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  1. Chernarus Redux.

    It dies every time. I suggest to go find a public server that is popular, it always dies here.
  2. Hey at least now when you're inactive it won't look as bad. 

    1. Jamie


      thanks dad

    2. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      You were both inactive, let's be honest

  3. please stop commenting on my profile thank you have a nice day

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    2. Jamie


      Perhaps stop posting stuff that you cannot backup. I replied in a civil manner to you, and made your argument invalid. Perhaps think before you post. 

      Have a beautiful day, friendo. 

    3. Eagle
    4. Mexi




      Get off the mans profile and stop being a mug over nothing.

  4. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I'm gonna resume kicking the dead horse, since it's clear there is salt on both sides and the issue hasn't been resolved. I wasn't there when this happened. All I heard was that you fellas ran off when the restart happened. From the video alone, it does seem that way. Hassan poked me and asked if we could resolve this shit via voice, which was probably the smart thing to do. We spoke things out, everything seemed gucci and left it at that. Soon after that conversation, I went off to bed. I was literally dying to the infection this morning, I was a gooey mess. I woke up around the same time as Sleepyhead, and we come to see this big shitfest. Now, like we spoke about on team speak, there was misconceived information on both sides. Sleepyhead didn't think the RP was over, and she only jogged a little down the hill, but it seemed to you guys like it was finished. But, we cleared that up. I truly believe you guys are capable of decent roleplay. Some of you in CDF were literally the rock keeping it alive before it died, and I think with some time, we can make some decent roleplay between our groups. Sleepyhead meant only good intentions by her post, and you shut her down @Hassan. Can we just put this shit behind us and hopefully meet up in-game for some decent hostile roleplay? This petty drama is ridiculous, and can have an unfortunate effect IG. Let's not make that happen. But yeah. Hope to see you guys around IG, and apologies for the shitstorm on your thread.
  5. ox1thqA.jpg

    1. Dew


      what the? This is genius!

  6. Raspad Vosstaniye

    Aur revoir, best of luck.
  7. Promotion

    • Mischief
    • Jamie


    1. Jamie
    2. Mischief



    3. Jamie
  8. Oh shit.

    Didn't even realize you left staff

    1. Jamie


      Are you fucking flaming me?



      Yeah, I did. :^)

    2. Suturb The Liquidator
  9. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    3. Robert, Stephen and Daniel. All older then me, it's fun being the youngest. Do you like weeb stuff on the site, or it should be a bannable offence?
  10. Weeb sounds

    I didn't have any other tabs open. I still hear it randomly.
  11. Weeb sounds

    Whenever I click on random pages, I hear a weeb woman having an orgy. Is this normal?
  12. Did anyone record it? @Skinner @Chief @Major