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  1. yo, this shit hurts your eyes when stoned wtf
  2. Tayto

    [NGA] New Generation Army (Recruitment Open)

    I was forced into this.
  3. Tayto

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    You have a very good point, pushed out features and mods you can even get it on Xbox. Sounds like they're leaving it up to modders to make it interesting, lets me honest ever since the successful of the A2 mod there has been tons of zombie survival games... that faze is over now, everyone is doing battle royal even call of duty lol
  4. hahaha good lad @Crim says you've nice legs btw
  5. Tayto

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    brilliant mate lol
  6. Tayto

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    This could go good or bad and that is in your hands Rolle...
  7. Tayto

    Dealing with Depression

  8. Troubled childhood nothing but a rocky road for Cahir as he was raised in the rough edges of Ardoyne, feed the strict belief of the Irish republican freedom. As he has grown older he has become more open minded in the hope of gaining power.
  9. Thanks, anything under £200 or is all the good ones at that price as I'm currently upgrading the pc + setup and already blowing the dollar
  10. @Brady looks good. @Bruhstice nothing to deadly expensive but enough to have a nice game experience. What monitor do you use yourself? @Symmetrical nah, it's for my Nintendo DS
  11. Hey, Looking a new monitor but I'm totally clueless as I wouldn't know much about them. What monitors are recommended?
  12. Tayto


    @SillyGoose oh it'll definitely be back lad 'big Ds deluxe barbers'
  13. Jezzz welcome back old timer
  14. Tayto


    Thank you people