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  1. Never call them Zombies. Typically Deadites or Infected. Depends on who's around at the time I suppose. Oh and of course, if they catch me off-guard they're given a variety of colorful names.
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    "That's so very, very sad."
  3. I didn't realize the brony fandom was actually that big to have conventions. How many people actually showed up? What did it cost?
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    S2 Dolina BadRP/Trolling

    Howdy. The bear trap was actually glitched, I can definitely see how it appeared he was trying to bait you into it though. The truth is once we arrived in Dolina, we sweeped the police station and I found a set bear trap in the doorway. I collected it to prevent injury as someone had clearly left it there unattended. Once I tried to dispose of it within the fire it became glitched at my feet. Advel attempted to move it but it became glitched in place, but after he interacted with it, it disappeared. Then it was a bit of a hassle trying to move it as it kept glitching about as we just tried to dispose of it. In hindsight we could've used //occ chat to inform you two of the situation instead of acting ignorant to it. However we had hoped to dispose of the beartrap in seconds and it not even be a problem. As for the "bong smoking" I can assure it wasn't bong smoking, it was an attempt to mimic urination I believe. The sound came through butchered as he was having a spike of quality drop, in TS it was less noticeable. Lastly regarding the "Allahu Ahkbar" that wasn't myself, and I doubt it was Advel either. I see how this experience was ruined and I apologize and hope to have a better RP experience during our next encounter.
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    Image limit when making a group

    Just combine all images and except the sections you expect to edit frequently and save those separately. Oh and of course save everything in .psd files or similar so you can easily re-open and edit it.
  6. I'm a simple man, in love with his canned steak, potato and bacon soup. http://i.imgur.com/ZWf5ibC.jpg[/img]
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    Post your battle stations

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    Post pictures of your pet

