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  1. even if you were rehashing the lore I wouldn't be one to talk shit if I don't play. I'm sure it will be something different and the active players will enjoy it. I trust in you, you've always been one of the good ones. Maybe if one day final warnings get blanketly removed I'll see what the lore is like.
  2. tbh staggs, you do you, I wasn't going to play anyway but I respect all the work you're putting in.
  3. come to think of it, yeah it does
  4. Also not as stinky as @Saunders
  5. I taught the pair of you better than this. Disappointing comes to mind.
  6. @Voodoo @Jewell Did you actually kill anyone?
  7. You're going to make a tutorial to show people how to find some items that don't have an 100% spawn chance and are completely randomised?
  8. Time to make a CC too Sung? Join up if you're playing
  9. big man scottie
  10. Dom


    big man
  11. AJ TRACEY LIVE AND DIRECT Nice content boys
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