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"If she's not blue, she won't do."

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  1. Beni's Character Page Rating System

    @Pussy Has a good point. Feels like extra work, if you wanna suggest something just write it in the comments lol you're looking too much into it my man.
  2. hey

    Awk don't be at that
  3. hey

    The usual no. 4 all over lad
  4. hey

    Hey guys, Plugged the pc in again and i want to give this another go. Any groups willing to take me on? Only be playing 2 days a week or so.
  5. Introduction

    @Fubar Yarp, also a big fan of cheese and onion tayto crisps mate.
  6. Introduction

    Welcome and well done big man Irish? ::O
  7. im back!

    welcome back
  8. Hey

    Welcome back, you was a Black Sky scum right?
  9. good rp. thanks.

    1. Estrogirl Z

      Estrogirl Z

      Sorry mate, had to juke you. I totally saw through that whole ruse!

    2. Tayto

      we actually didn't know each other, I was just twisty. I lied about everything LOL sorry.

  10. The real life thread has to be my favourite thread. 

    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      I can't take the cringe anymore

  11. bye staff.

    What happened yesterday big man