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  1. Welcome brother, hope you get accepted (:
  2. I wasnt aware of this being fake, I apologise if it actually is ^^
  3. For any of you who play League, Riot are giving out Free RP for christmas, using your unique link gains you points which you can then use to get some free RP; and yes, I am also using this link to gain some RP myself I'm not gonna hide that but yeah.. Merry late Christmas <3 Link: http://christmas.riotpromotions.com/MJJGkY
  4. This community is pretty 10/10 you're right <33
  5. You have a point, but remember this game was meant to be released in like 2012 and got postponed for a long time, and then they released a game with like 3-4 guns and some zombies, it has come kinda far since then but it should be alot further into development, if not finished by now. After being worked on for apparently 2-4 years But I see where you're coming from and it can be annoying
  6. So hello guys, been back for a while now and hopped on the SA Server for a while, I was just wondering if alot has changed! I assume its still the normal map layout but is there still survivor safe havens and stuff? This question is most likely answered somewhere on the forums but I thought I'd ask the community myself so I can say hi to you all once again! Sorry for constantly leaving/coming back it just happens! Again, I've probably changed alot so don't be shocked... So yeah, thanks.
  7. First of many Yeah, thats what I'm thinking ;| Well, we should assume it isn't solved then. I hope this is getting addressed with the patch because this means a lot of headache will come if the donation exchange/XML does not work. +1
  8. First of many Yeah, thats what I'm thinking ;|
  9. Apparently, according to some other server sources the latest Arma II patch means that rather than going off of your player ID, it goes off of your Steam ID. Does this mean that DayZRP is going to be reset? :\ Ah, nevermind. I see this goes off of GUID. So I doubt it will change anything.
  10. Damn nobody posts here anymore it was so fun Lets hope some people come here with fresh stories to read and turn around at the same time because I always feel like somebody is behind me ugh
  11. AG Tom

    Official CS:GO Thread

    [video=youtube] I don't know if I've posted this one here yet, but here is my 2nd video, more coming soon
  12. I guess, in a sense its a good thing but at the same time its abit annoying.
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