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  1. These were accidentally purchased in excess, not awarded, but thank you! There is nothing more I can use them on, so I guess I am stuck with them. Thank you for the response!
  2. Good day! So I have some extra account credits on my account that are going unused and I though it would be nice to gift them to other individuals- however, the gifting option allows only to purchase gift cards for others by either PayPal or bitcoin. Is it possible to implement a function where we can gift account credits to others from our own credit bank? Or possibly purchase items/crates for others as a nice gesture? it’s probably a lot more complicated than it sounds! thank you!!
  3. Discord Name: Delainey#8994 Current Time Zone: EST Most Common Play Time: Evenings EST time. Weekends. Special RP Skills: Medical RP, Psychological/therapy RP. Teaching RP. Torture/interrogation RP. Type of RP Interested in: low on PVP skill, I prefer to RP out hostile situations. Love medical and therapy RP, as I am a psychiatrist irl. Prefer to explore the grey areas of human morals rather than be too far on either end of the spectrum. Not big on playing within the confines of a city.
  4. Appreciate the role play as always, but very unique time role playing a lesson on driving a manual transmission with @Mugin! Your character’s sense of humor is also fantastic! See you in the new map!
  5. Gambler over here, one of Johnny Denver’s “goons.”
  6. *Helicopters buzz overhead. A shockwave followed by a mushroom cloud. Everything goes dark as you hear the sounds of infected surrounding you* *you wake up to the sound of horse hooves clomping along the ground and creaking, aged wood. As you open your eyes, you discover that you are in the back of the horse-drawn carriage around other survivors, in an unknown wooded area. The man across from you sporting a ghillie suit addresses you* “Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Chedaki ambush, same as us, and that whitena
  7. Welcome back!! Can’t wait to run into you in-game!!
  8. I love rain because something so mundane and natural can create some great role play opportunities. My character changes attire during the rain, often throwing on wellness, a rain jacket, and a poncho while it rains. Rain provides an opportunity for those rping in a city to have a reason to change atmosphere. It might be strange for one stranger to suggest to another that they go inside to talk, especially when tensions are running high. Rain, however, facilitates that change to environment naturally. Some groups postpone travels due to the rain, leading to chance bump-ins with others run
  9. Marshall Darling was born to an affluent family in Lexington, Kentucky who had amassed their fortunes raising and breeding race horses. Marshall left his family home as a teen due to the alcoholism and drug use that ran rampant throughout his family, and attended college at the University of Kentucky before being implicated in an incident on campus that caused him to relocate north to Cincinnati to eventually complete his doctorate in Mental Health Counseling and attending the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine for Neurochemistry. Marshall continued to teach And conduct research at t
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