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  1. I hope Namalsk picks up, it was the only thing giving me any will to play.
  2. Can't we add the shoes and teh ahegao and anime stuff?
  3. If they're being griefed, make a report. Otherwise deal with it IC. Bases should never be subject to some magical rules that protect them.
  4. Since returning in September last year I have personally had no issue with the RP, my gripe is just with the map to be honest.
  5. Thanks Hofer I think I would be good again.
  6. If we could dump it permanently it would be even more badass.
  7. Everyone will be in for a shock when Chernarus goes poof. I can't wait.
  8. Completely disagree, I know plenty of people including myself who have been in staff and have been great staff members with perms under their belts.
  9. No. Speaking from experience I am an ex staff member who can't reapply because of final warning. I think it should remain this way as it's very evident I have been an absolute terror for this community and don't deserve to reapply.
  10. No I am not interested, sorry Knight but Chernarus is a dog shit map.
  11. Dom

    Condition Reports

    daydreaming about Rev. Ian Paisley.
  12. Don't take any notice of what people have to say. Unless @AndreyQ has something bad to say about you, you've done nothing wrong.
  13. Dom

    DayZRP 21.1.1

    Farming scar-h's I hope
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