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  1. Igor was born into a poor family living within the outskirts of Kirovograd during the reign of the Soviet Union. At a young age, Igor took to stealing scraps of food from small stores in order to help out his struggling family. Igor's father was a miner, and his mother a nurse. When Igor was 7, his father suffered a broken leg whenever one of the mine shafts collapsed, he made it out alive, but he was never the same. Unable to work, his father took to drinking his life away, and his mother did what she could to care for him. Igor's father died whenever he was 12, and his mother followed soon after due to cancer whenever he was 15. With nothing else left, he boarded a train for Miroslav'l, and signed up with the CDF. During his time with the CDF, Igor gained many valuable life skills, and made quite a few friends. But the soldier life was not for him, following orders was a problem, as he had a habit of questioning his superiors. After 4 years with the CDF, Igor left and joined a small band of Anti-Russian fighters located at a small camp on the Russian border. With the 2009 conflicts heating up, Igor took the fight to the Russian threat through improvised means such as IED's and Car bombs. He loved his country, and fought bravely to preserve its freedom. Whenever these conflicts settled, Igor found love with a girl living in Novaya Petrovka. He spent just over a year there, finally settling down and making a life for himself. He managed to secure a job as a crane operator, and planned to propose to his girlfriend as soon as he could afford a ring. This is when the infection started to spread. Igor was at work early in the morning whenever the initial chaos ensued. Nobody really knew what was happening. Igor and a few others from the contruction sight grabbed a few pipes and wrenches and did whatever they could to protect themselves. During the chaos, Igor frantically tried to get hold of his girlfriend, to no avail. He and one of his co-workers fought their way through the chaos, reaching the apartment building in which his girlfriend should have been held up, only to find the place smashed up and ransacked. There was no sign of her. The apartment was wide open, but her bag was gone along with her keys. Suddenly Igor heard a spray of gunshots in the distance, along with screams. Everything was on fire, and instead of investigating, Igor made his way into the forest and survived.
  2. Storm

    DayZ Server should not go over 60

    I'm fairly sure the whole bullet registration issue is an actual dayZ issue and not a server issue. I've experienced it before on the stress test and the devs have said in the past that they are working on a fix for it. That being said I've not actually experienced any lag at all. Maybe you were fighting someone who was just lagging themselves, or had 400 ping like some Australians.
  3. Storm

    Real life picture Thread

  4. Storm

    Real life picture Thread

    how do i delete someone elses post
  5. Storm


    I know we had our differences before you left, but its honestly good to see you back. If you ever want to play rocket league or something you know where to find me.
  6. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

  7. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Most of us are a little bored of the current patch, haven't really been on the forums or IG in a few days. Activity will pick up in the coming weeks though. Also Hassan is a big melt.
  8. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    ok but only because you didnt add RP into your name
  9. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

  10. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Settle down big fella.
  11. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    You're barking up the wrong tree sunshine, wasn't us. Look at our last played date.
  12. Storm


    This exact thing existed once, would be good to see it return.
  13. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Hey would you look at that. Nice.
  14. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Yeh I've never been too good with eastern europian languages so any help is appreciated. I'll fix it up whenever I stop being lazy. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Storm

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Having major internet issues, will try and get back asap.