    My baby Ella. http://i.imgur.com/UFcRFEf.jpg[/img] The boyfriend's baby Brax. http://i.imgur.com/SP5aNSe.jpg[/img] Took the boyfriend hunting. http://i.imgur.com/zv5BMyr.jpg[/img] http://i.imgur.com/O07wXrI.jpg[/img] Picture from when he first got his dog, doing his usual "Blue Steel" look.. http://i.imgur.com/80r4DnE.jpg[/img] He passed his driving test. http://i.imgur.com/0BNZ0MO.jpg[/img]
  9. But now I am bored? Have I became the new king?
  10. Just a heads up for all PS4 Users, it's currently one of the free PS+ titles!
  11. What's the name of this song? Love the artwork and theme of the group!
  12. Jericho's Journal http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dayz.gamepedia.com/1/16/Black_Cowboy_hat_%28damaged%29.png[/img] The Beginning of The New World Jericho Stryker, a lonesome Australian Survivalist estranged from his own family due to a shadowy past, was in Russia expanding his survivalist skills in the unfamiliar winter terrain by hiking Russia's Black Mountains. However, due to complications from a thunderstorm, the pilot of the small aircraft had instructed Jericho to jump sooner than planned or head home. Having come so far, Jericho wasn't prepared to simply turn around and head home so he was forced to perform a high altitude, high opening jump. Unfortunately, whilst parachuting below into the uncharted wilderness, Jericho found himself caught in extreme winds due to the thunderstorm. Furthermore, due to the high altitude opening of his HAHO jump and the complications brought on by the strong winds, Jericho had to cut loose his pack in order to avoid it tangling amongst his parachute. He was carried more than 50 kilometers South into forests of an unknown region. This was only made worse by a rough landing as the dense forest and strong winds made it difficult to find a clearing large enough to land. With his parachute tangled amongst the branches of several tall trees, he cut himself free and with a painful fall, Jericho landed injuring his right leg. After several hours of limping painfully through the wet, dark dense forest, Jericho found a barn and cabin. Upon looking around, Jericho deemed the place empty, almost abandoned which puzzled him as he could see the livestock was well as though someone had recently been tending to them. Not wanting to disturb the possible residents, but conflicted by the increasing pain of his leg and freezing cold, Jericho approached the door only to find that the cabin door wasn't even closed. As he entered the kitchen, he saw half eaten meals rotting on the kitchen table and the place looked completely untouched. Coming to the conclusion that the place was, in fact, abandoned, he reluctantly decided to make himself at home. As Jericho searched the cabin, he began salvaging some supplies from the bathroom in an attempt to treat his wounds and to feed on what little food that wasn't rotten. He came across the fireplace and noticed a newspaper folded and thrown into the ashes. Curious, he pulled it out. Unable to read the local language, he was surprised to see the date printed was just a few weeks ago. Jericho stacked the fire and set it alight, stripping himself off and hanging his clothes over the mantle as he wrapped himself in a blanket that he found on the armchair nearby. Whilst he sat by the fire, he treated his leg and thought to himself, “After such unfortunate events, I’ve finally had a bit of luck finding this cabin.” He glanced above the fire as he began to lay down and saw an old painting of a family: a husband, a wife, their son and their baby. Jericho briefly pondered thoughts of his own family before quickly pushing them aside. Awaking the next day, Jericho searched more of the property. He came across the barn which he could barely see in the previous night’s darkness. Looking for more firewood in order to keep the fire burning for another night, he found something strange. As he reached for the handle of the barn door, it had been knocked off and nails were sticking out towards him, as if they'd been hammered from within the inside of the barn. Unable to open the door, Jericho retreated to the cabin, re-lit the fire and began to treat his leg once again. Throughout the night, Jericho found himself struggling with two questions: "Where is this family?" and "Why is the barn locked?" But, knowing he needed to rest his leg, he was able to satisfy his curiosity by deciding that come tomorrow he'd find a way to open that barn door. Like a child on Christmas, Jericho awoke early with his mind racing about the possible contents of the barn. Relieved to find that he was able to walk on his leg with just a bit more than a limp and little pain, he began to look around the barn trying to find something to open the door with, but all he could find was a pitchfork. After kicking the door a few times, he loosened a few of the nails and was able to use the pitchfork in a crowbar like fashion to pry the doors open. As the door creaked open, a gust of hot air filled his nose with the smell of a rotting animal carcass. Disgusted, but curious, Jericho entered the barn. As he passed by bales of hay, he saw a man laying on the ground with a noose around his neck; the rope snapped. Shocked, Jericho ran to the man’s side and began trying to get a response, but the man was lifeless. As he turned the man over, Jericho realized he had been lying there a while. Rats had nibbled at his facial features: his eyes, ears, nose and lips. Mortified, Jericho threw himself back as he jumped away from the man’s body. Suddenly, a rattling was heard from above. As Jericho tilt his head to look up, the color drained from his face and he fell off balance against the wall as he saw three lifeless bodies hanging from the rafters besides the snapped rope. It was the family from the painting; the husband laid on the floor, as his wife and two sons hung together. They had tried to end their lives together. Jericho's head was racing and his heart pounding. He could feel his stomach churning as suddenly the youngest of the boys came to life screaming a blood curdling howl. Jericho threw up in his mouth and raced closer to help the boy, but watched in horror as all three came to life in animalistic fashion; clawing the air reaching for Jericho. He jolted back and tripped over the body of the man who had also come to life and was crawling toward Jericho; clawing at his pants. In a panic, Jericho shuffled back towards the door, kicking at the man as the family hung almost cheering. As he reached the door, Jericho tried getting on his feet, but the man bit into his boot; thankfully unable to pierce the leather. Jericho grabbed a hold of the door frame and with a strong kick stunned the man, that thing. The thing kept coming, however, Jericho desperately reached for the pitchfork and pinned the thing to wall of the barn by driving the forks through it's stomach. Jericho quickly locked the barn door and moved several crates to cover it. Retreating inside the cabin, Jericho moved the table against the door, he then collapsed beside it and began to cry. Haunted by his actions and the howls of the family, the pack of things in the barn, Jericho decided it was time to leave. Using the blanket by the fireplace, he forged together a backpack-like sleeve and gathered the remaining supplies. Jericho wrapped a rag around a thin log from the fire and created a torch to carry towards the barn. Not wanting to open the door, he threw the torch through a small hole where a plank was missing towards the top of the barn’s side. The torch landed on a hay bale and quickly spread through the rest of the barn, creating an inferno. Not looking back, Jericho walked away down a long dirt road, hoping it would lead to the nearest town, hoping there were still people, hoping there weren't any more of those things. As he walked along the dirt road, the barn grew dimmer in the distance and Jericho thought to himself, "So now the real test for survival begins." I greatly appreciate any and all feedback and plan on writing up another account of his before the outbreak, possibly explore his past. As well as have journal entries dated for when I play and my accounts of significant events I was involved in.