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  2. Tayto

    Go Back to old Defense/Kill rights.

    The standard KOS rights were so much easier, now i'm sweating just thinking if I can open fire on someone
  3. Tayto

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    You guys should setup road blocks/check points be crazy cool rp
  4. Tayto

    Paint It Mod

    Why don't we add the weapons+ mod or whatever it is? The mod has Lee enfield, etc. Pretty sure theres a mod with more clothing too
  5. plenty of groups running about that are friendly mateeee
  6. Tayto

    Settlement Protections

    Building a settlement another level to the role-play in the server, if you're gonna provide it - PREPARE TO DEFEND IT, IT'S PART OF THE ROLE-PLAY.
  7. Tayto

    Settlement Protections

    Didn't say anything about pvp. Listen, you've obviously had a bad experience. However, if you get attacked upon your settlement you should have an effective defence mechanisms allowing you to kill your attackers. the role-play servers have an allowance for PVP for a reason. if a group consistently spams you with PVP, report them or give constructive criticism.
  8. join a group and make a base. welcome to the real world bro people gonna mess your base up
  9. Tayto

    Settlement Protections

    no, you build a settlement and make it public, it's your own fault if another group take control of your settlement. end of. keep your settlement hidden within the woods if you don't want another strong group taking over.
  10. Tayto

    Settlement Protections

    listen, if you're building a base you gotta have a strong group to protect it.
  11. Tayto

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    He started vaping so they kicked him out
  12. Tayto

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    Wouldn't be without you
  13. Tayto

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    going to be good boyss
  14. Tayto

    Distribute more military loot spawn on the map.

    Very well presented, after reading this thread you've sold the idea to me. +1
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