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  1. IGN: ( In - Game Name) Robert Forack Age: IRL 19, IG 26 Country: USA, Pacific Standard Time English skills: Main Language DayZ Mod Experience: Have been playing DayZ Mod since release, know everything by heart in that game. DayZ Standalone Experience: Haven't played DayZ standalone nearly as much as Mod simply because of how horrible the frame rate is. I plan on playing more often, especially with the new update coming out soon to fix frame rate. Know the map by heart, could use some adjustment to the plethora of new items. Roleplaying Experience: Played DayZRP about a year after its release, also owned a AltisRP server which enforced strict RP. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I like to be best described as the scout of a group, figuring out a game plan ahead of time and surveying a area to see the best route. I like to work with a lone partner or by myself as a scout, but working with a group is no problem. I also have been in many leadership roles in old clans, so providing leadership/veteran support is no problem. Have you been in any clan/group previously: To many to name, most important ones: 2nd Wave CLF, Volki, NAPA, BHM (RIP), IRA Additional notes: None. Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: I will be continuing my previous character I played as before I took a break from DayZRP. I have a previous written story on my account that I will be using, but will also provide more detail about him. A little backstory to my character is His name is Robert Forack, and at the time of the infection, lived in Chernarus. Robert is a US Citizen, but moved to Chernarus when his wifes mother came down with lung cancer and needed caring. Robert was previously a detective for the LAPD and moved to Chernarus with his wife Rachel and his son Chris. By the time of the infection Robert is 26 and was always known to the LAPD as the "Rookie", as he had just gotten promoted. Full story can be found on my profile: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Iridescent Thanks for reading!
  2. IGN (In-Game Name): Robert Cristove/Vladimir Chernikova Age: 20 Country: USA (UTC- English skills: Extraordinary (Main Language) DayZ Experience: I have been playing DayZ since Lingor Island was first released to the public. Ever since then I have learned every inch of Chernarus and know every little bit of information about DayZ and the map. Because I have been playing for so long, I have used every weapon and know how to use them effectively. I love DayZ and have played almost every mod. What kind of role best describes you: I personally enjoy being a Scout/Navigator kind of person. I think its fun to be ahead of the game and sometimes know information others do not. Because I know the map well, navigation is a huge strong suit for me, especially since I can tell where I am from few hills or buildings. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I started out being in Free Medics, moving onto NAPA soon after. A few months after that I joined the ranks of Brotherhood, then joined Volki. I stayed with Volki for awhile, leaving to restart an old clan and when all did not go well, went to BHM. After my departing from BHM I returned to Volki. I also stayed in USA-R for a short amount of time. Additional notes: I work extremely well in teams, being able to receive and give orders. Formally playing Arma 2 realism units, I know many tactics to keep myself and my peers alive. Best way to contact you: PM Backgrounds: Vladimir's Background Robert's Background
  3. Not dead yet I see? Maybe I will have to return to dayzrp now
  4. Hi Shut Up Walter. I also like roleplaying, I'm Slute. Hi.
  5. Seems like I've missed quite a lot actually... I've seen the threads. Sad thing. OH WAIT ! You've missed me change my name from FrozenCaveMan22 ! Whos FrozenCaveMan22 Just kidding, nice!
  6. Seems like I've missed quite a lot actually... I've seen the threads. Sad thing.
  7. Slute

    Remove inactive players from GroupCP ranks

    I don't see why not, many clans use the advantage of having multiple players in their group CP to get noticed by newer players, or players looking to join a clan. Also it could be to abuse the 5 player rule set on groups. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons, better for competition between clans, and overall just helps sort things out.
  8. Oh my hello Mr. Admin! Red suits you And thank you lucky for the summary.
  9. Slute

    Why all the hate towards UN Characters?

    Like everyone's been saying, the UN group has a bad history. A lot of the hate is mainly because the group is repurposed constantly and there have been so many "UN" groups it's not appealing anymore.
  10. It happens with every clan. They all will have their downtimes here and then.
  11. You're no longer green! Why! Anyway, thanks for the hellos guys, hopefully get out there soon..
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