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  1. Nocheluz

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    • Ron

    Aye! How ya been? 😊

    1. Ron


      Hey, I'm doing good!

      Nice to see you back around noche! How is life?

  2. Nocheluz

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    *Waves and blows a 😘*

     Haven't talked to or seen you in forever!

    1. Jadeboat


      😥 It has been forever are you and Nishi coming back? ❤️ 

    2. Nocheluz


      Ye! Apparently we played for 8 hours or more tonight, so I think we just might 😃

    3. Jadeboat


      😲 Awesome!

  3. Nocheluz

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    My favorite DropBear 😁

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      Aww thank you Sister Lucia. I hope you have been well.



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    Knowing you're back makes me want to jump in game again ❤️

    1. Nocheluz


      Bring yo ass back. It's the new and improved Lucia and Liam Page. We had a good time for our first time back. Had a tense moment when we went back in. I'll have to tell you about it   😘

  5. Nocheluz

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Nicely said @DrMax. I honestly don't have a dog in this race, but I'm voting anyway, as an objective observer, due to the evolution of feedback suggesting a positive turn of events in behavior and modus operandi I saw in the group thread. Yes they did fuck up at first, but they really seem to have tried to correct the wrongs and do better. What boggles the mind, is that the community validates this perception several times over, across a decent period of time, yet they are still being held to a pretty high standard of conduct compared to other groups. Of course they are not perfect, no group is, and there is always room for improvement. But if we say because "they have baggage attached to the name...." they shouldn't be approved, is that really a valid reason for disapproval or removal from the community?! That would mean that some of the ones throwing stones live in perfectly crystal clear glass houses that have never had smudges or dirt of any kind mar their glass. And come on now, we all know that is not true for many. They fucked up, they learned from their mistakes, they grew and did better. We applauded their efforts. Why not in this case? I thought our whole "community" aspect was to observe, teach, generate change, and when it occurs feel a job was well done. Now it's like -hey you fuck up once (albeit on what some might consider a major scale-I get that), and there is no redemption for you, no room for improvement, change, or getting better. How are we rewarding those that put in work to actually provide what they lacked in the beginning? Isn't mentoring and learning from mistakes what we say we are founded on? I have felt this group was truly humiliated in some of the comments, as far as why they are still here and what not. How disheartening to learn you are not here because you actually give a damn and have worked to become better role players and community members. Rather you are here because of your affiliations only. That is a shame IMHO and even more shameful to say out loud. And we wonder why that "them vs. us" mentality continues to flourish. I have to admire you boys' tenacity and the ability to stay fairly civil in the face of this onslaught. It reminds me of when the lads tried to make the UN group. Although they weren't perfect, they truly tried to change their MO, but because of previous (some of them way back in the day actions) they could never grow past the role they had originally acquired and finally had to say 'Uncle' and give it up. I hope your group fares much better. This is just my fly by two cents worth, cause as I said, don't have a dog in this race, not really a hard core hostile player myself. But right is right, wrong is wrong, fair is fair. I don't see it in this case. I wish the group success, some compassion and open mindedness as those that have the ultimate power (I thought the Lore Masters had a significant voice in all of this, appears they do not- another shame) to make the decision decide how to proceed. Some of the statements and evidence provided don't bode well. As I said, just reinforces the paranoia and 'us vs. them' mentality. I thought we were trying to move away from that image.
  6. Nocheluz

    The community is being restricted?

