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  1. Yeah hoorah go and hand out some freedom to those pesky nigerians. Good luck pal.

  3. Black Fangs Media

    Had a lot of fun that night, glad you enjoyed it!
  4. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Actually looks quite good tbh, good luck and all that!
  5. S1: Invalid Kill - Factory - 21:00-ish

    David Jackson's POV: I was sat in polana factory aiming up towards the hill. Taryn says that she's going to initiate and then yells an initiation over teamspeak. The guy raised his gun, so I shot him and he ran into a bush. Ark then ran up to the bush and sprayed it. It was afterwards that Taryn informed me that she forgot to talk IG and never initiated on him through voip, and that the guy just shot her as she raised her gun.
  6. Storm

    :) I love the forums :)

    1. Keira


      I dont want to make a big deal out of it and post a random misconstrued status or anything and cause a bunch of attention, but thank you kindly for your words tonight because that does deserve some recognition.

  7. Black Fangs Media

  8. The Masonic Knights

    where do i sign up?
  9. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Wow someone that enjoys Arks RP
  10. David Jackson's POV: I wasn't there during this part of the situation so my POV wont be much help. I was stood in the school after logging in and was not present.
  11. David Jackson's POV: Don't have much more to add. We heard some shots from Severograd and decided to investigate. Two guys were spraying over the town for no apparent reason, and when we approached, sprayed at us too. As they ran away, one shot back at us and a few shots hit pretty close to me. We chased them through the field and into a town nearby. They ran through the town and shot at Hassan then bolted into the forest. We found a naked body around ten minutes later with some random things left around and a few dead wolves.
  12. Storm

    When you wake up and notice that someone tried to flame you but cant fire back because the threads closed :(

  13. The Legion

    This is probably the cringiest thing I've seen in a long time. Don't know if you're attempting to be a funny or not... Someone please make this disappear.
  14. Gotta give this a phat +1, was a great night.
  15. bye staff.

    You did ok I guess, despite the fact that you're a cunt snake bitch that stole my activity to get mod faster. <3 Enjoy not having any responsibilities anymore. I know I am.