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  1. Dom

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    Why you flaming me? Ronno is a funny goodlooking guy
  2. Dom

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    @Sung Saw you at runefest bud
  3. Dom

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    Did you not watch runefest EVScape soon you'll be able to get Black Graceful. Ergo, time not wasted.
  4. Dom


    Slava na?
  5. Dom


    Not there yet, although I can't make status updates so I shall propose my question here, Group Ironman, you, me, jamie and conor? We're looking a bit beefier than before
  6. Dom


    Slipped past my eyes the big BEEF man
  7. Dom


  8. Dom


    my guy
  9. Dom

    DayZ announcement

    I'd prefer to play slightly better ones however I have this terrible tendency to pop my head in around the forums every now and then. I'll go back into hiding now.
  10. Dom

    DayZ announcement

    I'd actually be very happy if they said that.
  11. Dom

    DayZ announcement

    Refunds for everyone
  12. Dom

    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    big boy draftsman PM me who you work for fella
  13. Dom

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Bless up brandon nice
  14. Dom

    EliteRP series by Shanoby - How to RP

    You mean you don't do this as a member of the 2016 Group of the year Cerna Liska? Personally as a member of the VDV Group of the year 2017 I routinely make sure my beard has been shaved.
  15. Dom

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    nice joeski love ya feller
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