    I gotta get out of this thread. Mercy, mercy me! It's so hard to come on and see this type of stuff, and see some of the sheer hypocrisy. Yeah, I said it, hypocrisy. We HAVE had people say offensive things such as Eagle mentioned on P. 2 of this thread, and they are still here. We HAVE had people, even staff, maybe especially staff, so drunk off their asses they had to be temp banned from TS so they wouldn't act too much of a fool and be a bad example for other community members, and they are still here, and still stayed in staff at the time. We have seen people banned for things they did OUTSIDE of DayZRP. How long does this arm of "justice" reach? To my personal web pages? My private discord, skype, etc.? To where I live and work? Where do you draw the line? How are things deemed "offensive?" I know that we all SHOULD use common sense in what we say or do in public, even online. But we don't all do that. Hell some of us don't seem to have much common sense at all. BUT, things can be so subjective that it's hard not to feel someone is being biased or petty at times, if we see folks get in trouble because seemingly their sense of humor or what is acceptable deviates too much from the powers in charge at the time. I'm not advocating that folks should be able to do whatever, or say whatever, but come on now....some things ARE questionable. I don't know when folks will stop and realize this isn't the community we used to have. It's just not. It's a business and has been for quite some time. I don't even know what all the rules are anymore. I just know it doesn't feel or seem safe to play freely. I could be wrong, and this is my opinion of course. *sigh* Let me get my ass off here, before I get myself into hot water. It just pains me to see such stark changes in a place I loved so dearly. A place I was woven into like silk threads into a favorite blanket. This situation is kind of like a zombie it is. When you see your loved one shambling down the road in zombie form, that's not your loved one anymore, that's a zombie. It's just a shell of what it used to be. It might have the same structure, but the inside is quite different. It might help if we reminded ourselves of that from time to time.
  7. Nocheluz

    Cya Staff!

    Top Lad and Staff tbh. I'm glad you gave it a try I know you'll be missed.
  8. Nocheluz

    DayZ 6 years later, share your story.

    I never got to play the Mod. Only know of SA and that in and of itself, was amazing, but only because of its RP potential. I was watching Mr. Moon videos and saw him playing on this DayZRP place. I thought wow, I'd love to try that. I came to the community and visited quite a bit before I whitelisted. It's a favorite story of mine that my whitelist was like eleven pages long and had to be uploaded into a Google doc for the admin to approve it. There was a queue, but I only had to wait 45 min. or so before I was approved. I was so excited. This place and game will always have a special place in my heart. It's tough, because sometimes with all the changes we've endured over the past 3-4 years, it feels as though "they've paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.." as the song goes. Things have changed quite a bit since those first days I joined back in 2015. I've met so many good friends here, like @Kattica, @Brad, @NishiUrban. These were my first real buds when I joined The Faith, which was my first group experience. Roman had tried to help me get into RP by inviting me to play with his boys. But it wasn't until those three that I really had the chance to flex my RP chops. I went on to become staff and work with some of the most awesome people you'd ever want to meet. I don't care what anybody says, they expected a lot, got frustrated, and perhaps didn't always make the best choices in the end, but they loved and worked hard for this community. Nobody will ever be able to take that legacy away from them. At least not in my mind. It's also a special place and game for the sappiest of reasons, I met the love of my life here. @NishiUrban and I met in The Faith. For some reason we began to RP for hours on end, even when we were the only two on the server. One thing lead to another, and now, I'm always proud to say we've been in a loving relationship since then, been together going on three years, living together for two years come July. Who'd have thunk it, that not only would I find good friends here, I'd also find the best boyfam I've ever had. So yeah....this place...this game, will always hold a special place in my mind and heart. I do miss all my old friends still though. Not gonna lie, the place hasn't been the same since they left. But I'm thankful for those that remain. You suckers know who you is! . I'd have to name half the remaining server to get 'em all in, lol! I still love the game too. There's no other game that invites you to be the character like DayZ. I've been a nun, a tattoo artist, a hired killer and a mob girlfriend. It don't get much better than that! Good thread dude. The feels...ah the fuckin feels...<3
  9. Nocheluz

    A Call to "Cupid"

