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  1. Big sister! It's been so long.  How have you been? ?

  2. Why you lurking noob? Say hi, you know I missed you ?

    1. VoodooLR




      Also im not a noob im a whitename

    2. Nocheluz


      You ain't no damned white name lmao! You're a MVP legend ?

    3. VoodooLR



      Dunno about legend


  3. Hordes would be nice, but not essential for me. I would definitely +1 slowing them down. Not to make things easy, but to account for the laggy, buggy game. I almost lost my companions for the day due to buggy game mechanics. With running zombies, it was very hard to manage the situation. If they walked, instead of ran; or at least as @Saunderssuggested have more of a variety of walkers and crawlers, with the occassional runner then those types of incidents might be decreased. The constant running IS annoying, especially when the game can lag or freeze and you die unnecessarily because of it.
  4. @Horse Well then sir, you need to look for Ms. Hannah Storme in game. She'd be oh so happy to oblige ?
  5. I'm late as hell, but- Thank you @MR Pussywhipped! Playing with you and @MRS Bradtica together again was golden! It was way past time for those two teams to meet up again. Loving those characters and the chemistry they have ? ?. Good to see @Hellspawn again, as well as @Mugin. Always a pleasure, even though Duncan was pretty quiet...? @Lyca the cookies were so uplifting in the apocalypse! Thank you and your people for your hospitality. Not sure who all everyone was, but thanks also to Kazamir (sp?), Dr. Kathryn and everyone else we met at the Castle. We sure did appreciate the warm welcome and help. I'm glad I could help the wounded, including Robbie. Really put Storme's medical training to the test seeing as she's only a tattoo artist, lol! Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again, sorry I don't know OOC names. Had a really great time with you guys! Storme is SO excited to have customers to ink again! And as always, much love and gratitude to Hawke ( @NishiUrban ) for once again putting his own life at risk to protect and save mine ??
  6. *blows a kiss at her Staggsy and wonders what in da hell he's been up to*


    1. Stagsview


      AW my goodness..the beautiful lady herself. How are things doing hun? Still doing good with work and ur partner? I'm having a moment and can't remember his name again XD. Yea things are good, works been busy as hell with the new job...but its been well rewarding. Finally got decent internet connection and made loads of new friends ? How about yourself? All good and well for you?

    2. Nocheluz


      Oh man it makes my day to hear from you ?

      Kind of going thru a rough patch in life, but this too shall pass. That's what makes us grow, eh? Congrats on the new job! And the internet connection, that can make life real sweet, lol

      I hope we'll meet up in game, I think? lmao Met some of your boys I think. Wild, rough riders ?. Looking forward to some good times mate. See you soon I hope!

  7. After being out of the game for a few months, it was a damned good time running into @Aiko, @Mugin, and of course my lovely sister @MRS Bradtica. What a treat to get to play again with some of my favorite people! It's been far too long Mrs. Brad! It was a crazy time, but so worth it. I can't wait to see what else we can get into. Always an adventure, that's for sure ? And of course Storm is over the moon to be playing with Hawk- @NishiUrban once again. As usual, we are the dynamic duo of the wasteland! ?
  8. @MuginOh no it was our pleasure! Thank you for welcoming us and bringing us into that crazy situation! It was a great way to get acclimated back into the game. I'm sure we'll be seeing Mr. Smith again real soon. And by all means, you pick the design and you definitely will get that custom made, primo tattoo. Definitely enjoyed your role play and your company ? @Hellspawn it was such a pleasure meeting you after seeing you on the forums for so long! We had a great time foraging and chatting. I do hope we'll be meeting up again soon. I mean....who else is gonna save you from that dreaded lag? ? I guess I know how to knife zombies now, lol
  9. Oh my oh my! I need to get my azz in game don't I? Who would you like to travel with? ?

    Oh and so much congrats! I'm so proud of youse guys! ❤️



    1. Pussy


      AhhhHHHHH!! Yes girl you do! I've been telling you for a month to get your cute butt in game! ❤️

  10. Aye! How ya been? ?

    1. Ron


      Hey, I'm doing good!

      Nice to see you back around noche! How is life?

  11. *Waves and blows a ?*

     Haven't talked to or seen you in forever!

    1. Jade


      ? It has been forever are you and Nishi coming back? ❤️ 

    2. Nocheluz


      Ye! Apparently we played for 8 hours or more tonight, so I think we just might ?

    3. Jade


      ? Awesome!

  12. My favorite DropBear ?

    1. Stradic


      Aww thank you Sister Lucia. I hope you have been well.



  13. Knowing you're back makes me want to jump in game again ❤️

    1. Nocheluz


      Bring yo ass back. It's the new and improved Lucia and Liam Page. We had a good time for our first time back. Had a tense moment when we went back in. I'll have to tell you about it   ?

  14. Waving and adding this to your profile, cause it looks like it belongs here ?

    Got me a new profile....



  15. Hey you licked my glass!! How you been old friend? ?

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