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    Dwarves of DayZ

    How would it be AOGM? Are you gaining an unfair advantage from doing it?
  2. ExoticRainbow


    sgru sniper skin where u at
  3. ExoticRainbow

    Real life picture Thread

    Explains the poor visibility
  4. ExoticRainbow

    Real life picture Thread

    Where was this dive?
  5. ExoticRainbow

    First time playing here. Hello!

    Hello Martin from denamark im dom from the UK Also hello dan from the usa im dom from the UK
  6. ExoticRainbow


    No need to throwback, Regardless I like the idea but what is considered "Harrassment or Illegal Activity" ?
  7. ExoticRainbow


    That's not gonna happen, we love final warnings here and even if you did get unbanned and no final you'll still be treated as if you're on it.
  8. ExoticRainbow

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    The players Burgz is referring to yes, he's talking about people he used to play with a number of years back who only really enjoy mod.
  9. ExoticRainbow

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    I disagree, it's fairly easy actually.
  10. ExoticRainbow

    Return of Mod?

    Pandi already did and it got denied.
  11. ExoticRainbow

    Return of Mod?

    Some CRA guys wanna come back and play but can't, it's sad cause it's a gaming community yet it's kinda like they're punished for life because of some stuff on the internet.
  12. ExoticRainbow

    Return of Mod?

    It's sad really, there's a lot of people who'd like to come and play mod.
  13. ExoticRainbow

    DayZ Desolation poll

  14. ExoticRainbow


    Sorted it
  15. ExoticRainbow


    Come play with Jake, Jewell and I, and VIVALLION
  16. ExoticRainbow


    Hello Joe I love you
  17. ExoticRainbow

    What's good?

    I'm really sorry Toby and I hope you forgive me.
  18. ExoticRainbow

    What's good?

    Yeah I did, it used to be Dom or Randle.
  19. ExoticRainbow

    What's good?

    Welcome back Soldat, nice to see an old face
  20. ExoticRainbow

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed running into @FisherMan on mod when we were the only two people on, was a nice surprise until you keeled over and died.
  21. ExoticRainbow

    J.D. Is back!!

    Welcome back JD dude Nice to see you.
  22. Adrian was born in Pripyat, Ukraine. He had a tough upbringing in a anti-Russian family which led to the beliefs he carries today towards Russians. He served in the Ukrainian Military as a Lieutenant until he got tired of the lack of action towards the Russians and decided it was time for him to take a stand and form a paramilitary, he didn't find it difficult to recruit people who were not fond of the Russian occupation of Ukraine unsurprisingly. He came to Chernarus to meet up with a member of NAPA to secure weapons, intel and equipment for his men and ended up falling in with the Al-Takari-Mujahadeen as they offered to supply weapons in return for military assistance. He saw this as a means to an end. Once he had secured weapons and equipment he radioed his men back on the border and told them to move into Chernarus so that they could set up an FOB and get their bearings.
  23. ExoticRainbow

    Return of Mod?

    What's wrong with trying different things, mod is a more enjoyable variant of the game IMO, it allows for a lot more input from the staff team as far as lore events, more variation in clothing and weaponry and is better for RP that standalone in it's current state.
  24. ExoticRainbow

    *another dusting off another account*

    Re read the new rules on the rules page and accept that you've read them.
  25. ExoticRainbow

    Open judgement for behaviour

    People don't leave because someones been "nasty" to them, they leave because the game is shit and they're bored of it.