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    Shhh, no tears, only dreams



  2. I haven't been in for a while, but there are so many different circumstances which lead to difference of opinions and basically perceptions on the rule itself. If it's dark in-game (If that still occurs) and I initiate on someone just inside of VOIP in front of him, he clearly hears me but because visibility is impaired because of the dark, he doesn't have to comply? And I mean, if the intentions are completely obvious, enough time has given but the victim is gonna go along the attitude of "Pfft, I can't see you so why should I comply" is completely flawed and dancing on ruleplay. If the initiator from behind cover clearly says "Hey, you with the orange boonie, stick em' up" then there's no confusion that it's him and nothing wrong at all. Why change a pretty black and white rule of "Initiations must be clear and unambiguous" to something that can be different perceived by GameMasters. Is there a minimum time I get before I can come back and initiate on someone? Does the interaction have to be taking place at the time for me to initiate? I just find it bizarre to change something that isn't broke. If this is to change the frequent initiation mentality, it'll only make it worse in my opinion.
  • Jamie

    Restraining people in game

    *Jamie would go through the mans pockets, emptying everything out of them onto the floor.* //Please drop all stuff in your jacket and trousers.
  • Jamie

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  • Jamie

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Never fail to amaze 10/10
  • Jamie


    @Callie hi

  • Jamie

    Real life picture Thread

    That's fucking dope. T-Shirt whilst paintballing is questionable tho
  • Jamie

    Good uploading services?

  • Jamie

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    You gonna go red now? 

    1. lukaszxe


      Who knows? That's up to the current admin team if they feel that I'm ready for it.

    2. Jamie


      You're the only EU that's been in the game long enough to be considered. Go get it x

    3. lukaszxe


      Yeah, will do. My pc is still shit though can barely be ingame for 3 hours until I can't play anymore. I hope you and sleepy have been doing well ever since leaving staff. You 2 wear those legendary tags with pride!

    4. Osku


      Hell yeah #lukas4admin2019

    5. Lyca


      You go get it. ❤️


    6. FalkRP



  • Jamie


    Played through 3 hours of Metro Exodus to find the save file either disappeared or just upped and left. 

    1. TheMrGasMask


      I'm sorry for your loss Comrade ☹️

    2. Jamie



    3. Jamie


      Found it. When you launch the game through GeForce experience, it launches the save. Bless x

    4. TheMrGasMask


      Nice one

    5. APositivePara


      Bad game

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    • JSaulOG

    Your avatar caught me off guard. 

  • Jamie


    Rip a nibba @Se7en. May his soul rest gently again

    1. FalkRP



  • Jamie

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    /Moved to General Discussion I was Christian at birth, I don't practice much going to Church and whatnot. I'm more into astronomy and a mix of the two.
  • Jamie

    There is not one gender of AKM!

    Disagree -1
  • Jamie

    So lets talk about surrendering..

    In those cases, it’d be deemed as a stalemate. I think in this patch it’s far easier to siege someone out then in the old days. We don’t need a rule for it, just do what @Se7en did.
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