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  1. KingAlmond

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Rolle, you can make your own mod using exiled base + zombie mod from armaholic. Just a friendly heads up, but yeah go for this!
  2. KingAlmond

    Altis Life RP What would you want?

    I can vouch for British, I was second lead there(at ARP) behind Sota. British was a great developer, had great ideas, and was very active. Good luck with this !
  3. KingAlmond

    Sexual Harassment Discussion

    Wow someone made fun of 9/11? Haven't seen this at all. Whoever it was must feel proud about themselves especially on the 13th anniversary and also when NYC is at its highest stage of alert since 9/11... Btw sexual harassment etc is a social issue. In America 1/5 college girls will be sexually abused/harassed. It will take legislature and a movement to really change it or something drastic.
  4. Freedom of speech only exist if what you say is not harming the public in anyway. You can't go to NYC and say that and get away with it. I am pretty sure someone called the cops on him because the police force doesn't have the capability to monitor online things like this unless they have the FBI etc with them. Also not to long ago someone tweeted to American Airlines as a joke about blowing up a plane or aomething, they are now on a no fly list and the FBI was invovled. If you have nothing to hide why worry about Big Brother. Last year the NSA stopped 252 terrorist cases, 52 of which are public by using their 'abusive' methods.
  5. KingAlmond

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    Messi really deserves a win. Hopefully, someone can wing man him in Russia.
  6. KingAlmond

    Leaving again.

    They do. However since Hamas is using like 10 dollar mortars/rockets/missiles, they can launch about 100 or more at a time. So logically the Iron Dome can't shoot down every single missile. Although to this day it has done a great job. Anyways Stay safe, be-careful and hope it all goes well. UN is hosting a meeting today so maybe they can do something. Even though they never do... Also depends on your source but rockets have reached Tel Aviv most have been shot down. But I never trust American shit media. So I don't know.
  7. Well after playing this for like 5 hours and being rekt by zombies 24/7. I realized you can crouch/prone past some, or go behind them. But the best tip is to get hold of a melee weapon. The best I have used is the bat and axe. Or go yolo mode and get in a car and drive them all over ! Sadly you can't yolo loot run in DayZ. Because you can't lose these zombies, they keep chasing you and are pretty strong and the gang banging is such a pain.
  8. truly epic 10/10 game over
  9. I do but it's only up while i'm playing. Add me on steam (tnkydoe or tnkydoe7) and I'll Message you when I'm Playing. Added, mine is KingAlmond. Also can't wait for him to get to the steam network for servers. Hopefully actual server hosting companies would consider this game has an opportunity.
  10. Does anyone have a server in which people can play on?
  11. KingAlmond

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    Good for Messi. Well deserved. Too bad Germany finna smack 'em.
  12. KingAlmond

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    And now the world will say. On a scale of 1-Brazil, how badly does it hurt? I had a tough time but at least I didn't get Brazil'd. Anyways. Brazil never deserved getting this far or even getting to the final match. Not once did they play like they were expected to. Fact is, they were down 2 of their best players, too emotional and Germany outclassed them to the fullest extent. Even if they had Neymar and Silva they would have still been beat. And now Brazil will riot and cry over the fact they spent 11 Billion dollars and lost. Instead of using that money to combat corruption, drugs and gangs. Or simply, boosting education, infrastructure and other things. Also the stadiums they built will never be used again. No one wants to play in the Amazon at any time in the year. It was seen during the world cup of how tough it was. Reminds of when the Broncos got destroyed by the Seahawks. #NeverForget.
  13. KingAlmond

    Important community announcement

  14. KingAlmond

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    R.I.P USA However, we gonna win in Russia, and we all know why.
  15. KingAlmond

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    Brazil don't deserve to win, maybe one game they played well, all the rest were pathetic for them. Anyways America gonna win it all . Germany and Netherlands are overrated.