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  1. Agreed @Highlander Was pretty fun. Especially the Johnny Bravo comments.
  2. Loved the RP today @Imation11 It's been awhile since I've come across genuinely good rp and you knock it out of the park. Hopefully we can keep in touch ICly.
  3. Shikaka

    Potius Cras

    Let's get it bois! Good to be here. Can't wait to teach you lot how to properly rp ya bunch o' white names.
  4. Background: Though not much about Operator Caregiver is known by the public, it is known that he has his PHD as a doctor, and saw action in the field as a combat medic during his time in a branch of the United States military. Growing up he used to race cars and spent some time in Juvenile hall due to getting caught doing 140 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. He is extrememly smart, getting a full ride scholarship to College and Grad school. He is highly athletic. Playing Division one sports in College. He has a family he loves and cares about and are thought to still be alive to this day. This is why he works for the Corporation is because hes loves his family... and other perks. Weapons Training: Close Range Weaponry. Recent History up to the Present: Operator Caregiver was with the team that was bringing up the two special agents that had originally been in South Africa right before the outbreak. The Trip was perilous and a fair portion of the team was dead with exception of Thunder, their Co-Pilot and a few others. Caregiver had tried frantically to save the head pilot of the helicopter who had been a good friend of his for years but failed to do so. The man eventually died in part due to shock from all the pain from his injuries. The group had continued onwards though after they lost the pilot and their chopper and after some more losses Thunder had assumed command of their team. They were successful in arriving in Chernarus, and now they were on the final legs of their escort mission, as they were leading Operator Witch Doctor, and Operator Smith, to meet up with one of the Superiors, Tidal. Though-- based off how everything is going down in Chernarus-- and that TIdal recently requested that Thunder's team remained in the area-- It is unlikely Caregiver is going anywhere else for a very... very long time.
  5. @DerrickStorm I agree. I can't believe I ran into you. RP with you is always awesome.
  6. Shikaka

    Derek Graceland? Greenland? [Open Frequency]

    Having heard the transmission some days ago Derek would have been unable to answer due to technical problems. Along with the fact that he was trapped in a house for almost a week surrounded by about 30 infected. Finally having escaped Derek would clear his throat and speak into the radio, hoping the girl he'd heard some days ago was still using the frequency. "Hello? Miss Faith? I hope you can hear this. Do forgive me for the late response. I was trapped in a house for some days and I only just fixed my radio and got out of there by the skin of my teeth.I would love to create something for you! Please contact me as soon as you get this. We can work out a payment no problem. Have a wonderful day and stay safe." His voice would be warm and friendly. A slight Canadian accent in his voice as he happily talked over the radio.
  7. I dunno if anyone has seen this or if everyone has seen it, but enjoy regardless.
  8. Shikaka

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    I approve of this.
  9. Derek was born in the States near the middle of the 1980's. His father, Garrett Graceland, was the owner of a clothing factory that made high quality military clothing. Needless to say it was extremely successful. There was never a shortage of requests for clothing from the armed forces. His father having served during Vietnam caused Derek to grow up in a military family and near other military members. Don't get me wrong, he isn't a soldier and he never served in the armed forces. Derek never cared for fighting. He worked in his father's factory from a young age, helping out in the factory from time to time and learning the business. Unfortunately his father wasn't really what you would call a family man. Well...he didn't really care for having just one family. He moved to England a few years after Derek was born to start up a new factory as well as a new family. Having minimal contact with Derek and his mother Shirley he traveled back and forth between the countries over the years running his company, "Graceland Linens." Skip ahead 33 years Derek has proven himself a worthy successor to his father. Having built a store, "Graceland Surplus", to sell clothes by himself Derek became quite the smooth talking salesman. Not only did he start his own store, Derek also made every scrap of clothing he sold in that store. Derek was even in the middle of a contract deal with Victoria's Secret for a line of undergarments. At the same time Derek was attempting to wrestle control of the company from his greedy father. But Garrett Graceland wasn't ready to give up the company. So he sent Derek and his half brother Jeeves to Chernarus to start up another factory and run it together in June of 2016 to silence Derek and put him at a disadvantage. Never having met his brother before Derek struggled to befriend him in their year together in Chernarus as the factory was being prepared for its grand opening. The "Graceland Linens" factory was picked from the factory district in Vybor while Derek took up residence in the same town. Getting ready and talking to the governing body about the uniforms he would be manufacturing for the local military base at the bottom of Dichina hill. As well as the military bases at Zelenogorsk, Myshkino, Pavlovo, and NWAF. He was also in talks with the local town officials about setting up shop in the town of Vybor itself. Unfortunately before the grand opening the outbreak swept across the country and separated the brothers. Unable to find his brother and a way out of the country Derek searches for people to continue selling clothes to. Everyone needs clothes after all, especially in the apocalypse.
  10. Shikaka

    DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    Very nice to finally read it and have it out. Can't wait to restart IC as well.
  11. Are you Nino? What about the other account that's been linked earlier?
  12. I was the one that provided the screenshots and I can also attest to Nino's childish and trollish behavior. Also I'm Axton Crowley in the Desolation server. I'm hoping we can get this resolved with relative peace. I'm not looking to get anyone banned. But this kind of attitude and behavior is what got the side chat taken out of the last Desolation server. It's extremely helpful if you need help trying to figure something out and no one wants to see it taken out again cause let's be honest. Arma III is confusing as hell sometimes and controls can get pretty wonky.
  13. Shikaka

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    My family crest and my family coat of arms.
  14. @Shanoby I had alot of fun chatting with you from Gorka to Stary. I don't meet too many friendly Chernarussians these days.
  15. Shikaka

    Resurgence of the Loremasters?

    +1 I completely agree with your reasons. I've come across a lot of newcomers that were completely in the dark about events that have transpired after the outbreak.
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