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  1. Garnet

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I used to lie to the school nurse and office to get out of class. It worked
  2. Garnet


    What was he charged for first? And were the second charges different? Both for the same murder.
  3. Garnet


    Maryland state attorney is not a good women. An officer was clear of his charges after a trail and found not guilty. She put him BACK ON TRIAL! He then got convicted of murder. I'm sorry but this goes against our rights as U.S citizens. I don't like that women.
  4. Garnet


    Some guy was interviewed and called the media out on that.
  5. Garnet

    Video that will change your life

    Thank you
  6. Fog would add a lot to the atmosphere
  7. Garnet


    He underwent spinal surgery like a month ago. In high crime areas like Baltimore City(where I live) he is a known drug dealer. I believe there is a law that if you look the police dead in the eye and you run away that is illegal and the cops can detain you and search you. The "rough ride" probably was a rough ride literally. His spine was damaged and recovering already. At least the protesters are peaceful now.
  8. One time I ran into a landmine in the woods. I died fast.
  9. Garnet


    All I know is people are fucking stupid. After they looted the CVS they lit it on fire. The fire department tried to get to it but people kept cutting the hose on them. The people rioting are blinded by race. If it was a white man this would not have happened. Police Brutality some call it while others call it mistakes. The world may never know what happened to Freddie Gray.
  10. Garnet


    They lit some police cars and vans on fire and looted a CVS. I think the cops are waiting them out. I hate people who take advantage of this stuff. I'm ashamed to live in Baltimore
  11. Garnet


    So I live in Baltimore and some of you might know about the "protesting" over Freddie Gray's death. I guess the definition of peaceful protest is now looting, fighting, stealing and, breaking everything in sight. I am disappointed to live in Baltimore now. If you guys haven't seen the protests (riots) look them up on youtube. Tell me what you think about these stupid people thinking rioting will solve anything.
  12. Running out of a town with two zombies behind me. I turn around and lag while shooting and miss every shot. Get hit once and die.
  13. Yesterday on Server 2 the server restarted and then it was night. I spent the entire day wandering in the dark. Felt like it was dark forever.
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