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  1. I am sorry that you have this. I used to say something like that to people who were and still are brain dead as a joke but when someone says something serious like this is not right. We are here for RRRRPPP and some memes or people getting yeeted. As Cid said just let the admins know. Or ya know I've been accused of being a snake give me the information and Ill finally fulfill what people call me as. A snake. Fuck em.
  2. Why the fuck is your profile music over an hour long? 

  3. I vaguely remember some Admin or even the man himself say something like this during the 501st days. I have permadeath some peoples characters before and then they come back all willy like saying "sup it's me". Something that has always irritated me when it comes to roleplay with some people. As to why this isn't BadRP I really don't have a clue and the Mystery gang can't solve this one either. But to add MAYBE a solution on this is simple, If you have either video proof of said person agreeing to permadeath and or text in game about it and then you find them alive roleplaying the same character report them. I'm not saying go outta your way to find the person and give them a ban or anything like that. But maybe just talk to them about it to avoid a ban? I don't know just knowing how some people get hurt over simple shit like this still baffles me. Either you agree to the death or don't say yes or bring it up.
  4. I have to agree with my man here as well. I remember from a year ago people who I killed in the past or "injured" would come back nice and healthy and so on and stuff. Seeing something like this would be nice. Nice Idea here Wumbyyyyyyyy
  5. Vinnie was born next to a dumpster in Columbia, South Carolina to a mother who didn't love him. His mother was a crack addict that would do anything for some including selling Vinnie to a foster home. Vinnie lived with his foster mother Sariah who raised him to be successful and how to be a proper adult and instilled the value of an education in today's world. Vinnie at the age of 18 attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Business Management. With his degree in his hands, Vinnie sets out to conquer the world and make a better name for himself beside the name his foster siblings gave him.
  6. "I'll never join staff" 

    a year late i know

    1. Zanaan


      I mean after years of applying I legitimately didn't think I ever would get accepted. But then I did.

    2. fat man here

      fat man here

      I see I see I see. 

  7. *slides a $5 bill*

    1. Dan


      the fuck do u want Timothy 

    2. fat man here

      fat man here

      i want you to undress i paid good money 

    3. Dan


      oh u just gonna ask politely 

    4. fat man here
  8. Don't remember who told me yall back but best of luck. One day Ill roleplay as a fat man again.
  9. Can't forget the crocs and cargo shorts
  10. Hey boo, I used this guide Here. When my GTX980 failed to install drivers I followed this. Now, this isn't a good solution but yet again anything at this point would help Also, you can try to install the drivers from the GTX website. I did this when my GtX970 decided to uninstall the drivers. Right here The file you download has a setup.exe that you follow and it should install it for you. EDIT: Since you have windows. You can see if your Laptop is reading that you have a GPU. So what to ensure of that you can type into your start menu "dxdiag" and hit run and click onto the "display" tab.
  11. This is a wild guess but have you tried installing the drivers manually? And have you found any drivers related to your 860M?
  12. Oh, I remember that meme. Funny times.
  13. Heard this place was coming back and I shall come back and make the 501st a bigger meme jk .
  14. How do I get a cool title that says "No chill"?

    1. Dan


    2. fat man here

      fat man here

      Thanks CH Dan. Much needed wow.

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