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  1. Jamie

    It's time

    Reason it was here was in suggestions for @Roland to see and decide whether to put up a server, he won't see it in offtopic, unless he replies now to make me look like a fanny.
  2. Jamie

    It's time

    The tension thing was more of a meme. I don’t keep track of community quarrels. The fact is, the community has been dying for a while, and it’s slowly looking like it’s actually on the cards, alike the mine craft server we have/had, set up a rust server for people to jam on. I see this as more of a gaming community then explicitly a DayZ community, but just my opinion. and as for forum placement, there’s been other suggestions for other games here, that’s why I put it here
  3. Jamie

    It's time

    Shh don’t tell people that dude, definitely not my plan
  4. Jamie

    It's time

    This sounds like an excellent suggestion, I'd suggest drafting up prices and letting us know. A combination of this and a Rust server would have an extraordinary impact on the community.
  5. Jamie

    It's time

    It's clear there's been some tension between groups and I feel like some therapy is required. It's time for Rolle to invest in a Rust server for people and kill people and vent frustrations. Rust is popping rn and probs a better game then DayZ atm. I'm asking for a standard one, not a RP one since Rust is a PVP game. If this gets shut down with the "side projects don't work" then if there's any peeps that wanna join a server with us, lmk.
  6. You're not allowed opinions here, you should know that

    1. AndreyQ


      well that's just like... your opinion

    2. Jamie


      points inbound, shit 

    3. Millicent


      Take my beans. Take all my beans.

  7. Eh, I get what you mean @op but it's not needed. I'd perhaps alter the suggestion so that it's mentioned in the Newcomer's Guide?
  8. You're a mad man lmao And yeah, there's always going to be inconsistency with the punishments, the two big things are; 1. How the rules are actually applied (How harsh), this changes over time 2. Different people interpret rules different, and staff changes over time so this can change from what I've personally seen.
  9. I checked it, where's my beans at

    1. AndreyQ


      You aren't the last one to check it, I am afraid. Try again.

    2. Jamie


      Just checked, let me know

    3. AndreyQ


      Seeing as I am checking to see if you were checking makes me the last person checking my profile.

      Congrats, it was all a scam.

    4. Jamie


      But, you don't show up on recent profile visitors? This is preposterous 

    5. Jamie



  10. Just seen your solved appeal, that's wild

    1. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      I'm so confused, my posts have always been unnecessary yet this is the first time I get points for it.


  11. Unpopular opinion; We should try and branch into more modernised and fun games.
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