradition Kabanino to Novy walk along the road. I wanna see people raising guns and being like "Who are you!? Infected or friend?!" blah blah. Some actual fear would be nice to see. But also looking at it from your perspective, this kinda roleplay would be nice to see. More human characters and less cannibalistic fuckheads that just wanna eat you.
  7. Let's start a petition and do it. 

    1. Hebee


      Tbh Who even remembers what he did wrong right? Guy was a legend and this community needs him.

    2. Nihoolious
  8. this is diamond sword to major steve

    you're gonna find diamonds

    1. Hebee


      tbh just un ban diamond if we're being real here.

    2. Jamie


      She dunno Diamond. But eh, I see it.

      And get outta here with this MC shit. Mine craft is for nerds. 

  9. Reminder: Wipe of character pages!

    What a shit thread. I jk. Thank you for reminding me, Admin Lyca. I can now save my shit stories. <3