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"I still have no chill"

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  1. DarkSide

    I suppose Ill slide back

    I hope my tip is decent
  2. DarkSide

    I suppose Ill slide back

    Can't forget the crocs and cargo shorts
  3. DarkSide

    Drivers Issues

    Hey boo, I used this guide Here. When my GTX980 failed to install drivers I followed this. Now, this isn't a good solution but yet again anything at this point would help Also, you can try to install the drivers from the GTX website. I did this when my GtX970 decided to uninstall the drivers. Right here The file you download has a setup.exe that you follow and it should install it for you. EDIT: Since you have windows. You can see if your Laptop is reading that you have a GPU. So what to ensure of that you can type into your start menu "dxdiag" and hit run and click onto the "display" tab.
  4. DarkSide

    Drivers Issues

    This is a wild guess but have you tried installing the drivers manually? And have you found any drivers related to your 860M?
  5. DarkSide

    I suppose Ill slide back

    Oh, I remember that meme. Funny times.
  6. DarkSide

    I suppose Ill slide back

    Heard this place was coming back and I shall come back and make the 501st a bigger meme jk .
  7. DarkSide

    • DarkSide
    • Jamie

    How do I get a cool title that says "No chill"?

    1. Dan


    2. DarkSide


      Thanks CH Dan. Much needed wow.

  8. DarkSide

    Chang's back!

    oh fuck welcome back
  9. Melvin

    • Melvin
    • DarkSide

    arent u in the military

    1. DarkSide


      I am

  10. DarkSide

    • DarkSide
    • Castiel

    legit thought you died 

  11. DarkSide

    • DarkSide
    • Dan

    Yeet or be yeeeten

  12. Dan

    • Dan
    • DarkSide

    get off this site

  13. Jinx

    • Jinx
    • DarkSide

    This is the Seryi Volki drop weps 10 secs or get rekt.

  14. DarkSide

    See Ya Boys

    Good, we go out together. Dab on the fucking losers my dude. Skrrttt
  15. DarkSide


    I don't have the time for this shit drama and shit. So fuck it. So to those who are still around from the old 501st days, take care of GM. Those who hate me- oh wait you're banned still. Not going to come back this time around. Skrrttttttt