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  1. What can I say? I love playing with my friends.
  2. I like it, even the helmet. who cares about the helmet being good or bad? if Staggs started wearing that helmet and gave you all the best RP ever you'd all stop hating on military shit.
  3. I agree Sung, it's always sad to see fellow roleplayers get banned, at least if there was a rule in place we could avoid that and keep the server full of fellow roleplayers like you. I'm for the change.
  4. Adrian was born in Pripyat, Ukraine
  5. You can always join Kpop, bring Pado out of the shadow realm whilst you're at it, he'd like some anime shit
  6. 1. PAU V1 2. PAU V2 3. Akrasia 4. Chelovechki 5. Volki
  7. I'd love some tear gas
  8. Dom

    DayZRP 20.9.3

    Good work, sorry that you're starving.
  9. Dom

    oh no

    I know you
  10. Dom

    oh no

    Why me? Why not.
  11. Dom

    oh no

    As much as I'd like to, I don't want to upset people and new lore new me all that shit
  12. Dom

    oh no

    I just read your character thing.... Moves to Ukraine?????
  13. Dom

    oh no

    Hello Seeing as I have so many friends here I thought I might play again and maybe get off my two year old final warning, who knows? Maybe I'll even be staff again.
  14. Dom

    Hello Again

    I too might give this another shot
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