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"If she's not blue, she won't do."

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  1. Tayto

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

    @Pussy Has a good point. Feels like extra work, if you wanna suggest something just write it in the comments lol you're looking too much into it my man.
  2. The usual no. 4 all over lad
  3. Hey guys, Plugged the pc in again and i want to give this another go. Any groups willing to take me on? Only be playing 2 days a week or so.
  4. @Fubar Yarp, also a big fan of cheese and onion tayto crisps mate.
  5. Welcome and well done big man Irish? ::O
  6. Tayto


    Welcome back, you was a Black Sky scum right?
  7. good rp. thanks.

    1. Estrogirl Z

      Estrogirl Z

      Sorry mate, had to juke you. I totally saw through that whole ruse!

    2. Tayto

      we actually didn't know each other, I was just twisty. I lied about everything LOL sorry.

  8. The real life thread has to be my favourite thread. 

    1. ShaneKOS


      I can't take the cringe anymore

  9. Tayto

    bye staff.

    What happened yesterday big man