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  1. Ask the admins

    Asking: Any Admin. Q1. We've seen groups in the past that have established OOC contracts, including the right to execution rights. A contract is signed by each individual and they are fully aware what they are participating in, then execution rights are gained if that individual betrays/leaves the group. Has this changed? A1. Ender: That would actually be the best way to do it. In my response to bush I was speaking in general that if someone leaves a group it does not give the group rights to perma-death them, even if the group says it does. The player always has the option to say no when prompted in ooc chat about it. However, If you have written proof that they willingly give all rights over to the owners of the group and that it also states that once he agrees to it he cannot go back against it, Much like the Staff ToS, then it would be acceptable for rights to be given after they leave/betray the group. Sorry for not clarifying that in my last response.
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  2. The Vale of Shadows

    Fucking lit. Amazing work, boo.
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  3. Ask the admins

    Asking: Any Admin. Q1. Hi. I was just wondering whether the procedure was changed or something since @Rolle was heavily against posts like this. Thanks. A1. Nothing changed, Jade just needs spanking. I have posted this in staff Slack:
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  5. Alojz Kovac

    Alojz Kovac was a simple Chernarussian boy living on the outskirts of Bereziki along with his Father and Mother, Danil and Adina. They had a happy life living away from the populated cities in the middle of the woods, away from the crime and corruptness from the government. They focused on the non-complex life. His father was a tall broad man, along with his mother who was a sweet petite sweetheart. During his upbringing, Alojz did not attend school as his parents believed that they had the capabilities to make sure that Alojz was equipped with the necessary skills and attributes to live a successful life after his parents past away. Adina was an English teacher before she retired, so she taught English to Alojz in hopes for him to move away to England and perhaps excel himself over there. Every frosty morning at 6am, Alojz would always be up and ready in the living room, along with his notebook to take notes from his mother about different subjects including Maths, English and History. He was considerably knowledgeable about History from an early age, and showed a major interest in learning about the politics and the Great War between the Chedaki and the CDF. He was not much of a fighter at an early age, he would only learn about the tales of the gruesome wars, but never thing to participate in it. He was a bookworm. His Father noticed this quite early on and decided that things need to change. His father was a gamekeeper. He would go out every morning with his rucksack and go tend to the wildlife around the small fishing village, being observant about their surroundings and making sure that nobody was attempting to illegally kill the wildlife. In some seasons, he would wear his makeshift leaf suit and bring in the dinner for the family. Alojz was around 8 years old when he fired his first gun. His father stood with him in the crumbling fishing dock and handed him and empty .308 hunting rifle. He stood with a hunched pose, shaking like a leaf holding the big compilation of wood and metal. Danil lent over and pointed at the bolt catch, and handed him a single bullet. His hands shaking, he took the bullet and stood for a few moments, wielding the killing machine. His father walked down to the coast, and threw an old bottle in the water, and pointed at it. Taking a few raspy breaths, the 8 year old loaded the weapon, pushing the bolt back in with all his feeble strength. Eventually, he loaded the gun. His Father stood behind him and held the apparatus with him, using his steady hand to show him how to align the rusty sights. He took you few icy breaths, before slowly holding it in and squeezing his fragile finger on the trigger. He fired the shot, aimed at the floating piece of glass, smashing it completely. His Dad let out a soft smile whilst Alojz jumped for joy. After that first shot, he would spend a lot of his free time practicing his aim with his Father’s rifle. He did get a buzz from shooting, but he mainly did it to make his Father proud of him, since he felt like they were not so alike. One morning in October, Alojz was sitting on the wooden dock doing some scribbles of the ocean, and he heard an old car driving into the village. It was a rarity for vehicles to come up this far, since the road was quite perilous with the bumpy mounds between Novodmitrovsk and Bereziki. The car pulled up on one of the small houses, and he saw a little girl jump out the back seat. She was a