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  1. Oh shitttt, you're a dev boi now?

    I'll get my ass back in there so we can have some constructive debates

    1. Whitename


      i am code monkey

    2. Jamie


      Pfft, you look better in orange.


      Good to see ya back tho, make dayzrp cool again and add jets

    3. Whitename


      nah i looked like an asshole in orange

    4. Jamie


      It's a trick statement, you always look like an asshole xxx

  2. I like to see some good and natural roleplay. +1
  3. Group looks mega, gotta agree here though. Might be worth putting a different spin on it like 1 weapon per person or just civi weapons? I’m sure Blackwood militia did a 1 gun policy back in the day. Best of luck with this Neom, looks ace
  4. I smell a whiff of google translate If you're not competent enough to find the obscure and obvious word, then you're not competent enough to play on the servers. It's not hard.
  5. Jamie


    That’s almost like legend title worthy. You rebooting your campaign for Lemon to come back?
  6. Jamie


    The rust king returns. Hi dad x
  7. You need to make sure the bonnet rest is up mate otherwise it drops on your head DayZ is a finished game.
  8. Copying what? I'm confused. Are you even involved in this report? I think this is a downright lie, what recording software do you use? I use fraps and have no issue
  9. Reported for discriminating people who don’t like anime
  10. Just to clarify for the staff team, GameMaster Elmo calls you a snake? The professional master of games?
  11. It’s just what I heard bro, I’ll try and get some evidence because I know ur a liar
  12. Server and location: Discord Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Well, it’s in the title if you can read Your in game name: James Legend Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: @Elmo Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): There was a green Hyundai passing me at the time of the message sent. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Just received some abusive behaviour from a GameMaster, he needs to be striked down now. I heard he also doesn’t like dogs but who knows
  13. b3cd1c9eb0.png

    Remember this?


    1. Para



      We had so many good times in the wolves

    2. Jamie


      lmaoo brilliant


  14. Ayy, congratz. 

    1. Rover


      I thank you, Legend Jamie!


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