    *For the second time that day the radio spat and sputtered. Ginsu frowned and turned toward the busted up little device. Hearing the slick, southern drawl that she knew all too well, caused a plethora of unresolved feelings to come flooding back into her awareness. She looked around for something much stronger than the soda pop she had been drinking earlier. She took off her cowboy hat and leaned back in her chair throwing back a much needed drink of good old Chernarussian vodka. She shook her head in disbelief as the syrupy voice crawled across the radio waves. When the radio had died another death and become silent again, she sat for a minute to gather her thoughts. After another long swig of vodka, she pushed the radio’s PTT button….* https://puu.sh/zB4aX/873fd981a7.mp3 “Well, well, well I guess wonders really don’t cease do they? I see the possum done crawled out of his hole and made it all the way to the middle of the fuckin road. Been a minute since I heard the famous Tommy Vitucci declaring…’Why hello there….’ Retired really? Well you know I’d believe that about as much as I’d believe you’d done gone and become an ordained preacher man!” *She paused a minute to roll her eyes, hard. Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, she believed he would probably get the picture. He’d seen it often enough.* “And now tell me something sugar, cause it really ain’t like you to go spreading your business like a closet freak spreads her legs under a Sunday pulpit. So I’m just wondering, is all this talk about a cute, supple, young guppy, real talk, or is it what you have so fondly referred to in the past as, a ‘shit test?’ Cause I’ve never really heard nobody else on God’s green earth say such a thing, or explain the concept, but you. Plus I’d expect nuthin less… or more for that matter, from you. And you know what they say sugar, whoever dealt it smelt it, cause a skunk always smells his OWN hole. Or is that hidey hole in your case? Well…well shit! I guess we’re talking about a real reunion of the unholy Trinity here ain’t we? Sounds like we finna pinch the tail and suck the head as we used to say back in Louisiana. And I guess you know a thang or three about alla that don’t you Tommy? Fuck it, don’t let me stop nuthin. Laissez les bon temps rouler- let the fuckin good times roll then. Hell, you gonna bite Tommy boy or sit up there with ya nuts hanging out playing coy? I guess we’ll see eh Cupid? On another note…Lexi, we need to talk. NOW!” *She threw the radio once more against the bed. This time with a bit more force than before. A few more times of doing that and she knew the radio would be shot. But hell, how much could a bitch take in the course of one day? Shaking her head, as if to clear the cobwebs and demons out of her brain, she walked out to the rusty old porch, grabbed a worn out chair, and sat down tightly holding onto the vodka bottle. She looked towards the sinking sun, and waited….*
  10. Nocheluz

    Someone Please Remind me...

    Fuckin A, top notch my luv
  11. Nocheluz

    A Call to "Cupid"

    *IvyLynne was in the middle of a swig of almost disgustingly warm Spite when she heard the crackle of the PTT coming to life. When she heard the voice and message that followed, she choked and spit the lukewarm liquid clear across the dusty floor. Taking a minute, she wiped Spite off her shirt and then grabbed the radio. "Lord love a baldheaded duck!" *she spat before pushing down the button and speaking....* https://puu.sh/zvRo9/31a309df3f.mp3 *She flipped her finger off the button and tossed the radio on the bed, muttering to herself.*
  12. Nocheluz

    Voice acting and Dialect/Accent

    Guides come and go unless they're pinned so new ones are always needed. Thank you for sharing this with the community. And stop apologizing! You taking the time and making the effort to share is appreciated and will benefit someone
  13. Nocheluz

    Someone Please Remind me...

    Ahh, ok. Damn! I'll do that then. I'll put the puush link. It's all done. Thanks sistagurl! Mods you may mark this as solved.
  14. Nocheluz

    Staff Appreciation Thread

    I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm boyz @LouieRP, @WesternRP, and @Henning. Just know, it's not near as easy as it looks or seems. There have been many that said the same, and tried. Those in staff are sacrificing something, be it time, game play, sleep, sanity, etc. Having been staff, trust me, I know. You do the best you can do with what you have to work with, and that's all you can do. But again, good on you for the positive attitudes and wanting to try. @Ellie Ah sista of mine! Those were the good old days, and it warms my heart seeing all those names together in one place again. Sometimes it was the best of times, sometimes the worst, but through it all, there were the memes and the camaraderie. Miss youse guys! Real talk! It sure is nice to be remembered