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  1. Nostalgia

    I remember sticking this shit on in the school bus back in the day Also cant believe that this banger dropped almost 14 years ago, I remember spending my birthday money on the album.
  2. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    This is a shit group. Archive if you agree.
  3. It was real fun last time until it just became NAPA vs Chedaki, the war for the heli’s. I’m down to try it again. Though this time can we please get a dedicated group of community members to run it? The staff here were always slow af when something needed done that required a GM or something, plus most of the current staff team know fuck all about Arma 3 and how it works.
  4. Bring Back Bunny!

    She's alright I guess. Bit of a gimp sometimes, but she's alright. A few months ago when we were sharing my PC, it was next to the bed. She would RP through the night doing the loudest crying RP and screaming at every fucking thing to the point where I would wake up thinking she's in distress or something. Feckin' nightmare that girl. She bought me some chocolate milk today though so I forgive her. Nah but she loves DayzRP, and really wants to be part of the community again. The amount of effort she used to put into things during her time in staff, and not in staff, was rediculous. I wouldn't see her for hours on end because she was focusing on a report or posting the latest 'Screenshot of the Week/Month'. She was always there when someone needed it, and used to brag to me about helping @Rolle with things. She was a better staff member than me, maybe she'll even go back at some point if allowed. Also a bit o' good news, thanks to @JimRP and @MeenMuginLovin she'll be back soon. She's getting a sweet ass laptop. By the way, you guys are making her real happy. That makes me happy, thanks!
  5. Computer giveaway

    I dont want this computer. But Bunny needs one. #Justice4Bunny
    • Storm
    • Laski

    I'd say congrats on staff but 'Support' isn't really staff tbh. 

    1. Laski


      Don't worry pal. Im basically becoming you from back in the day

    2. Storm


      Erm, excuse me honey, but I was a Community Helper. I was never whatever this 'Support' rank is. God. 

    • Storm

    Please change your name back. The cringe is triggering my crippling depression.

  6. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    When I first joined this group, it was a group of mates that just wanted to chill and play DayZ together. We didn't go around looking for fights, we didn't meme about with the TS channels, we just roamed about looking for people to RP with. When I was playing Viridian were our allies, and we were helping them out with things. Dunno what happened after I stopped playing, but that was the case. Instead of getting into firefights, we would take maybe one individual from a group we didn't like, and force him/her to give us info or do something for us e.g make them bring us weapons/ammo and whatnot. It was fun, and didn't piss anyone off. What does piss people off however, is when you start fighting a group without some kind of end goal. I don't know what your goal is with this Viridian stuff, but from what I've heard you've attacked them many times, surely you've achieved that goal by now and have been thinking of moving on to something else. Progression is what keeps a group alive and entertaining for all parties involved. Not just simple 'we're gonna chase you and fuck you up because we can'. If you do this there will always be people that are simply out to get you on an OOC level because they are tired of what you're doing IG, this is how you're group gets closed. If the people you're attacking are not enjoying it OOC, then you're doing something wrong. I haven't been IG in a while so if I'm wrong here then my bad, I'm just trying to give you a bit of advice. I hate DayZ. Simple as that. I wish I could come IG and help you lads out with things, but I just don't have the motivation. I can't be fucked going through reports every night after a firefight, been there done that, it was shit. Make changes lads, you're a decent bunch and I know you've got it in ya.
  7. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I don't even know who you are, thats how little I play. Ah well, the whitenames can have the group, I'm gone. Too many 501st flashbacks.
  8. Laski's Media Thread

    We playing tonight?
  9. Laski's Media Thread

    ok, gonna be fun.
  10. Laski's Media Thread

    its ok, u playing it tonight?
  11. Laski's Media Thread

    these are ok
  12. Storm's Random Screenshots

    thats cool