petite girl, with very long blonde silky hair and small stubby legs. His eyes widen, and he slowly stumbled to his feet. He was contemplating on whether to run to his parents to ask about the strange girl, or to run over to her and introduce himself. He went blank, and with a short blink, the dazzling girl stood before him. He went pale, and started to mutter in Chernarussian. She smiled widely, gazing at him with her blue eyes. The small girl looked at the petite boy, scratching the back of her head. “Uhh, uhmm.. Ahoj?” muttered the little girl. The boy smiled extensively, extending his hand for a handshake. His palms were sweaty, and he quickly withdrew his hand to wipe them on his dirty black shorts. She giggled, giving him a hug. “My name is Ellie.” He blushed and muttered a response, saying “My name is Al, or Alojz.” She took his sweaty hand and hauled him along the windy road to introduce him to her family. His Mother slowly became ill, struggling to even move around the house, let alone cook meals and play with Alojz. This put a mass amount of stress on his father, making him very worried and putting more workload on him to look after her and also Alojz. He took it upon himself to do his father’s work. He would spend every morning wearing his Dad’s old rucksack and slinging his rifle on his back. He’d ventured through the woods, checking for bear traps and looking after the deer and rabbits in the area. One day, he was creeping through a bush and stumbled upon a stag, standing there tall whilst eating some grass in the woods. His hands became sweaty, and he carefully unslung the rifle of his back. He pulled the bolt to check it was loaded and aimed the machine at the majestic creature. His arms were shaking, but he took a deep raspy breath, and slowly pressed down on the trigger. A shot echoed through the woods, birds scattering all over. Alojz dropped the rifle on the floor and ran over to the corpse laying the dirty ground. He was unsure as to whether to jump for joy, or feel sympathy for the creature. The bullet shot straight through the creature's head, rendering it dead instantly. He convinced himself that he did not inflict pain on the creature, and used the rope like his dad taught him and dragged the creature back to the house with all his strength. That was the first thing he had ever killed, and it surely was not going to be the last. Whilst returning home, Alojz was walking past Ellie’s house and encountered a large argument going on, followed by an array of screams. Dropping the deer and the rifle, he quickly called for his father, shouting at the top of his voice down the road. The large stocky man sprinted out the house and up the road towards the terror. Danil kicked the front door off the hinges and ran into the kitchen, where he saw Elly being strangled with a knife to her throat by her Dad. He darted towards to the two figures fighting on the floor, and he tackles the man off the petite girl. He pushes him down onto the floor, jumping on top of him punching him repeatedly. After a few hits are exchanged, Xander reaches to the side of him, using his fingertips to clasp his hands on a steak knife lying on the floor. A sudden screech echoed the household when Danil gripped the side of his waist, feeling an incision from the knife. He soon loses strength in his arms and plunges to the floor. Xander brushes himself off, wiping the blood from his nose with the side of his white sleeve. He picks up the large cutting knife off the floor next to the pool of blood. He stands tall with blood all over him, and starts to walk towards the tiny body laying on the floor. Alojz stands in the busted doorway, looking frozen. After the sudden realization that his Dad was laying in the pool of blood and his best friend was about to die, he scanned his surroundings quickly for something to use. He knew if he leapt on top of him, it would have resulted in his death. He saw on the kitchen side that there was a little revolver. He leapt towards it and snagged it, checking the chamber to finding it loaded. With shaky hands, he drew the weapon on the monster, depressing the trigger. A shot ringed through the household and throughout the entire town, followed by a large thud. He was dead. He sprinted towards his Dad, tripping over the kitchen chair and onto the floor. His eyes erupted a pool of tears, hugging his father, sobbing. His Dad managed to survive the knife wound. Ellie’s uncle, Nixon, took the car they had and took him to the hospital in Novodmitrovsk. Ellie stayed with Alojz mother and made sure she was okay while they were gone. Danil spent several weeks on a hospital bed, rendered disabled. One morning, Alojz and Ellie were sitting next to him in the dustless hospital ward, and a lanky figure wearing a pristine white coat entered the room. Danil had his eyes partially open, but he was conscious. The man introduced himself as Dr. Kozlovsky, talking in a very monotone Chernarussian accent. He began