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  1. Jamie

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nah. DrMax
  2. Jamie

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    Beloved girlfriend.
  3. Jamie

    S1 - Failed To Initiate + Combat Log - 11/08/2018 2am

    Due to the amount of potential rulebreaks involved in this report, the GameMaster team have decided to keep this open for now. Keep tuned for any questions that could be directed at yourselves. Thank you.
  4. Jamie


    Top guy tbh @Flapjack. You've been promoted to inner circle. 

  5. Jamie

    S1 - Failed To Initiate + Combat Log - 11/08/2018 2am

    Additional Logs Connection logs: 01:01:43 | Player "Harald Murphy" is connected 04:24:30 | Player "Harald Murphy" has been disconnected 01:00:39 | Player "Spike O'Leary" is connected 01:49:22 | Player "Spike O'Leary" has been disconnected Calling in Harald Murphy | @Svenne & Spike O'Leary | @jacob67121 to post their detailed POVs.
  6. Jamie

    S1 - Failed To Initiate + Combat Log - 11/08/2018 2am

    In the politest way, please don't bullshit. You state in your POV that you and the "nords" saw the truck, who were you playing with in this session? List all your allies.
  7. Jamie

    S1 - Failed To Initiate + Combat Log - 11/08/2018 2am

    So, from what I understand, your claim is that the several shots hitting the truck are ricochets and blind fire against zombies? I'm not sure if you ignored me, missed it or whichever but could you refer to this wonderful link which asks a series of questions to you? Thank you kindly.
  8. Jamie

    S1 - Failed To Initiate + Combat Log - 11/08/2018 2am

    Connection Logs: 01:01:18 | Player "Jeremy Petras" is connected 02:27:20 | Player "Jeremy Petras" has been disconnected 01:00:50 | Player "Harrison Sportfield" is connected 01:41:24 | Player "Harrison Sportfield" has been disconnected Hit Logs: 01:11:15 | "Jeremy Petras STARTS BLEEDING." 01:11:38 | "Jeremy Petras STOPS BLEEDING." 01:49:05 | "Jeremy Petras STARTS BLEEDING." 01:49:22 | "Jeremy Petras STOPS BLEEDING." Calling in @Harrison15B | Harrison Sportfield to post their POV. A few things I'd like you to clarify; Why did you combat log once again from the situation? Why did you group decide to light up a truck that you didn't initiate upon properly? I looked through the logs and didn't see a single text initiation. And please tell us who the other crazed gunmen are in his video shooting, thanks.
  9. Jamie

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    You're talking as if you know the ins and outs of the current team. Being someone that is actually involved with the team now, this was only one case and a small one at that. Whatever was going on with this particular case took place behind closed curtains since a majority of the staff, including myself, has little to no idea about details behind this. The general work attitude and positive outlook is fine and only getting better. But, this isn't a discussion to discuss staff politics. Wish Taryn the best but don't turn this into a discussion based upon people's opinions. Thanks. Edit: Since 24 hours is up, we'll lock this thread anyway as per the newly instate intro/farewell thread rules. /closed.
  10. Jamie


    One thread for this horrible subject is enough.
  11. Jamie


  12. Jamie

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  13. Jamie

    And He's Back

    Welcome back.
  14. Jamie

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  15. Jamie


    Congratulations. Hope you have fun.