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  1. miremare

    [PWD] Pinewood [Recruiting]

    Ha, of course the Doc would have a pen! All those medical notes to write up.
  2. miremare

    [PWD] Pinewood [Recruiting]

    Great idea. I've been looking for a pen for ages though.
  3. miremare

    Pinewood Media Thread

    Seems like every day in Pinewood there is some drama about a barrel, or a banana!
  4. miremare

    [PWD] Pinewood [Recruiting]

    Thanks for having me, looking forward to being an enthusiastic member of Pinewood!
  5. Random encounters up North. Like Lue I often don't meet a single person for a whole session, but when I do it can be great. No multiple voice chatter, no TS parallel conversations, just one-on-one. I've met quite a few people walking in the middle of the road up there. I also use a lamp/chemlight in the night, it's a buzz to hear a voice come out of the darkness unexpectedly because they've seen you. Also, taking a vehicle up North and driving from one side of the map to the other at night, it feels spooky and desolate, and you just might pick up some hitchhikers!
  6. Really good question. I found myself in a similar situation where a group spotted me near Stary Sobor and I chose to run for my life back into the woods!
  7. I'm keen, put me down as interested too. Look forward to seeing if this happens.
  8. Really enjoyed an unexpected encounter with a 'family' last night way up North, a place where my character usually only sees lone wolves like himself. I was totally freaked out and had no idea what was going on. My characters time in the church made him see new meaning in all the chaos around him, he's been alone a long time, the epiphany was overwhelming. Great RP from everybody, was tough to follow at times due to voip lag but I got there in the end. What a disturbing and unsettling bunch you are, love it!
  9. Hello and welcome, from another fellow Brit. Good luck with your application, hope to see you out there soon.
  10. I enjoyed my brief encounter with two chaps (then a third) at Gorka last night. I was making my way back home to Tisy and stopped to examine a scattering of books around a police car, you spotted me rummaging about. It was nice to immediately communicate my excitement at finding 'Learn to read Russian' to somebody. Hope you enjoyed my freshly picked courgettes (zucchini), they were the best I had grown yet. Thanks for the pumpkin growing tips. And to the guy who thought the world was too grim to bother reading books anymore, I'll find the right book for you and change your mind! Server restart sadly cut it short and I could only get back in on S2, sorry about that, hope to see you again.
  11. Kamensk. Peaceful and beautiful, relaxing to sit down near the rocks overlooking it to watch the sun come up.
  12. miremare

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I have a cat called Tanooki.
  13. Hi there, this is Miremare saying hello. I'm new here, very excited about the prospect of playing DayZRP.
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