to start talking in Chernarussian, but Alojz interrupted him instantly. “Nevadí vám mluvení angličtině? Ellie nehovoří Chernaruski.” The doctor nodded. Ellie glanced at Alojz, he returned the gaze with a subtle nod. “Mr Kovac. We have the deepest regret to inform you that your spine was badly affected during the knife wound. After several x-rays, it could take up to the course of 3 years for spine to be properly repaired. For the time being, your legs will no longer be able to function. I’m sorry.” The entire room filled with despair. Danil’s mouth was open, but no words were coming out. Alojz sunk his head into his hands, feeling responsible. Ellie stood to her feet, walking over to the hospital bed, hugging Danil, whispering to him: “We’re going to get through this. Together.” Alojz was in a dark place after the diagnostic. His Dad was rendered disabled, his Mum was on her deathbed. He started to develop severe anger issues towards these events. He would take his Dad’s rifle and wander off into the woods, only to return several hours later. He’d spent hours ventilating his hate on shooting animals, but not how his father taught him. Being a gamekeeper, you would observe the different packs of animals and determine whether the animal was of age to finally kill after it’s breeding and such was over. But no, he was massacring all the wildlife. Every shot that he took, he would go for the injury shots, not the kill ones. He had so much pain boiled up inside him, he wanted to inflict that pain on other things. He had a lust for blood, leaving the animal corpses scattered around in the woods, rotting away. Ellie soon noticed this behaviour. One cold night, Alojz was sitting on the edge of the dock, looking out to the calm and soothing ocean. He had a pile of pebbles next to him, and he was throwing them in, creating little ripples on the flat ocean. Suddenly, he was slightly startled by a warm hand touching the back of his neck, talking in a soothing tone. “Boo.” He took a deep breath, and regained his composure. “I know it’s hard, especially when you feel like the entire world is against you. I feel that way a lot.” Said the sweet voice. “I’ve got nothing going for me anymore. My Dad can’t walk, my Mum isn’t going to last long. I can’t even maintain a level head and feel the need to shoot up a load of stuff to calm down. I just don’t know what to do anymore.” He took a deep breath, looking at his dangling legs. He then looked up at her, talking in a soft tone. “You don’t need to feel that way at all by the way. You have me, we’re best friends.” He lets out a small smile before returning to looking at his feet. He smiles briefly too, looking very rigid. She kept going to say something, and hesitating. Alojz noticed. “What’s wrong, Ellie?” She looked at him with a guilty look. She looked out to the ocean and spoke with a stuttery voice. “You know we’ve never made you dinner? It’s always been takeaway pizzas from that Alforna italian place or us having food at yours? Well, there’s a reason. *She brushes her her hair behind her ear, trying to gather her words together.* I’ve had a really weird upbringing, I’m not really that normal compared to other girls out there… The man you killed before was a…” He put his hand on her cheek, caressing the side of her face. He put his arm around her and whispered in a low tone. “Don’t speak of that vile man. It’s okay, El. What do you mean though, I don’t understand?” She dug her face into his chest. After a few moments, he lifted away from him, looking in his eyes. “Your parents know already. The man you killed back then was a cannibal. He fed us human steak without us being aware of it. As time past, the addiction kicked in and we find out. We were kinda disgusted at first, but it became a way of life. I would never even dream of hurting you or your family, but I felt like you should know. Your parents didn’t want you to know since you were too young at the time. I didn’t want to hide anything from you.” He resumed looking at his feet into the ocean. He didn’t strike much of a reaction. Resuming staring at his feet, he replies back in a more confident tone of voice. “What does it taste like? Who do you kill to get that kinda meat? What do yo-” Ellie cut him off, putting her finger on his mouth. She mumbled an apology to him and kissed him on the cheek. She hoisted herself up to her feet, and walked slowly down the dock back to her home. Soul Mate Nobody. Best Friends Ellie Aquantices Ellie's Family. Disliked Fuckers Nobody. Pure Enemies Nobody. Black Aviators Black T-Shirt Black Beanie ✖ Drawing and Sketching. ✖ Hunting Animals. ✖ Snowboarding and Skateboarding. ✖ Painting.
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  6. BeanZ WAR

    i just come to call sleepy a nerd. sleepy, you're a nerd. carry on.
  7. RP Help Vampires

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  9. The Official Tasty Thread

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