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  1. Another "hmm"

    Thankyou for your answer Rolle. I think Jamie should just get on with other things rather than looking for inconsistencies within the staff team.
  2. I relate to this so much, I have a headache every day and nothing works whatsoever
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Dom

    Got the job


    1. Dom


      Well done lad

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      soound pal

    3. Oliv


      congrats man

  3. Salty over something minor. That's beni.
    • Dom
    • Voodoo


    Sounds lennony






    • Dom
    • WesternRP


    1. WesternRP



    2. Dom


      2000 one is better with Gas Panic.

    3. WesternRP


      ill look it up

    4. Dom



    5. WesternRP



      listening to it in a few mins

  4. Vaping is good for you. Honestly my life has gone in a downward spiral since the TPD law.
    • Dom
    • Chow

    Hello old friend.

    1. Chow


      Hello Dom, what is going around here? Worth staying around for some time?

    2. Dom


      Depends how optimistic you are, it’s very different now, I hover around the forums and jump ig every now and then but I can’t say I enjoy it. I also can’t say I agree with a lot of the recent rule changes and suggestions however I’m sure when beta comes out things will pick up.

    3. Chow


      Hmm, more like if beta comes.

    4. Dom



    • Dom
    • VodkaWolf

    Not going to argue on there but I have situational awareness I think you’re just overreacting.

    1. VodkaWolf


      I don't want to argue about this, I understand that it was just a joke, but i personally feel like it was disrespectful and by making fun of your friend like that, you are discouraging people from wanting to open up in the thread,

      which is the point of the thread.

      In conclusion, I feel like you could've made that joke on his profile or maybe even just say it so him on TS, instead of making the thread look less safe by making fun of someone who is just trying to "Vent".

    2. Dom


      No if anything I’d rather he opens up and stops drinking every night tbh but we can’t all have what we want

    3. VodkaWolf


      It doesn't help to make fun of him though.

    4. Dom



    5. Santa


      alcohol is a sign of the devil anyway

  5. Not removing a response to my friend that he knew didn’t mean anything nasty.
  6. Pep is a merchant, nothing more nothing less.
  7. Events "Protection"

    But the way you're wanting to take this is going to end up with zero interaction and zero killing.
  8. Events "Protection"

    You do know that the only stuff that happens now is peaceful RP right?